Author Topic: Finally the truth.. Erie Canal Embankment Remediation Story on Channel 8  (Read 9 times)

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Apparently this recent news story on News First Channel 8, has many of the folks fighting AGAINST the project up in arms over the careless and obvious proliferation of the TRUTH about the controversial Erie Canal Embankment Remediation Project underway across NY State.

A clear case of the old adage about "Truth Hurting". Seems the removal of Unapproved Vegetation from the side of an EARTHEN DAM was actually called by it's REAL name.. Embankment Remediation.. how DARE Channel 8 do that... report the truth.

The Stop The Clear Cut group has also gone on another PERSONAL attack of Brockport's Mayor Margay Blackman. Looks like she also tried to use the "voice or reason" when discussing the project, opting NOT to call the NY Canal Corporation and NY Power Authorities liars, which is EXACTLY what the Stop the Clear Cut group seems to PRIDE ITSELF ON.

Phase 2 is starting  November 26, personally we can't wait for the rest of the project to continue on course. Hopefully those who need to have Evergreen Replantings done will see that later in 2019.

But now it's really not so much about the project as it is fulfilling the old Wide World of Sports saying when watching such entertainment play out on this Battle for the Erie Canal... The Thrill of Victory...and the Agony of Defeat.