Author Topic: Earthworms are invasive in forests.  (Read 46 times)

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Re: Earthworms are invasive in forests.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2022, 07:58:43 am »
This statement from the NatGeo "earthworm" article might distress some local environmental groups

 To get a rough earthworm count for each plot the team dug up the first four inches of soil and then doused the small pit with a mixture of water and mustard powder. This solution irritates the worms’ skin without harming them and sends them writhing to the surface to be counted.

I see a new Facebook Group sprouting soon, an offshoot of the Stop the Canal Clear-cut, who still think dangerous trees, growing where they are not allowed,  deserve to be "saved" for some reason.

Instead of STCC, it will be STCE... Save The Canal Earthworms.

Have you ever heard of (or seen firsthand) what a group of "worm-huggers" can do, when they get riled up?

Its not a pretty sight...

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