Author Topic: Some neighbors have really bad manners! A public service announcement!  (Read 126 times)

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It's been going on for some time, dog lovers seem to be making a statement, but it's not a very nice one.

Despite the polite notices we've placed around the Oxbow, some people haven't quite got the message.


This doesn't mean - place poop in a bag and leave it anywhere you feel like.

It doesn't mean, you can let other neighbors take it home.
It doesn't mean you are environmentally friendly.
I'm going to suggest that it simply means you haven't thought the problem through!
If you leave your poop bag down the Bow, several things happen.

Numerous people will think you are an irresponsible jerk!

The poop will sit there for weeks and months on end, because it is encased in plastic film.
The plastic won't decompose.
The Bow looks like a garbage dump!
And you won't go to heaven! >:(

So, what is the alternative?
We could hide a few cameras around and catch these poop dumpers in the act, then they'd get their own back. But that's not nice, is it?
Better still, if you aren't going to take it home, rather than leave it in plastic bag, surely, it's better to just leave it in the open. On a frosty day, it will go hard, on a rainy day, it will disintegrate, and a sunny day, it will dry up very quickly. Those alternatives are surely better than leaving the stuff in a plastic bag?  But whatever you decide, please get it off the trail.
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Erie Canal Neighbor

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Pretty rude, even for "eastside standards".

Do all Fairport residents think they are above "cleaning up after their dogs?

Or is it just troublemakers from Perinton who come to the Oxbow trail to have their dogs relieve themselves and take pictures for their Facebook page?

Michael Caswell

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Are you pointing the finger at anyone specific? ;D
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It seems like you need another sign, next to that one... it reads: AND TAKE YOUR DOG POOP BAG HOME PLEASE

Or maybe one of these might work...

But I will make a call... It's time to talk to Mr. Dog Poop, he will get to the "bottom" of