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Re: Join Your Neighbors
« on: February 14, 2022, 08:23:19 am »
Recently there have been several emails and letters sent out regarding Erie Canal embankment maintenance & safety. Those letter were sent to  three Town Leaders in Pittsford, Brighton and Perinton, who thought a lawsuit in 2018 was the best way to address Embankment Safety of their respective townships.

The lawsuit questioned the motives of the Canal Corporation in their Embankment Integrity effort, and also DENIED the simple fact that unsafe earthen dams are a danger to any community. It was driven by local social media pressure, that based their whole case on the "denial" of the public safety issue with unsafe embankments, going so far as to try and say the embankments were not "really earthen dams".

The cause of that social media group, to "stop canal clearing" , has only served to divide canal communities over a topic that should not be debateable... that topic is public safety.

Flash forward from 2018 to 2022...and the message is clear from NYPA and the NYS Canal Corporation... trees & vegetation will be removed from canal embankments for the safety of the public, and the sustainability of the canal system.

So it's clear now that the online petition, started by the Erie Canal Neighbors Association, to give the public a voice in the pursuit of safety, was a step in the right direction. To date, our two petitions dedicated to the support of public safety and clearing this unsafe, aging canal embankments have garnered just short of 500 signatures total.

Here's the actual letter that was sent to the Town Supervisors... it's very clear on two points.

1) Embankments will be cleared, because it's necessary for the safety of the Public and Canal Communities

2) The Canal Corporation will be speaking with ELECTED OFFICIALS moving forward, regarding canal maintenance in their towns, social media interference is over.

We are still collecting petition signatures, and the Canal Corporation has been in discussion with the ECNA to use this petition to drive the next location for Canal Embankment Integrity work. Please help us, help you... sign our petition to show you support public safety in your own community.

Read the latest update to the Embankment Clearing Petition here:

Read a Forum post about what NYPA has said to New York State here:!/
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