Author Topic: Is a local Facebook Group Influencing the Safety of Erie Canal Communities & Neighbors?  (Read 219 times)

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After watching this Opposition Group on Facebook, for more than 3 years now, I have to say NO, but they tried hard to disrupt public safety.

My post to follow will detail why this statement is true.

While this Facebook groups somehow believes they are "influencers" and think that they have "won" the battle to save old dead trees along the Erie Canal, the truth is they have stopped nothing, and been wrong on just about every topic they discussed in their postings.

First they invented a name for their group, Stop the Canal Clear-Cut, that falsely claimed that the embankment maintenance being done along the Erie Canal, was Clear-Cutting Trees for Profit. They tried to ignore safety, and say all this Canal work was about filling Canal Corporation pockets... all disproven as bunk.

What we all did learn was that tree & vegetation removal was all a normal part of the Earthen Dam Remediation process

Next this group tried to find experts to say that these Earthen Embankment Dams weren't "dams" at all, they are natural riverbanks and then levees. They had to misrepresent their claims and once their "experts" found out about what this group had done, the recanted their statements of reclarified their position.

And this groups OWN EXPERTS have told them that the Erie Canal Embankments are indeed EARTHEN DAMS and do need to be cleared off.!/msg166/#msg166

After the ECNA called this Facebook group out on their expert support, the group changed course and stated that trees are NOT a danger, and the Canal Corporation was hyping the issue of unsafe, overgrown trees. And once again, the REAL facts showed a much different story.

The Canal Corporation's own Notices & Alerts, along with the Groups Facebook Posts of downed trees on the Canal Trail proved that trees were a constant danger to anyone using Canal property.

Most recently this Facebook group tried to stir up the neighbors who have already had their Embankments cleared off, by telling them they wouldn't be getting their privacy barrier screening planted, they would somehow get "shorted" on the number of ornamental trees they were promised in their clearing project.

Read that again.

Those neighbors who this group didn't help one bit from from losing their trees, are now being told by the SAME group that they probably won't get the replacement trees that they were promised. It's because the Canal Corp and their parent New York Power Auth. "lied to them".

One has to ask, do they really WANT trees or NOT?

Once again, it's all mis-information, and denial, by a group that simply won't accept that changes are needed on the Erie Canal to make it last another 100 years.

And once again the truth is clear, the Canal Corporation has kept their promises to the Embankment Restoration neighborhoods, and they will be keeping their promise to continue clearing under their new Embankment INTEGRITY Program as well.

Now the Facebook Group seems fixated on the Shade is Cool fight, somehow believing that their "noble" effort to save "shade" along a handful of canal trails sections that have it, is somehow more important than fixing miles and miles of unsafe embankments that have real neighbors living in danger below those overgrown dams.

Unsure how a group could even think for a moment that shade should win out over SAFETY of humans, but that's why I stated clearly... This Facebook Group is not moving the needle one bit on stopping anything, including a State Run public safety program along the NYS Canal System.

Because in the end, it's always been about the Safety of New Yorkers, even if people refuse to see or believe it

And the only explanation that fits, for these folks on Facebook, who can't seem to move towards the truth, well that's also very simple to explain. It's expected with some people, anytime that a significant change is suggested or promoted.

That's because the Cycle of Change shows that we all start at DENIAL stage of any change proposed, and then work our way through the other 3 Stages of Change.

And sadly, some people NEVER leave that initial denial stage and are left behind, as the rest of the world moves on and accepts and embraces the "new" Erie Canal

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