Author Topic: NYS Canal Corporation MUST clear Canal Embankments - Reason 1  (Read 312 times)

Michael Caswell

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This article points out quite a few things that should be concerning to neighbors.

What really got my attention was the statement 'STRUCTURES IMPOUNDING WATERS'.  So many of those opposing the Canal Authority's work to make safe the Erie Canal, have railed against calling sections dams, have tried to call them 'Levees', and have even come up with thinking they were a 'special case deserving of a special name' as long as they weren't called DAMS. You see, if they were called 'dams' then they would fall under tons of legislation which required ALL vegetation to be removed from the slopes. Of course, that would have stopped them in their tracks.

According to this article, it doesn't seem to matter what you call them, because they IMPOUND WATERS. That should therefore be an end to it!