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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 02, 2022, 10:59:13 am »

Once again it's Ms. Elizabeth Agte trying to stir up her Facebook group by "faking" that her little group is somehow part of local Perinton Leadership recognition.

It's more of the same from this disillusioned group leader, who now resorts to name-dropping, and false statements about how local State Representatives are all for "the canal environment". This is a continuation of pattern of truth twisting in the long list of deceptions & disinformation being spread by this group, who still can't quite figure out their "movement" is flying directly in the face of both Erie Canal Sustainability & Public Safety.

And of course, don't forget that catchy slogan of "shade is cool".. surely Jen or Samra could have stirred up the locals by saying that... right?

But sadly, "stupidity is NOT cool" especially when it comes to misinformation about Erie Canal Maintenance & Safety, and how that might affect "local environments".

So here's the latest blurb from this Facebook group, and please review the images and what Ms. Agte claims was said that day.

So what's the big deal? It's all a farce, that's all.

Where are the statements about this Facebook group being to important?, (Neither Lunsford or Brouk ever mentions Stop the Canal Clear-cut by name)

Hmmm? A mystery?

Now take a moment to look at the pictures that were posted of these NYS Reps commemorating the real heroes in this local Erie Canal Community.

There are images of many who are looking out for the BEST interest of their neighbors, and in many cases the constituents they serve as part of 'local government".

It's not about people whining on some social media platform about Erie Canal issues they have twisted like pretzels, and canal safety issues that they understand little about. 

This event was celebration of those who UNDERSTAND the truth about the Erie Canal and it's links to our communities, and many were there to be honored, but not the STCC.

So, where's the pictures of Ms. Brouk or Ms. Lundsford with Ms. Agte & Ms Maiers in yellow shirts that say Shade is Cool?

Where's the picture of Ms. Agte & Ms. Maier receiving their certificates for doing such and admiral job protecting the environment?

Where's the part of the speech, from either of these two local Representatives, that mentions how key this STCC Facebook group is to the safety of Perinton?

Why haven't the names of Elizabeth Agte and Virginia Maier been enshrined in the Perinton Community history books?

Yes, all that is missing in action, strangely, and Ms. Agte wants all to simply ignore that too... along with Erie Canal Embankment Safety.

Read the words of Senator Brouk again:

Senator Samra Brouk is with Town of Perinton, New York and Jen Lunsford. September 18 at 4:59 PM

I honored the Town of Perinton as we celebrated their Bicentennial of the Erie Canal. We will continue to safeguard our canal to protect the scenic beauty of our community and maintain an important economic driver for our regional economy.

We will SAFEGUARD our canal to protect the scenic beauty of our community...

Samra Brouk isn't advocating for shade here, or to "save the trees", or those words would have been stated plainly, wouldn't they?

Ms. Brouk appears to understand, probably after a few discussions with Mr. Stratton from the NYS Canal Corporation, that the ONLY way to PROTECT & SAFEGUARD the communities along the Erie Canal, is to FIX the unsafe, high hazard embankments that make up so much of it in our area.

She may now understand the seriousness of letting a 100 year old canal system fall into disrepair, with little to no maintenance or inspections occurring in the past 80 years isn't making that NYS Canal System any safer, or any more sustainable.

In fact it's working against the "economic drivers" that brings in so much revenue from the NYS Canal System, by leaving the canal in a perpetual state of "flood potential" that could ruin the environment of any small community that might experience a canal breach & flood, and massive clean-up needed to "restore the environment" afterwards.

One thing is for certain... the idea that a sitting State Senator, like Samra Brouk, can simply IGNORE the safety of the public in her 55th district, by allowing an aging and hazardous Erie canal go unrepaired, is preposterous After all, none of that is in the best interest of New York State, or the Towns of Perinton, Pittsford, Brighton or Penfield.

And Samra Brouk knows that reality, or should know it now, and she also has to answer to her constituents about that simple truth & FACT regarding the Erie Canal of today.

A fact & truth that Ms. Agte and her Facebook group seems to still try to ignore, or deny... while they pine away about a canal that used mules for moving boats.

And a fact that Ms Agte and the Stop the Canal Clear-cut want you the public to ignore, the NYS Canal Corporation has proven the NYS Canal System is now a safety issue.

Go to the website -

Go Look At The Program -

And go read the report -

And folks, if reading that document is not enough, can anyone explain why a Facebook group, that boasts about 1000s of members, has such a "poor showing of support" for their leadership in their own hometown? Literally no members showed up it appears, no group selfie of Ms Agte surrounded by shade is cool shirts.

Or can anyone explain why the posting & messages on their Facebook page only seems to garner "likes & smiley faces" from 6-7 members, when "thousands" claim to be avid environmentalists?

And why this Facebook group continues to talk about tree cutting that happened 4 years ago and their "glory days" in court, stopping a public safety work in progress, and not discuss the State Environmental Study that saidthey were wrong about Canal Safety?

Go Read The Report!

Still to this day it continues to boggle the mind how a group of seemingly "normal people" can act so irresponsibly just because they read some crap on Facebook. That's the power of dis-information & denial at work together, led by a couple rather unscrupulous individuals on a social media platform.

It's Facebook... go figure.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: May 22, 2022, 09:07:07 pm »

Well! I got that wrong. What seems to be a post from Samra Brouk onto Agte's STCC page, was in fact, just a post cribbed by Ms Agte and copied onto her page.

I was befuddled by this and thought Brouk had actually posted and was supporting the STCC, as she has previously declared she would.

It seems that Agte is still continuing her mission of misinformation and deception.

Nothing really has changed. Just don't believe anything when it's written by Elizabeth Agte.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: May 22, 2022, 04:07:43 pm »

So, Ms Brouk is still hooked into the STCC?
Here is her latest rant on their Facebook page.

Senator Samra Brouk
May 20 at 2:43 PM  ·
The Village of Fairport, NY is celebrating its bicentennial anniversary as a port on the Erie Canal! My team presented the Village with a proclamation commemorating its rich history on the canal, and continuing to find new opportunities to enjoy what the canal has to offer. Today's celebration also included a ribbon cutting for an accessible kayak launch, with a presentation led by Rochester Accessible Adventures!

Now, why should she post this on the Stop The Clear Cut web page. It's so obvious she's using it to garner votes.
Those who live under the threat of these dangerous dams should bear this in mind when election time comes around.  As far as Ms Brouk is concerned, the trees are more important than the people! And, blatantly so it seems.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: January 01, 2022, 04:33:02 am »

I recently received a second copy of a letter from Senator Brouk, as if to ensure I read it the first time. Perhaps a challenge?

When one cuts through the waffle, the main gist of her letter is this -

But this fight is not over – I enter this next year with the Erie Canal on my mind. I will stand alongside you to fight any attempts to clear cut trees along the Erie Canal and to continue the conversation about what 'environmentally friendly stewardship' and management of the Canal should look like in the decades ahead.

A few months ago, I personally invited Senator Brouk to come to the Oxbow Dam and walk with me to inspect it.
I duly arrived at the bowling alley parking lot and on time, a car pulled up.  But no Brouk, just two of her office staff. I was disappointed that the Senator couldn’t find the time to do this.

As we walked along the tow path towards the Oxbow, I pointed out the various illegal or controlled vegetation (as per NYDEC), but it soon became obvious they weren’t too familiar with this, yet 80% of the vegetation on these embankments falls into this category, so called 'natural vegetation' by some. Therefore 'environmentally friendly stewardship' would mean complying with the NYDEC and removing it, wouldn't it?

I pointed out the huge gulleys, the fallen uprooted trees, the sheer cliff drop down to the houses below. I mentioned slope angles and gradients and ushered them into the brush to see the cliff face, but they declined.  I discussed the Phreatic Line problems, and then it became pretty obvious they had no idea what I was talking about.

I mentioned the threat of those wishing to harm us and pointed out certain features (redacted from FOIL reports), and their eyes glazed over. It was obvious they had no business here, not qualified to make a determination.

So, Senator Brouk is going to fight the Canal Authority, armed with information that two office wallahs (with no dam engineering or invasive plants experience) fed her from a twenty minute walk?  She couldn’t even find the time to take a look at this problem!

No Senator, you had your chance and bungled it. You didn’t do your homework, so how can anyone believe you are in a position to fight anything? You haven’t even armed yourself with a site visit. You haven’t even got any dam engineers working for you. How can anyone believe anything you say?

I suspect this is all a vote catching exercise for you!

And I wasted half a morning on you!

Problems with trees on dams
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: December 27, 2021, 09:31:11 pm »

Senator Samra Brouk has a weird perspective of the situation here. It's all about votes. She's swallowed the rhetoric of a few, and IGNORED the advice of experts in dam engineering, hydrology and canal stewardship.

The TRUTH is that ALL the EXPERTS are telling us the Perinton Embankments are in SERIOUS decline and are continually in danger of collapse. If that happens, thousands of people could drown, and millions of dollars worth of property will be destroyed. The maps of flood zones demonstrate the seriousness of the problem that BROUK seems to be oblivious of.

Her latest broadcast is - 

Our Fight to Protect the Erie Canal
Dear neighbors –

As I reflect back on the many legislative and budget accomplishments this past year, I would be remiss if I didn’t stop for a moment and say thank you to the community members we have been working with to protect one of our community’s most valued treasures – the Erie Canal.

In my first month in Albany, I worked tirelessly behind the scenes with our New York State Senate Majority Conference and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to block then-Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget Amendment to move control of the Erie Canal into a trust. I raised the issue in the Senate – my worry was that this last-minute change would have further removed the Canal’s management from being accountable to public input and eliminate public transparency for Canal operations. Thanks to our efforts, and those of elected community leaders who joined this fight, we blocked this amendment and Cuomo’s Erie Canal Budget Amendment was removed from the enacted FY 2021 Budget.

Then in the spring, we began our advocacy work around the Canal Corporation' Earthen Embankment Integrity Plan – first in calling for additional time for public comment on this draft plan. We carefully reviewed the emails you sent us and the calls you made to our office – and met with community leaders (like Virginia Maier and Elizabeth Agte from STOP the CANAL CLEAR CUT). I met privately in our Senate offices with Brian Stratton, Executive Director of the New York State Canal Corporation, and his team to express our grave concern about the Embankment Plan, outline the reasons why our community holds mistrust for the Canal Corp. and the New York Power Authority around canal management, and call for policy changes moving forward.

Based on our advocacy efforts, and the chorus of voices from community members and other elected leaders, the Canal Corp held in-person public meetings to listen to resident concerns. We used the full power of our Senate office (emails, social media, etc) to encourage community members to attend these meetings and submit formal public comments.

Now, we are starting to see results: the Canal Corporation has pledged to never again threaten our community’s scenic beauty by clear cutting along the Erie Canal. The Canal Corporation has also pledged more transparency about its operations – like with its new public information website and maps.

But this fight is not over – I enter this next year with the Erie Canal on my mind. I will stand alongside you to fight any attempts to clear cut trees along the Erie Canal and to continue the conversation about what environmentally friendly stewardship and management of the Canal should look like in the decades ahead.

So there you have it. No regard for the welfare of over a thousand residents living under the threat of flood- NONE!