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Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 07, 2022, 10:24:55 am »

And it now appears that Mr. Steve Roshia Jr is NOT an expert on NYS Canal "glamping".

Here he states that the NYS Canal Corporation was all wrong on using "tents" for glamping sites along the Erie Canal

But a quick check of "Best Glamping Sites near Yellowstone" shows that the preferred lodging for glamping there is EXACTLY what the Canal Corporation's partner Tentr company used... soft-sided canvas tents or yurts

Once again, these Stop the Canal Clear-cut group members are caught trying to spread disinformation, misinformation, and pass "valued opinions" off as 'facts'. A quick check online proves it's all just more "hype" from a social media group who would be better off just going away.

Steve was wrong on canal fish fighting for food sources, and he's also wrong on this camping topic... go figure.

Just proves what we've said all along...Facebook is NOT the best source for facts, or people who know the facts
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 06, 2022, 09:02:11 am »

Mr. Roshia Jr claims to be an expert in all things fish related.

But as many know from experience, some fish live near the surface and some live near the bottom...aptly termed "bottom feeders".

Somehow Stevie is certain that by removing 8% of the water in the canal, the aquatic life will be totally confused, and be more competitive for food.

Never heard of anything so absurd, it's only been lowered by only 12", at that was on the "surface", and it's still ELEVEN FEET deep, plenty of water.

Those bottom feeders still have plenty of food, and fish cruising along the surface water have food as well. Flies and bugs don't care where the water surface is, it's still there to land on and get gobbled up by any top feeders. Zebra mussels still have plenty of rip-rap rocks to cling to, and Round Goby will still have plenty of canal water to be invasive in...think about it. Fish and aquatic life do the same thing regardless of water depth, it's just a matter of how deep or shallow the water is.

It's yet another FALSE claim on Facebook, by this local protest group, that's as stupid as their prior statements like: "Canal Embankments are not Earthen Dams and are totally safe", and "Invasive trees & vegetation along the Erie Canal don't create embankment or trail safety issues"

It's obvious that "Fisherman Steve" is out of his element here, he knows nothing about Canal Dam Maintenance and probably isn't the best source of "truth" regarding Erie Canal safety. In fact, his theories on Canal Aquatic Life are a bit far-fetched, fish have ALWAYS been in completion for food, no water what size water source they live in.

That's why the eat each other, isn't it?

Well, isn't it?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 06, 2022, 08:06:08 am »

I didn't make this observation when I initially read Roshia's recent post   -

Did it not occur to anyone that the canal is devoid of water for over 6 months of the year, so I would imagine the aquatic life would be overjoyed even if it is only 2/3rds full.

The frogs have certainly been noisy, just lately, and carp are happily thrashing about as they spawn. No problems here on our stretch of the canal!

It's just yet 'one more spin' to portray the Canal Corporation in a bad light.

Posted by: Erie Trail Neighbor
« on: June 01, 2022, 04:16:37 pm »

From a very reliable source, about Canal Embankment  Manuals. And this State required environmental package was actually due in November 2021, it's over 6 months behind now.

The current "delay" in release of the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program is directly caused by the need for New York Power & Canal Authority to answer hundreds of letters sent in saying the exact same thing. These letters were written at the same time, sent together from a group on Facebook

The letters all said basically: 1) keep the trees because they provide shade and animal habitats, and #2) embankments are safe. Some may have mentioned that all that's wrong with the Erie Canal, is fear mongering on the part of New York State. And before the EEIP Release can happen, all of those letters from concerned citizens have to be answered.

Look for it very soon, more pictures, and more descriptions of embankments & issues with them. It's being written so that even a fifth grader should understand it, and what's at stake if canal embankments are left to fail with no maintenance and no inspections, because "you can't inspect what you can't see."
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 01, 2022, 10:34:05 am »

It's starting to look like a change of leadership is needed for this Facebook group... due to possible insanity.

Leadership for the Stop the Canal Clear-cut is faltering and has now gone way beyond unreasonable, and is bordering "crazy" as they say. But it's their own insanity, born and spread on Facebook.

Hard to believe it's shared by others who have watched this group go from "concerned environmentalist" to "whining Erie Trail users" in just 4 short years, and now believe doing the same thing will yield a different result, somehow.

So here's the latest rant from Ms. Virginia Maier, one for the Co-Founders of this little Facebook protest group.

Her words again:

Virginia Borden Maier:
This is basically word-for-word the Canal Corporation's press release, including the gross falsehood that the embankments are "dams." They continue to fear-monger and mislead.

So it's OK for Ms. Maier to spread the "falsehood" that the Canal Embankments are NOT earthen dams? Even when there are hundreds of pages in a State Environmental Review that say the canal banks are actually raised navigation dams?

And it's OK for Ms. Maier to "mislead" her Facebook group by refusing to accept the truth and facts about those earthen embankment dams, and the hazard potential they pose?

I guess most people would rather fall on the side of "abundant caution" when it comes to Canal Floods, and probably support anything that IMPROVES safety for the canal system and the public using it...

But not Ms. Maier.

It's NUTS! She keeps saying over and over it's fear-mongering, but it's obviously not

And what is the other STCC Co-Founder saying on the Facebook Group page? More craziness.

Well she's asking people to join in her "insanity" and keep doing what their doing, even though it's FAILED to work to date. Insanity is NOT too strong of a word here, please read on.

And why do I say it's insanity? It's not me, it's Albert Einstein who get credit for that idea about "repetition".

Ms. Agte has lost the battle, lost the war, and now lost her mind, it appears, all because she didn't want to accept three little words:

Unsafe Earthen Embankments.

Many invasive trees & vegetation, along Canal Embankments, were removed in 2018, and they will be removed again, starting in 2022. And now the Canal Corporation has documents that support their case, even if someone was foolish enough to try and sue them "for environmental reasons". And it's because of a group that thought those documents would says something very different.

Why are Canal Embankments being cleared?

Well it's for the safety of the public living below the canal navigation dams of course. Because NYS Conservation Laws demand that the dams are maintained and properly inspected. And because NYS Dam Safety laws require compliance for "any structure impounding water greater than 15' tall or able to release more than 16 million gallons of water if it breaks.

Any Erie Canal Embankment Breach will release 300 Million Gallons of water

The Stop the Canal Clear-cut group can't ignore public safety issues forever, with unsafe dams lurking about.

And they certainly cannot fight against improving public safety much longer, especially when the Environmental Review they asked for describes the devastation a flood would do on the surrounding areas. They asked for the SEQR Review to be done, BEFORE the Canal Corporation Earthen Embankment Integrity Program could proceed. And now that set of documents only strengthens the case against the group's plea that "nothing is broken, leave it alone".

Go read for yourself, don't take the word of the ECNA... read & learn.

Maybe new leadership at the STCC Facebook Group won't try to fight canal safety, and think they will win... that is insanity.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 01, 2022, 07:38:33 am »

I believe Mr. Roshia Jr is an avid fisherman, that was his whole beef in Waterloo. The NYS Canal Corporation put up some State-sponsored "glamping campsights" that interfered with his favorite fishing hole near some island there. So he may be an aquatic expert, because he's looked into the eyes of the fish he caught, and can see "it's soul".

I jest of course, like Mike.

Steve is yet another Facebook whiner, who wants others to know he's upset about something the "State" does. But he is right about the NYS DEC and the NYS Canal Corporation, they do watch over each other's laws, and rules regarding NY Dam Safety and the environment.

It's called OVERSIGHT, and is how NY State required Environmental Impact Studies get performed.

And it's also how Erie Canal Neighbors get protected from idiots on Facebook, who say leaking earthen navigation dams are not a problem, and that we should all worry more about invasive trees & wildlife along the canal than for the thousands of Erie Canal neighbors & canal communities in those Erie Canal Embankment Flood Inundation Zones.

Total moron, misses the point because he believes his point is "more important"...maybe to him, but no on else.

If Steve is the aquatic expert he claims, why isn't he working to figure out how to keep the Round Goby from overrunning the Champlain Canal? There are many in our State and Vermont, who want to close the NY canal system, at selective locks, to halt these INVASIVE fish from taking over our freshwater lakes & streams.

Stop worrying about the INVASIVE TREES, they are all a distant memory soon enough, thanks to NYS Dam Management Rules & Regulations
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 01, 2022, 05:47:15 am »

Well folks! This one really takes the biscuit!  Talk about grasping at straws!  The Canal Corp must be chuckling over this. Of course, Mr Roshia must be an 'expert' at 'aquatic life'.(I jest!)

 This drivel is really sad because there is absolutely no concern for those people living under these dangerous dams. 

What is it that these people don't understand?  Humans, our neighbors, are under the threat of a dam failure, but these folks are worried about 'aquatic life'.

I think we can safely say that in future, any comments by Mr Roshia can be ignored!.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: May 31, 2022, 08:17:03 pm »

In response to a plea, Eerie Agte tells the sheep to continue doing exactly what they have been doing for four years. It's been a waste of time and now it's becoming completely laughable.

The governor has given the STCC the cold shoulder, the NYPA doesn't respond to them, and they look completely stupid in their yellow T shirts at town meetings.

Speak up, over and over, she says.  Well. I'd say "it's over, it's over'.  You've lost!