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The Erie Canal is one of the most unique man-made structures in the World


Doug K:
Take a look at the picture... what do you see?

This is a public road, going under the Erie Canal, through not one, but TWO 20' tall Dams, on BOTH sides of the waterway and yes it does leak inside... worth the trip to Medina to say that you drove "under" the Erie Canal. 

Folks, if anyone tries to say the Erie Canal is a waterway with "natural banks" like a stream or river, or has flood "levees" on either side of a "natural waterway" please point out there is nothing "natural" about it, it's all man-made and has many unique solutions just like this one that helped to avoid another "low bridge" where everyone put their "heads down".

Doug K:
Seems like the ECNA isn't the only ones noticing the endless wonders along the Erie Canal, an old photo of the same place was posted on the CY Canal Corporation Twitter Page


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