Author Topic: One More Myth about the Erie Canal Debunked - Taxpayer Support  (Read 105 times)

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It seems that some New York State Canal System misinformation can never get corrected.

Or this may still be part of the Disinformation Campaign being run by this Stop the Canal Clear-cut element on Facebook

Because it's been pretty clear for the past 5 years now, that since the New York Power Authority assumed responsibility for the NYS Canal Corporation, the entire NYS Canal System is being funded with NYPA Revenue... that means PROFITS folks.

And it is NOT a "burden" to NYS Taxpayers anymore.

Please, if you walk along the Erie Canal trails, or post on a Facebook protest group against canal safety, PLEASE stop telling people that "you" pay for the Erie Canal, just because you live in NY State and have to pay taxes. You are wrong... unless you happen to pay NYPA for your electricity bill.

Please, someone from that Facebook Group who is "secretly" reading this post, please correct your members inaccuracies and ridiculous statements moving forward. Especially Ms. Karen Anvelt, who seems to be misinformed on just about everything regarding how the NY Erie Canal is being run.
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