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Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 03, 2022, 11:44:23 am »

Actually the New York State Canal Corporation is VERY CLEAR on the differences between Canal Embankment Dams and a run of the mill "levee".

You can find the word levee there, they made it a point to put this distinction on their NYS Canal Integrity Website under the Frequently Asked Questions tab

So it appears that NYPA & the NYSCC had planned in advance, this whole "it's a Levee not a Dam" argument, and added this single statement for clarification.

And since the NYS Canal Corporation is the LEAD AGENCY on the NYS SEQR Environmental Impact Review, they are allowed to take the path of "highest public safety" without question or condemnation by their peers.

Sadly some of the public doesn't agree and has been condemning the Canal Corporation and parent NYPA, for 4 years on Facebook, just for breathing clean  Erie Canal air at times.

If the NYS Canal Corporation says they will treat the Erie Canal Earthen Embankments as if they were "part time dams" used 75% of the year, and maintained, repaired and inspected for the other 25%, who are WE to tell them we don't think that's a "good idea"?

After all WE are not responsible for the safety of the public & communities living below all that impounded Erie Canal water, are we?

There are billions & billions of gallons of Lake Erie & Genesee River water waiting to flood any community, with even the smallest breach in an embankment, caused by an unkempt earthen dam, or a lack of proper inspection to identify the potential issue in the first place.One large tree down, on any overgrown embankment can start a chain-reaction flood that many will say "could have been avoided" after the fact.

Why would ANYONE stand in the way of any State Run Agency doing their job to IMPROVE PUBLIC SAFETY? (especially when the word flood is used)

Terminology is not all this Facebook group has gotten wrong here... or am I missing something?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 02, 2022, 12:19:38 pm »

So here's the exact nomenclature the NYPA/CC are using, just so that we're all talking the same language!

It's a pity they didn't mention Levees! Ha! Ha!
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 30, 2022, 12:25:00 pm »

Couldn't help but notice what Ms. Agte said in her Facebook post:

The CC is currently doing work on that stretch, laying large rocks on the inboard slope. This work concerns me for a couple of reasons. First, no where did they post that this section of the trail is closed, what was it they said about transparency? And second, I couldnít help but wonder if the lowered water level from lock 30 to Pittsford wasnít because this project was anticipated

Not one statement about WHY the inboard slope of the canal embankment is being repaired?

Not one thought that the safety of the surrounding area may be improved with this embankment maintenance & repair?

And read Mike's statement from the caretakers of the NYS Canal System: The trail was raised above the flood zone in this section. It appears that the Empire Trail here didn't have enough "wave protection", and was below the flood zone high water level. So more rocks were added, and the trail itself was raised, more than likely to minimize annual flood damage.

Simply more whining about the lack of "transparency" and once again "not accepting" that the NYS Canal Corporation has lowered water due to unsafe earthen embankment conditions & seepage.

Why would this STCC group & its leader Ms. Agte, believe that the NY Canal Corporation should contact them before undertaking any work along the Erie Corridor?

Both NYPA and the Canal Corporation have already figured out that its best to "avoid all contact" with a social media group that constantly lies and misrepresents their Earthen Embankment Integrity work, and to "steer clear" of the group's leadership, who still can't figure out they are part of the "problem" in America these days.

What problem is that you ask?

The problem of delusional people, clinging to crazy "conspiracy theories", and doing it all in the name of "the environment".
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 30, 2022, 07:30:54 am »

Ms Agte's at it again! Trying hard to find fault with the NYPA. You can see her latest post here

In the video, at 17 seconds, she does not even understand the basics of canal engineering. She only 'thinks' the heavy rocks being laid along the canal embankment are called 'rip-rap'. Obviously she hasn't studied dams, and canal engineering, so I have to really wonder why so many folks listen to her twaddle.

And why is Sue Calia so upset about this that she posts an 'angry' for this post? Is she angry at Agte, or the Canal Corporation? (I suspect the latter)  It really is quite ridiculous.

And why is there no comment from Ms Eerie A regarding the huge amount of trees felled a few feet away from this work?

I asked regarding the posting of signs Ms A was whining about. Here is the response.

Regarding the trail, there are signs posted on both ends of the work zone and the Empire State Trail team was notified, but they didnít consider it significant enough to post as a closure to their website.  Local officials were called to let them know what was happening. The trail was raised above the flood zone in this section. It is getting paved on Friday so that it can be fully used over the long weekend.