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Select the products you believe are made from trees, bark or roots... or processed trees.

Cancer Medicine
1 (12.5%)
Adult Diapers
2 (25%)
Toilet Paper
2 (25%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Sandwich Bags
0 (0%)
Football Helmet
0 (0%)
Cellophane Wrap
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Hair Spray
0 (0%)
All of the Above
3 (37.5%)
None of the Above
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 5

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Author Topic: So you think you know everything about Trees? Take our new TREE POLL and see if it's true.  (Read 53 times)

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I found an interesting webpage a few weeks back, it showed a list of common everyday products made from trees. I was trying to figure out a way to present it on the ECNA Forum, because the list is rather "eye-opening", I learned quite a bit myself, that I would never have guessed.

Many things we use, on a daily basis, are somehow tied to trees and/or tree harvesting, meaning different parts of the tree are used for different products, or to add to products to get a desired result. Sometimes the tree is living, sometimes the tree must be cut and processed to get the product we need. In either case this article showed why live and dead trees are needed, just for humans to survive.

Some easy items we use, that come from LIVE trees, are many of the foods we eat. Grapefruit comes from a tree, apples & oranges as well. Picking fruit off a tree is something that runs a whole farm industry. Many nuts come from trees as well, along with some spices and even coffee & chocolate.

But these products require the tree to be growing... what about products that require a DEAD tree?

Think of something like Root Beer, it uses Sassafras Root for it's flavor. Or maybe a wood baseball bat or wooden chair? We can't make these products until the tree is harvested, yes it has to be cut down to be used. Paper, Home Building...those are all easy ones. Yellow Pine, in this country, is used to make almost all outdoor lumber. Nest time you are sipping wine on your back deck, remember a tree "gave it's life" for your deck and railing.

So this new POLL is to test your knowledge of what products come from trees, specifically a tree that has to be cut down to make the product.

I'm calling it the Dead Tree Poll, a little humor there... get it?

At the end of the poll, in 30 days, I will display the correct answer or is multiple choice as you see.

It's not about being right or wrong, but seeing how many of these items listed, that you probably didn't associate with coming from a dead tree.

And I will reveal the website that I found then, for reference, so you will understand what I did when I read the information.

No matter what anyone might say, there is value in both living and dead trees... and especially the trees that are cut & processed to keep us all alive. Some people say "clear-cutting is bad", others disagree and point at where tree removal adds value. And in the end, it all depends on WHERE that tree is located, and WHY it should be kept or removed.

Overgrown trees along Erie Canal Embankments MUST be removed for the SAFETY of the public, so says New York State DEC.

And now we know that those trees can and will be put to good use, cause that's what humans figured out to do with DEAD TREES.