Author Topic: Just a reminder about how important immigrants are to America & Democracy  (Read 1060 times)

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I am an immigrant!  Tired of banging my head against 'the establishment' of the so called 'aristocracy' in England. A bunch of privileged people with dubious genetic heritage. Mainly crooks and pompous hangers  on to the current thieving 'royalists'.
I left England with a wonderful wife, two sons, 5 suitcases, and $4000 because I was sick to death of their nonsense.
I am SO GRATEFUL and honored to have become a USA citizen, and my businesses have made my family very successful. I could not have done that anywhere else.

We have helped start hundreds of small businesses doing plating and metal finishing. Our Caswell name is famous -just Google "electroplating kits" to prove my point.

It's a wonderful country, is the USA. BUT! Donald Trump has no idea! 

This dullard could ruin everything that my family has worked so hard for.

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