Author Topic: Is a local Facebook Group Influencing the Safety of Erie Canal Communities & Neighbors?  (Read 174 times)

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THAT subject again?

Lets look at the shade on the embankment from Fairport to Bushnell's Basin.

For those that are lacking in compass skills or even knowing where the sun comes up and goes down, I will explain that it's the sun's position which causes shade or the lack of it.

Our stretch of canal in Perinton/Fairport, runs north to south, quite different to most of the canal embankments. So, the sun comes up in the east, and it shines brightly most of the day on the trail on the west side of the canal.

Consequently, there is NO SHADE until around 5pm when the sun is in the west, and those ol' trees eventually cast their shadow over the trail.

Looking from Bushnell's Basin to Pittsford, the canal runs east to west, with the trail on the north side, so there is no shade.

So, what is all the fuss about shade?

I'd suggest if you really need shade, buy a brolly, an umbrella.

Or take another trail, with less constant sunlight.

After all, we have plenty of trails here that are in woodland.

Good grief!
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