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Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 01, 2020, 01:09:35 pm »

Hello to All, thanks for your support and for taking the time to see what the ECNA is all about. This post is one of many you will find on this Forum, hopefully you will take a look at more. We try to stay on matters that concern Erie Canal Neighbors the most, and those topics change quite often.

In most cases the discussions are meant to help Erie neighbors understand that they are very unique living next to the Canal, and many issues we have aren't shared with other neighborhoods.. that don't have a local recreational trail right next to them or leaking unsafe dams hovering overhead.

From time to time we reply to this particular post, just to insure that it is always remains located at the top of our ECNA Discussion List on our main Forum Board. In all of our Discussion boards in this ECNA Forum, the most popular topics and posts always rise to the top using the number of views that it receives. You can see that when you look at any one of the dozen ort so board we have here.

This reply will be dedicated to the CREAM of the "cream of the crop".. those few posts that have soared in readership on our Forum.

Here's a few posts that are well worth the read, many have been read and shared on other social media platforms that drive our overall views.

Posts with over 500 Views

Post with over 200 Views!/'s-all-about-risk/'expert'-weighs-in-from-stop-the-clear-cut-group/'s-the-stcc-opinion-of-the-canal-corp-perinton-embankment-vide/

Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 16, 2020, 08:09:28 pm »

It's finally coming together, if you haven't seen it take a look, the new "improved" Erie Canal Neighbor's Association website

Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 04, 2019, 01:50:52 pm »

Thank You Kicker

Mike & I have been looking at this CreateaForum now for awhile, fixing things that don't work right for ECNA Guests, enabling more content for it's Members.  Here's the answers to your questions:

Members can do more than guests, mostly in posting. Members can share pictures in posts as well, guest logins allow text only. From the forum point of view... we allows Guests to have 6 permissions, members get 26. We know some guests and they say the most annoying thing is the login. Members login once, and can come and go posting, answering polls, and asking questions or starting new topics. Guest have to verify each time and also are thrown a Captiva puzzle to prove you are not a bot spam mailer.

As for the ECNA Member form, it's also an available online tool that we made to capture minimal amount of info on members. This allows us to put you into another group with neighbors similar to your circumstances. If you live alongside the canal and trail your life is different than other neighbors living on the opposite side or below in a flood zone. We thought it would be a good feature for members to compare notes on how other canal neighbors are faring. Here's what those Member Boards look like:

Under the Main Forum Board marked with the Arrow, members have these sub-forums to discuss similar issues they may see having the Erie Canal as a neighbor

These Forum Boards are based on where members live or how old their properties are, each will be influenced differently with safer embankments

One example we hear over and over...Many Canal Neighbors have water issues, sump pumps run continuously, water in basements and pooling in yards. Some of us Canalside Neighbors have figured out how to make that go away. And you can now work with the NYPA owned Canal Corp to get this common earthen dam issue fixed. In fact I am one of those who fixed the "leaky dam" problem here.

We welcome any ideas you might have. It's a little tough, we are both "old dogs" and how this Forum works is new. As the Embankment Integrity Program moves East to the Middle & Eastern sections of the Barge Canal, there will be more Neighbors getting involved, with different issues than ours, but will benefit from having a little history about how this work started.

Thanks again for visiting, hope you become a member soon
Posted by: Tire Kicker
« on: October 04, 2019, 12:30:56 pm »

Thank you ECNA for the email address to use for guest login. Seems to work from my PC better than phone because of the security features on email verification but I manage to write this post. I will look around & kick the tires as you put it. May join as a member, this canal project hits our home soon.

Couple of questions:

I assume the difference between guest & member is also that members login once to leave as many post as they like?

What do you do with the information on your Member form?
Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 16, 2018, 07:27:29 pm »

Link to the ECNA Neighbor Information Online Form, you can use this to gain access to Additional ECNA Forum Boards specific to your type of neighborhood
Posted by: Create A Forum
« on: June 15, 2018, 01:58:50 pm »

Welcome to The Erie Canal Neighbors Forum... Now OPEN to Members & Guests Comments & Posts, come join the conversation.

The objective of the Erie Canal Neighbors Association, ECNA for short, is to give NY Residents and Property Owners who live alongside or near the Erie Canal & Trailway a place where they can discuss problems associated with the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP). If your property borders the Erie Canal this safety project will affect your life quite a bit... share your story.

In addition there is also a large amount of information in the ECNA forum regarding the first Earthen Embankment Remediation Project, known as EERP,  that the NY Canal Corporation has undertaken to address safety issues on Canal Embankment. Many in Brockport to Middleport are in their third year of Embankment Repair...we can learn quite a bit from these folks.

There are several types of Erie Canal Property owners, those that live directly adjacent to an Embankment Dam, and those who live along any other section of the canal shoreline. In addition there are others who live in high hazard zones beneath these dams will also have a voice here. Finally, we'd like to encourage the general public to regard this forum as a place to ask questions and get factual answers.

This is a place to unite us all and insure our concerns & objectives as Erie Canal Neighbors are addressed or met.

The forum is linked to

General standards of good behavior apply in this website, Gentlemanly civility is mandatory. All are welcome to comment or post topics as Guests until that privilege is abused.

If you want to join the ECNA after "kicking the tires" as a Guest, you are welcome. If you want to remain "anonymous" as a guest we have created a GUEST email address that anyone can use.


September 1, 2020 Update: We have removed the Email requirement for Guests to add comments, we are hoping that more people will engage in these topics on here. But if this becomes an annoyance we will simply un-check the new box that Wordpress gave us in the latest upgrade.

Of course guests have limited Forum Permissions, always better to be a Member, If you do signup you will be asked for Real Name & Address, along with a valid email to gain access to the  following boards that will be for verified members only.

    Property Owners in a Dam Hazard Zone
    Property Owners On Embankment Dams
    Property Owners Adjacent to Erie Canal
    NYS Parks & Trails Adopt-a-Trail Volunteers (ECNA based)

We also have a few Forum Boards that are "hidden" from guest viewing. These are for internal ECNA conversations and are based on member participation. If you post in the Forum, actually get into the conversation actively, you will open up even more boards as your post count grows.

Some forum boards are visible to you if you fill out our online Information ECNA Member Form and your user name is added to the appropriate group based on the supplied information.

Thank you for supporting the ECNA, and for joining the conversation. Have a good time and looking forward to hearing from you all
The ECNA Forum Moderators

Mike C & Doug K
ECNA Co-Founders