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Inspections ??
« on: May 22, 2022, 10:29:10 am »
It looks like the NYPA are inspecting the embankment again, just south of where they hammered in a lot of ArmCor (corrugated sheet metal 40' x 2') for over 200 feet of shoreline.

It's Sunday too! I thought they were looking at it last Monday. We'll keep updating this as these inspections continue.

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Re: Inspections ??
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2022, 12:44:37 pm »
Ample cause to worry, if you review the NYS canal integrity website

It's one of 200 seeps being actively monitored, in 2017 there were 27 total known leaks.

It's a very large earthen embankment dam

And canal embankment integrity has already been weakened by the "community need" for power lines over the canal as well as a tunnel under the canal for  telecommunication cables.

A weakened, 100 year old, failing earthen canal embankment dam, looming some 50 to 60 feet over quite a few local Perinton residents, is probably not that big of an issue to those living on Old Post Circle to the east of the Oxbow trail area, or to the Minerva Public school next door.

But all those Perinton, Pittsford & Penfield homeowners, who are living to the south, west and north of the 2018 Erie Canal Seep repair, that Mike has referenced at the canal powerline crossover, should seriously be thinking about calling their Homeowners INSURANCE COMPANY and asking if they can add a Flood Insurance Policy to their home NOW.

It will cost exactly the same amount as you pay now... unless you are in a Flood Zone A*

If this particular Canal Embankment Hazard Rating changes, due to these more frequent NYS inspections, that extra policy cost, to cover FLOODS, can go as high as SIX TIMES your current rate and you will ONLY have one choice for acquiring that flood insurance protection... FEMA.

And the NYS Canal Corporation has already INFORMED everyone that the potential is already elevated, so they will be saying "We tried to tell you...but you refused to listen"

You can only ignore public safety issues in your own community so long,

After a flood proves you wrong it will quickly become an apology to those who lost life & property because of that ignorance