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Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 19, 2020, 07:39:52 pm »

I just had to point out a couple other items in Ms. Agte's rant about how removing trees has "ruined" the Erie Canal Experience in her eyes.

She claims that because she didn't see anyone that must mean it's not used... or there is another reason why so few people would have been out for her to "sightsee". As Mike has alluded to, and at Ms. Aget's own admission, it was a HOT DAY! People out here in western Monroe County are a hardy farming bunch, and we have already learned NOT to try and go out for a "joy ride" on our canal here at midday. It's really not that much fun, never has been. So maybe the folks out here are just a bit smarter than Ms. Agte as far as knowing THIS section of the Erie Canal. It's a very different waterway depending on where you are.

Or just maybe people heard that the "Fearless Leader" of the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Facebook Group was going to be in the area observing canal conduct and counting heads... And so people just decided they didn't want to be involved with that either... especially on a day that no sane person would bike ride.

Today, today was a great day for a walk or bike on the Empire Trail.. There was PLENTY of SHADE on the Dam Service Road (aka: Empire Trail) earlier today...

And many people came out to enjoy the trail... we have counted hundreds of bikers & walkers today, after all the trail is only 35' from our back door

And just to make a point, the embankments that were mentioned on this STCC bike & walk... never once did you hear Ms. Agte say anything about the fact they were now safer, and that they looked like dams because you can now SEE the water, the top of the dam, and the long outboard embankment, free of trees. These Embankments haven't looked like this in... well it's been about 100 years. And they are now AUTOMATICALLY safe dams to add to NYS Registry of Dams, held by the DEC

Here's the 20' Dam in our backyard. The "blue tree" that's showing the height of the waterline on the other side of that hill the biker is riding on top of. And those Pink Stakes, well those are three of the active leaks that the Canal Corporation Dam Inspection revealed AFTER the embankment clearing work was completed and the proper vegetation was in place, grass. They never saw these leaks for the first 20 years we lived here, even though it created a 60K gallon pond every year. in the autumn months through summer.

Right now all three stakes are sitting in holes filled with water... and the green grass shows it.

So when you listen to Ms. Agte and her little group of STCC leaders, remember that her's is the opinion of a part-time Empire Trail user, a guest of the NYS Canal Corporation.

That view is NOT the same as the one shared by actual neighbors of the canal, like us, living below these dams.

We do like the idea of fixing those unsafe dams in our backyards, we like the fact that the NEW owner of the Erie Canal, NYPA, is actually doing something to fix their public safety issues with the canal, especially after years of hearing the water in our yard wasn't from the canal, the tagline of the last owners.

We like that finally the canal owners will own up to the water in our backyards from a poorly maintained dam and start fixing their runoff issues.

No, I think that while Ms. Agte may think she speaks for the majority and most important group of people, she doesn't speak for those of us that might DIE IF SHE IS WRONG about her total ignorance of unsafe earthen dam issues on the Erie Canal.

I think it just might be better to listen to the OWNERS of the Dam who say it needs to be repaired, NOW!

I think the Canal Corporation is also listening to their neighbors, quite a bit more than their part-time visitors like the STCC and one Ms Elizabeth Agte

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 18, 2020, 11:47:04 am »

AND because the canal towpath runs north to south and is on the west side, it is in full sun for most of the day. I'd say there is some shade after about 3pm in the summer months, not before about 4-5pm is there full shade.
The remedy here. If you are bothered by the sun, only walk this path after 3pm. There are plenty of other trails to use where there is shade.

Trying to stop a safety project with this nonsense is totally irresponsible.

Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 17, 2020, 01:37:21 pm »

Almost comical how a simple compass would solve this mystery.

Just so happens that in Fairport the Empire Trail Canal path runs almost North & South, one of the few places that the trail isn't dead straight East to West. Of course the trees coming down means less shade in Fairport and that area... but it's not about Embankment Dam Shade, it's the other word that starts with an S... that word is SAFETY.

Except for this bunch, who think because a Biology Professor says "Trees on Dams are Good", somehow that makes all the REAL science that says the complete opposite, simply go away. The truth, Biology Teachers aren't Dam Engineers or Safety Experts,

They discect worms & frogs... they don't fix unsafe dams

There is really nothing that anyone can say... willful ignorance to the truth and facts regarding dam safety, laws, and engineering is the only card that this group seems to play.. they just do not believe there is a safety issue, or that science and history says that the Oxbow Dam WILL fail, it's just a matter of when.

Unless the trees causing the safety issues and unsafe state are removed that is... the REAL reason for the Embankment Integrity Program Guidelines in the first place.


Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 17, 2020, 10:00:40 am »

Yep!  Our intrepid crusader is hot!    see her latest post!

Well! Lizzy, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun (but not this one)

Look! It's pretty simple really. This is New York in the summer!  It's hot!  There is no shade along an Earthen Embankment Dam, because -- no trees are allowed on Earthen Embankment Dams. 
So, if you want to walk these towpaths/dam inspection roads then here are some tips.

1. Don't go out in the midday sun
2. Take a bottle of water
3. Take a sun brolly!
4. Wear sun screen
5. Wear a sun hat.
6. Find another trail to walk that is not on top of a dam. There are lots around here with plenty of trees for shade.
7. Think of all the people that could drown if the dam failed from lack of maintenance.

Simple, isn't it.

As for your comments -
The grass has only just been  planted and it needs a couple of years to reseed and spread. And its rather dry right now. Give it a chance and stop whining please.

There are no bikers, walkers or fishermen because obviously they all have much more common sense than you and aren't out in the midday sun. (Fish don't bite much then anyway)