Author Topic: Of course, this is still about Public Safety, why wouldn’t it be?  (Read 214 times)

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70 People in the Rochester area viewed this ECNA Post in just under 3 weeks.. and not ONE reply to this post. This is a damn picture of the state of the NYS Canal System. The owner's and caretakers of this National Heritage treasure have stated that the public is in danger, the canal is failing and more than ONE THIRD of it has to be fixed before a serious breach & flood occur.

And those statements are met with Public Silence?

Worse yet... there is an active element in our community who is trying to KEEP the canal system from being repaired... and no one says boo?

Seems no one cares about Public Safety, or feels it must be "someone else's problem".

And no members of the Stop the Canal Clear Cut Group felt they could muster up a response to NY State's biggest Public Safety nightmare.

So once again it is the voices of only TWO people against an army of folks who simply want to ignore safety and instead talk about how trees are helping the environment. Can I ask a simple question?