Author Topic: SURPRISE! SURPRISE! USA Dams & Levees get a D Rating, Lessons Learned  (Read 163 times)

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« on: August 01, 2021, 01:50:09 pm »
The main point of this Nat Geo article was about Dam Safety in America, and it was written right after the Midland Michigan area had two dams collapse as a result of heavy rains.

What was very interesting is the published update, and the link provided to the independent investigation called for by the governor of Michigan.

Here's the  National Geographic Story highlights:

And here are a couple charts from the article that show the issues with Unsafe & Hazardous Dams in America

And maybe the most profound statement from the entire article was at the end.

Also followed that linked story about Michigan's Governor calling for an investigation, it's a good read and also shows why fixing unsound dams ion our state, and our country, is crucial.

Anyone thinking that the current NY State Governor will listen to anyone, any group or individual, who isn't concerned about Erie Canal Embankment Safety, and is saying things like "Erie Canal Embankments are Fine", hasn't understood the term "state liability" very well. Insuring Public Safety, isn't a choice at the Governor's level, it's table stakes, no question about it.

There is NO OTHER OPTION than to fix the Canal Embankments, because the Governor of this state will not put himself in this same situation as Michigan's Governor.

That is evident from his recent decision to give the aging, failing NYS Canal System to another State Agency that can repair it, properly inspect and maintain it.

And that state agency, NYPA, won't allow what happened in Midland, Michigan to happen in Fairport, Brockport or anywhere else there are raised earthen embankments holding back canal water.

So , it's REALLY about NOT having the State of New York sued by it's residents, for catastrophic flood damage and lost lives... Safety First.

Because "NY Lives Matter"