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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 28, 2022, 10:39:48 am »

Hard to believe that ANYONE in this social media group would ever mention the word "safety" and the NYS Canal Corporation in the same sentence.

Especially after the members of this Stop the Canal Work Facebook group have been in DENIAL about Erie Canal Earthen Embankment SAFETY for almost 5 years, calling all that talk about unsafe canal embankments simple "fear-mongering" by New York State. They used to claim this BREACH in Palmyra/Macedon was all the fault of NYS Canal Corporation negligence, and it "really wasn't an embankment breach" at all.

Now members of the group want the trail opened... they say "It's Safe".

My how things have changed... right?

So Mr. Gallagher is now whining about the hazards of using an Erie Canal Trail that has been relocated from an unsafe embankment breach section along the Canal, that is under repair, to a local highway section that will be used as a detour...?

And he's doing it in the name of safety?

What a load of crap!

Doesn't Mr. Gallagher understand the simple TRUTH that when that Macedon trail embankment section is safe for PUBLIC use, the NYS Canal Corporation will remove the detour signs, and let pedestrian travel proceed as it did BEFORE the leak was detected and the breach occurred?

That won't be done because Kevin Gallagher on Facebook says it's safe to do so, or that he feels it's "ok" because it's been 17 months now.

That section won't be done because Kevin Gallagher doesn't like the detour along Route 31, and some highway marker showing where someone died

The Canal Path will be opened when New York State says their repair is SAFE and COMPLETE, and the Empire Trail is SAFE for the public.... PERIOD!

If Mr. Gallagher does feels the Macedon Trail Section is safe now, let him put up PROOF of that statement, and not just his "valued opinion".

After all his "opinion" must be based on some credible information, though it is unclear and never mentioned in his FB post.

Once again Mr. Gallagher claims he knows more that the Canal Corporation on matters of public safety... open that breached trail section to hikers & bikers.

And BTW, if no one else want's to say it...

If Mr. Gallagher doesn't like the Empire Canal Trail (and all it's detours), than perhaps he can find somewhere else to ride his bicycle. Sure beats listening to him whining over & over about his trials and tribulations as a bicycle rider along the Erie Canal... good grief Kevin... it's not about YOU. Try Ellison Park, or Powder Mill.

The word "idiot" as a description here doesn't really capture how pathetic all this complaining on Facebook looks to those with even an ounce of intelligence.

Not just the incessant whining by some members of this group, but the sheer fact that most of the group's members seem to change their tunes over and over, just to instigate their Facebook friends to post negative comments like this one from Kevin. If it's not Kevin Gallagher, it's Bob Corby trying to rile up the STCC Natives.

As far as we can read... no matter what happens, the NYS Canal Corporation and NYPA will ALWAYS be wrong about the Erie Canal they manage, and Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group is always going to be right, just ask them, especially Kevin.

I've met Kevin, he seemed intelligent in our conversation, but sadly he let Ms. Agte & Ms. Maier's RHETORIC & CONSPIRACY THEORIES about the NYS Canal Corporation influence his analytical thought process and now has become just another "parrot" for the group's misguided leadership.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: August 01, 2022, 03:47:16 pm »

Definition of "egg on one's face":

Appearing foolish usually because something one said would happen has not happened

Like a Facebook group saying they want to stop public safety work on Erie Canal Earthen Embankments?

Like people believing it's possible to ignore Unsafe Embankment Dams by simply denying they exist?

Like putting your confidence in two individuals leading a Facebook group, who have zero understanding how dangerous their rhetoric had become to Erie Canal Neighbors & their own communities.

Go figure...
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: August 01, 2022, 03:44:03 am »

Crickets, Doug? Egg on his face?

Does anyone think Kevin Gallagher will answer?

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 31, 2022, 07:51:15 am »

Couldn't help but notice that Mr Gallagher has a bit of a preconceived bias & prejudice showing here.

Obviously Kevin thought that the NYS Canal Corporation was responsible for this tree trimming along the Erie, but when a fellow member from the group informed him that the tree work here was done by the TOWN of Perinton, he suddenly stops his rant about what he felt was "unneeded trimming"

Kevin Gallagher is in Fairport, New York:
I believe the trees were trimmed way too high just west of Fairport.  I am not the only one with this opinion.  I would describe this as overly aggressive and damaging.  I would like to know who made this decision and ask that they stay away from now on.

Tawnya Keeney: This looks like the path in Perinton park and I think the trees always look like this but Im not sure. I have pictures of that exact path that Ill try to find and see.

Ellen Smith: Town of Perinton did the tree trimming. I was biking through as they were doing it.

Kevin Gallagher (Author):
Thank you for that information

It appears from Kevin's "lack of criticism" (after learning it wasn't the NYS Canal Corp that did the trimming) indicates that its "ok" for Perinton to trim trees around the Canal in Fairport, but not the agency who's actually tasked with Erie Canal stewardship for the State of NY.

Or am I missing something here?

Why didn't Kevin Gallagher contact his own Perinton Town Leaders and tell them to stop trimming trees along the canal?

Why didn't Kevin Gallagher start his usual rant about how all tree work is unnecessary along the Canal Trail?

Preconceived Bias...that's why, unless someone else has a better explanation.

What about it Kevin Gallagher?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 17, 2022, 11:30:45 am »

And then we have Martin Heit, suggesting this is a place where shade can be found. Perhaps he doesn't realise that there is no embankment DAM here, so this undoubtedly will not be touched by the EEIP clearing.

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 17, 2022, 10:54:40 am »

Beware of social media groups who refuse to accept any truth but "their own".

Once again, Mr. Gallagher is "up in arms" over some Erie Canal Maintenance work, that doesn't meet Kevin's definition of "necessary". Of course a few other Facebook Group members try to reason with Mr. Gallagher but it doesn't seem to help him understand.

No folks, Kevin will not be consoled at all, tree limbs are missing, grass has been trimmed, but it's "just not right" with Kevin. Now it's time to add his brand of "sarcasm" to the mix.. " look they left a dead tree". Like someone riding a mower has the tools to take down that tree. Again, someone tries to set Kevin straight, saying "it's another crew".

And of course, this is the cue for other "idiots" to share their story about what they see along the canal, like Mr. Oakes. He's showing a section of Canal Embankment that isn't mowed to his liking, between the two bridges in Brockport. He's also showing the difference between the grass sections of this 25' Earthen Dam looming over an apartment building below that is still HALF covered with trees... strange isn't it?

The TRUTH here is very different. This section of Canal Embankment was NOT part of the Embankment Restoration work already done in 2018-21. It was left OFF the list "per a request by Brockport Village" who manages most of the trimming work there. The issue was the cost to replace or repair the paved trail there, that is suffering from Tree Root Upheaval at the moment. It's worse by the Park Ave bridge side, and becoming a public safety issue on the trail to avoid it.

So the original Erie Canal  Embankment clearing work was done only WEST of the Main St Lift Bridge and EAST of the Park Ave. Lift bridge, not in between are "twin bridges" of Brockport.

Go look at the Maps on the work, call the NYS Canal Corporation or the Village of Brockport office, they will confirm all this.

But the real AWARD here goes to that last comment made to Mr. Oakes post, by one of the Leaders of this STCC Social Media group, Ms. Virginia Maier.

Virginia Borden Maier: This is exactly what we predicted would happen. I suggest planting trees on that slope so that shade will keep the undergrowth down.

So, the NYS Canal Corporation is REMOVING overgrown brush & TREES, as they pose a STRUCTURAL danger to the water-impounding earthen embankments along the Erie Canals. All supported by Science, FEMA, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The NYS Canal Corporation & NYPA have declared their canal embankments to be a public safety issue, that is now in need of inspection & repairs and proper covering per NYS DEC Laws. And the NYS Comptrollers office AGREED!

And the Canal Corporation & New York Power Authority have also stated and proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is a "clear & present" DANGER of Erie Canal embankments breaching in the future and causing a flood, with the release of an 18 month NY State required Environmental Impact Study. That study is due out by early August.

So, Ms. Borden-Maier is now "suggesting" that the solution to these overgrown, unsafe, aging earthen canal dams is somehow somehow solved, by "planting more trees, to get more "shade"? Doesn't that sound strange to anyone?

Do I need to explain anymore why she get's the award? What else can can you say?

Folks. this Facebook group's motives have been a bit "shady" from the start in "my humble opinion".

And now it appears they have moved completely to the "Dark Side"

Be careful trying to "defend" this group, and what their leaders have claimed to be factual information.

They have zero evidence to support their claims, and simply want to ignore "the elephant in the room".

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 09, 2022, 12:11:25 pm »

"The real question... will Kevin Gallagher be smart enough to accept the truth about canal trees this time?"

Based on his previous performances, I doubt it!
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 09, 2022, 10:56:15 am »

It's not a question of intelligence, it just that Kevin Gallagher and his social media group, simply believe that NY State Environmental laws should not apply to their misguided cause to "Save Erie Canal Trees".

The same  embankment trees that are causing structural safety issues along the Erie Canal waterway, are also placing anyone using the Erie Canal Trail system in danger. And they do NOT have to be on an embankment to have a limb fall on an unsuspecting bicyclist or jogger.

But this social media group doesn't seem to care. In fact Mr. Gallagher is "challenging" the authority of the Canal Corporation yet again, but doesn't realize that the Canal Corporation has the LAWS of NYS DEC backing them up. Once again it's just BLIND IGNORANCE leading this Facebook group and their refusal to admit that the Erie Canal has become a public safety issue.

But lets start with the WHOLE conversation on the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Page. because the person who prompted this whole discussion has now changed her tune as they say. It seems that Ms. Gaylord now understands that the tree trimming being done was HER RESPONSIBILITY in the first place.

And you only need to look at the NYS Environmental Laws to know that the Canal Corporation, as stewards of the Erie Canal, a National Heritage Corridor Site, have the right to trim "their neighbors trees back" if it interferes or endangers their own property or guests. As long as the tree being trimmed isn't trimmed to a point where it dies.

NYS DEC helps communities and the public understand Tree Ordinances on their website.

And the NYS Canal Corporation will always hold to NYS Laws on Tree Trimming & Lot Lines, which is summed up in one statement:

New York Property Lines and Tree Trimming Laws

An area of concern among homeowners is tree trimming. While you can trim the branches of a tree that extend onto your property, you may not trespass on your neighbor's property or cause damage to or kill the tree. If you do damage the tree, your neighbor can sue you for triple the stumpage value of the tree.

It's quite common for neighbors to have "tree issues" that get resolved, here's a story from Brockport about a hazard tree and the trouble it caused.

So the real issues is always centered on SAFETY and of the neighbor, or the public, that is at risk from the tree, or the conditions it is causing. And Ms. Gaylord has been apprised of the situation it appears. She has openly stated that she knew the bikers had to "dodge" her overgrown limbs when she made this statement:

Joan Gaylord June 8, 2022  Canal Corp is here this morning taking limbs off my trees that overhang the canal path. It appears there have been some bikers who don't like swiping branches away as they pass by.

She knew the problem existed, and did NOTHING!

So her neighbor, the NYS Canal Corporation did, they cleared the hazardous condition for the guests & patrons of their property. And they did it at NO CHARGE, when Ms. Gaylord could have been handed the bill. That truth is based on NYS Laws and NYS DEC guidelines for dealing with "hazardous trees".

And if you read Ms. Gaylords very last words posted, she has some advice to a Facebook group that is dead set on "avoiding" public safety issues with trees along the Erie canal. And it seems she now knows the truth that Kevin Gallagher and a few others still refuse to believe or accept. Trees do not belong near a statewide recreational trail system, unless they are properly cared for. They need to be trimmed (or removed) if those trees become a danger to the public, or to any Erie Canal infrastructure.

Joan Gaylord Author June 9, 2022 to Karen Hyder - Some of this is on us because we allowed the trees to drape over the path. Won't happen again

The real question... will Kevin Gallagher be smart enough to accept the truth about canal trees this time?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 09, 2022, 04:45:43 am »

Posted today on the STCC Facebook page.

Here's another feeble attempt to discredit the Canal Corporation.

My question is, why would anyone want to complain about overhanging branches on the trail being cut?
Surely, the Canal Corporation does not need a 'registered arborist' to trim a few branches overhanging their own property? I thought that was a common law that you're entitled to cut trees that overhang your property. It's up to you to ensure your trees don't do that, no need for folks to ask permission. What the CC should do is carefully place the offending branches back on the owners property, but they were being nice and likely hauled them away for you.

Kevin just likes to find something to bi-tch and moan about. It's really quite pitiful!

You'd think everyone would be grateful, but not if you are hooked to the STCC!

Posted by: Doug K
« on: May 27, 2022, 08:39:02 am »

Well Mike, you managed to pull me out of "ecna retirement" with this latest post...The correct word is dipshit, here is the #1 definition according to Urban Dictionary


A despised person; a moron; an ineffectual person; one with a habit of being wrong, loudly and often

Sorry if my use of the word offends anyone but in the words of a famous American, Thomas Paine, who wrote a piece called Common Sense...

He who dares not offend cannot be honest.

Another Canal Dam is Failing, read about it here:

Note: In the spirit of FULL transparency, Mr Gallagher stood at the end of my own driveway 4 years ago, when the Canal Corporation was clearing our 400' long earthen embankment DAM, and tried this same argument about "no danger & embankments are fine". He was stymied then, unable to muster an argument or experts that support his unwillingness to accept the simple truth, which we discussed for almost an hour.

He simply denied that these hillsides are actually dams, even though he was watching one rather large embankment being cleared, and saw a canalbank with a waterline 15 feet above where he was standing.

I told him he was wrong then, and in these past four years nothing has changed, except his resolve to continue looking like an idiot by following a Facebook group that thinks denying public safety issues was a smart move. Those safety issues still plague the NY State Canal System even now, and are getting worse, evident by all these repairs and canal closures.

Sadly, it's almost impossible for Kevin or anyone in that Facebook group to "save face" after all that has transpired.

But it's as simple as taking their Facebook group from public view and back to a PRIVATE group, where Erie Canal Neighbors are not put at risk by their continued spread of misinformation and denial of the danger of having unsafe canal dams running throughout our canal communities.

Posted by: Erie Trail Neighbor
« on: May 27, 2022, 07:20:31 am »

Pulled from the new york state canal integrity website at

The owners of the property, that is the new york state canal corporation, say Kevin is mistaken about earthen dams, and they are actually the people responsible for the safety of the public using the erie canal and it's trails.

How are embankment dams different from levees?

Levees typically are meant to protect adjacent areas from flood events and, generally, do not retain water for long periods of time. They can be made from earthen embankments. Embankment dams, like those found along New Yorks Canal System, retain water for half the year or longer and have a low-level outlet which means that water levels can be controlled. To see where earthen embankment dams are located along New Yorks canals, you can view maps on the Program & Maps page.

So when did the general public, that uses the canal trail for a daily walk, suddenly become the experts about the canal? When did naysayers like Kevin Gallagher rise up and start to deny the truth about erie canal embankments, and believe they know more than the property owners?

When two facebook agitators told them to do it, they have no facts or experts backing up their false claims. Unless you count Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier as canal experts, after all they are only trail users like Kevin, which seems to be enough to be labeled an 'expert'.
Posted by: Erie Trail Neighbor
« on: May 25, 2022, 08:09:14 am »

He says this despite the clear facts that the canal corporation embankment repair manual shows the erie canal is made of many navigation dams. Your ecna group wrote about this very topic only last month.

And the very first preface section of that manual describes what everyone else would understand as an earthen dam, and the corporation's plan to repair these water impounding earthen embankments.

Kevin Gallagher wants to simply ignore these written words, filed in state approved documents, and is now pleading with this facebook group to follow his lead, to chose ignorance over those facts, and simply ignore those written words.

water impounding embankment structures used primarily for navigation

But I agree with kevin, and these words he wrote - "I place no faith in an institution that does not know the difference or is trying to dilute meaning."

And sadly kevin cannot seem to recognize that the institution at fault is facebook, and the group promoting the big lie about the erie canal is called stop the canal clearcut, whose members seem to pride themselves on trying to dilute the meaning of earthen embankment dam at all cost.

Never has the title of a post on here been more accurate, the man is an idiot.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: May 25, 2022, 05:33:23 am »

Why is he an idiot?  Well, he has no understanding of or qualifications in dam engineering and yet he posts this twaddle!

And another STCC idiot posts this --

Earthen Embankments on the canal that impound water have a phreatic line, and hydrostatic pressure from the impounding water. That defines them as a dam, and therefore they must follow all the safety procedures pertaining to dams.


Levees spend most of their time without impounding any water, a fact that CT Oakes does not seem able to grasp. Therefore these structures under discussion here cannot possibly be a levee.

The reason why Oakes & Gallagher are peddling this nonsense is because they are trying to 'spin' the discussion away from all the rules and regulations that apply to dams, and there are plenty.

Just because these two say they aren't dams, doesn't mean it is so!  Have they offered up any theories as to why they make these bold statements?  No!

It is ridiculous in the extreme!