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Re: Welcome to the Erie Canal Neighbors Association Forum
« on: October 04, 2019, 01:50:52 pm »
Thank You Kicker

Mike & I have been looking at this CreateaForum now for awhile, fixing things that don't work right for ECNA Guests, enabling more content for it's Members.  Here's the answers to your questions:

Members can do more than guests, mostly in posting. Members can share pictures in posts as well, guest logins allow text only. From the forum point of view... we allows Guests to have 6 permissions, members get 26. We know some guests and they say the most annoying thing is the login. Members login once, and can come and go posting, answering polls, and asking questions or starting new topics. Guest have to verify each time and also are thrown a Captiva puzzle to prove you are not a bot spam mailer.

As for the ECNA Member form, it's also an available online tool that we made to capture minimal amount of info on members. This allows us to put you into another group with neighbors similar to your circumstances. If you live alongside the canal and trail your life is different than other neighbors living on the opposite side or below in a flood zone. We thought it would be a good feature for members to compare notes on how other canal neighbors are faring. Here's what those Member Boards look like:

Under the Main Forum Board marked with the Arrow, members have these sub-forums to discuss similar issues they may see having the Erie Canal as a neighbor

These Forum Boards are based on where members live or how old their properties are, each will be influenced differently with safer embankments

One example we hear over and over...Many Canal Neighbors have water issues, sump pumps run continuously, water in basements and pooling in yards. Some of us Canalside Neighbors have figured out how to make that go away. And you can now work with the NYPA owned Canal Corp to get this common earthen dam issue fixed. In fact I am one of those who fixed the "leaky dam" problem here.

We welcome any ideas you might have. It's a little tough, we are both "old dogs" and how this Forum works is new. As the Embankment Integrity Program moves East to the Middle & Eastern sections of the Barge Canal, there will be more Neighbors getting involved, with different issues than ours, but will benefit from having a little history about how this work started.

Thanks again for visiting, hope you become a member soon
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