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Welcome to the ECNA Forum - All Time Top Forum Posts
« on: November 01, 2020, 01:09:35 pm »
Hello to All, thanks for your support and for taking the time to see what the ECNA is all about. This post is one of many you will find on this Forum, hopefully you will take a look at more. We try to stay on matters that concern Erie Canal Neighbors the most, and those topics change quite often.

In most cases the discussions are meant to help Erie neighbors understand that they are very unique living next to the Canal, and many issues we have aren't shared with other neighborhoods.. that don't have a local recreational trail right next to them or leaking unsafe dams hovering overhead.

From time to time we reply to this particular post, just to insure that it is always remains located at the top of our ECNA Discussion List on our main Forum Board. In all of our Discussion boards in this ECNA Forum, the most popular topics and posts always rise to the top using the number of views that it receives. You can see that when you look at any one of the dozen ort so board we have here.

This reply will be dedicated to the CREAM of the "cream of the crop".. those few posts that have soared in readership on our Forum.

Here's a few posts that are well worth the read, many have been read and shared on other social media platforms that drive our overall views.

Posts with over 500 Views

Post with over 200 Views!/'s-all-about-risk/'expert'-weighs-in-from-stop-the-clear-cut-group/'s-the-stcc-opinion-of-the-canal-corp-perinton-embankment-vide/