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Posted by: Doug K
« on: August 01, 2022, 11:32:15 am »

Folks, its been two weeks since this post hit the ECNA Forum, and not ONE word from Facebook or the Stop the Canal Clear-cut to refute what was stated here. I was told by a few that I had been a bit too "honest" here, a bit "harsh" on this FB group and its leadership. I will default to this simple thought...honesty is the best policy.

We run an open forum in the Erie Canal NeighborsAssociation, we allow guests, members, just about anyone to post comments or reply to topics started. And we are aware that some members of that Facebook group are regular readers of our Forum, especially our Facebook Opposition Board. We often see comments & information that we share here, somehow end up as a discussion on the STCC webpage sometime later.

But not this time...

You have to wonder after awhile, why NOBODY in a group boasting some 1000+ members, can muster up even the slightest defense to their actions or statements made on their Facebook page. Not one person ever says that what we have stated is "untrue", or "unfair", or some type of exaggeration of truth. NOT ONE WORD!

So the word for today is "indefensible", and here's how Merriam-Webster defines it:

1a: incapable of being maintained as right or valid : UNTENABLE

1b: incapable of being justified or excused : INEXCUSABLE

Incapable of being validated, justified, or excused... that seems to be the simplest way to explain this Stop The Canal Clear-cut Group in a nutshell... isn't it?

BTW: Exactly the same sentiment was shared for another "systemic" problem in this country by Liz Cheney, regarding others who "fail to accept the TRUTH".
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 20, 2022, 07:07:27 pm »

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 20, 2022, 04:03:41 pm »

And sadly this is just another indicator of the Systemic Failure -

When a new member of the STCC Facebook Group, informs the group's FOUNDER that she is wrong (about Erie Canal work being done) her comments are met with "correction" by that same Founder. This new member pointed out correctly that replacing rip-rap, those LARGE rocks inside the canal inboard slope, is about the same as mowing grass along the trail... it all falls under the term - Routine Maintenance

Suddenly it seems, when confronted with the TRUTH once again, Ms. Agte becomes indignant and states she wasn't complaining about rocks being placed along the canal (without notice), and she didn't try to insinuate that the "lower canal water levels" in her neighborhood were somehow a result of this work being done in Macedon.

No, she was only talking about the failure to post proper signage.. or so she says.

What a load of crap!

Ms. Agte is well aware of the reason why the Erie Canal is lower by a good foot and a half in Fairport, it's because the Canal Corporation had to reduce the "strain & pressure" on their earthen embankments due to EXCESSIVE SEEPING that is being monitored on over 200 leaks along the Erie.

And Ms. Agte also was made aware of the FACT not too long ago, that the Erie Trail Closure in Macedon is actually posted on the Empire Trail website, we linked that in a post not too long ago, and her posse frequents our ECNA Forum regularly.. so can't claim "ignorance" once again.'re-waiting-and-watching!/?message=2254

Ms. Agte's issue here, that 'systemic problem' that she and her group have... it's all right here in this post.

Unless the Canal Corporation calls or emails her directly, about anything being done along the Canal, Ms. Agte and her group label that "Lack of Transparency". After all , she can't be bothered looking up these trail closures themselves, and if Facebook doesn't show it, it's not real to her.

And once again, this group's LEADER simply will NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING that the Canal Corporation or New York Power says as "truth". The simple explanation about leaking embankments being the reason for lower water levels was stated plainly, but is STILL not accepted by the STCC or Ms. Agte.

And above all... the MEMBERS of the group are treated as if they know nothing, and the TWO Leaders lift themselves up as "knowing everything".

Ms. Ellen Smith, who by the way most likely LIVES in Macedon and knows way more about what happens along HER section of the Erie Canal than Ms. Agte would ever know on her 15 minute bike ride through it, was correct in her term routine maintenance. and it's being done ALL over the Canal System.

Maybe the question that should be asked here is this:

Why would anyone in the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group think that some "Peddler from Perinton" is an expert in the Canal Affairs of the Town of Macedon? 

It boggles the mind as to why so many people follow the kind of "bad leadership" shown in this Facebook group. Especially when their own SAFETY, and the safety of their home & family may be at risk of a canal flood event. A flood from an Erie Canal Embankment breach that their leaders say isn't a real possibility, it's all a hoax, fear-mongering by New York State.

Ms. Agte and Maier have their members repeating like parrots when it comes to Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance, here's their "truth":

It's a big conspiracy, it's a money grab, someone is getting kickbacks... and "shade is cool".

Too bad they relegate Public Safety to the backseat, simply because they to need to "be cool" when they go for a walk or bike ride.

Phucking Ignoramus
Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 18, 2022, 09:33:10 am »

With all of the news lately you hear the term "systemic failure" used quite a bit. Here's how the dictionary defines the main word of this term... "systemic'.

The assumption here is that most people already understand what the word FAILURE means...or maybe some don't.

Systemic - A systemic problem is a problem which is a consequence of issues inherent in the overall system, rather than due to a specific, individual, isolated factor.

In Uvalde Texas there was a systemic FAILURE of many law enforcement officers who felt that their OWN safety was more important than the people of the community they were being paid to "serve & protect". That information came out in a recent Investigative Report release

On January 6th 2021 there was a systemic FAILURE of the Republican Party that failed to address the actions of it's leader, or to denounce that leader as "unsuitable" to lead the Republican party.

This FAILURE continues to this day, and the Congressional Hearings are proving that now. Even while the truth is being uncovered, there are MANY in the REPUBLICAN party who refuse to accept it. The hearings themselves are being systemically condemned by most in the Red Party right now.

And even now, right here in Rochester, NY, we can see the "systemic" FAILURE issues with Facebook, a social media company that will allow anyone to bend, fold, crease or even destroy the TRUTH in America, because Facebook as a COMPANY, wants customers to view more ads and buy more products that are advertised there.

They are placing profits over public safety by allowing a local Rochester NY group to LIE about Erie Canal Integrity & Safety issues, all under the guise of "helping the environment".

Those Facebook customers in this case, the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group, who's leadership, Ms. Elizabeth Agte & Ms. Virginia Maier, have lost all credibility in the community and with the NYS Canal Corporation and who continue to fantasize about an Erie Canal heyday with mules on the Towpath.

Wake up... the Canal you see today is NOT that Canal, never was, never will be again.

Here's the latest from the Maier "Twins", Virginia & Bill.

It seems that Ms. Maier believes that that the solution to Erie Canal Embankment deterioration issues, both with excessive invasive vegetation and unsafe dams, is to plant "more trees". in spite of what the Caretakers of the Erie Canal System have to say.

And what does Mr. Maier say? Well Bill won't use the word "invasive" to describe the unhealthy, unsafe, overgrown, vegetation that the Canal Corporation says needs to be "removed for public safety" off their earthen embankment dams. No, Bill says it's "natural vegetation" and the Canal Corp should "work with it".

What a joke... does Bill Maier not understand the written English Language?

Here is what the NYS Canal Corporation says about the same issue of Trees & Vegetation on their Earthen Dams? Their statement is summed up here on their Embankment Integrity statement:

Earthen Embankment Integrity Program Overview

For a total of approximately 125 miles of its 524-mile length, the Canal runs through built earthen embankments. These embankment structures exist at many non-continuous points along the Canal, but the concentration of high hazard large embankments is located between Lockport in Niagara County and Lyons in Wayne County.

“High hazard” means that failure would likely result in, among other things, loss of life or widespread economic impact.

The New York State Canal Corporation is developing an embankment inspection and maintenance guidebook that will set forth protocols for safety, inspection, maintenance, community outreach and related environmental concerns, including a procedural approach as to where trees will be removed.

While there will be a presumption that all trees and other unsuitable vegetation will be cleared to protect people and property, the guidebook will also recognize opportunities to consider alternatives to tree clearing in areas used for recreation, parks, municipal, residential and commercial areas.

So it appears that the Mr. & Mrs. Maier are simply FAILING to accept the TRUTH about Public Safety along the Erie Canal. Perhaps they do it to not ruffle the feathers of one Ms. Elizabeth Agte, who still refuses to accept that same truth herself. Not sure if this systemic issue in the STCC will ever be resolved.

Now it's not all of the members of this Facebook Group that appear to be suffering from a systemic failure of "common sense & intelligent thought". There are a few folks who now are starting to understand the issues with overgrown, uninspected earthen dams. They are raising their voices and sounding off more and more in this group, as of late.

Some members of this Facebook group have spoken with the ECNA to try and understand the facts about Canal Safety, and it appears some now understand it better than their own leadership does.

Here's a few examples.

This image shows that some in the STCC understand some of the many canal safety issues, and the gravity of the current embankment situation.

And it also shows that these few people are starting to tell the difference between misinformation spread from their leaders and the common sense approach that the NYS Canal Corporation has stated is needed to insure "public safety is maintained".

Hopefully these few will steer the rest of the group in a positive direction, but it's doubtful, as many in this group still wear blinders created by Agte & Maier.

While these few Facebook posts may be viewed as a little glimmer of hope, it appears this Facebook group is STILL fraught with members who must somehow believe that the January 6th attack on Congress was an act perpetrated by "patriots' and that Donald Trump was the "best president ever", despite what Presidential Historians have written already.

And that ALL of what is happening along the Erie Canal fits some crazy conspiracy theory of lies, kickbacks, and behind the scenes "deals".

And also that "nothing is wrong" with the Erie Canal, it's safe as it ever has been.

After all, the TWO LEADERS of this Facebook Group still cling to their lie that any discussion about Erie Canal Earthen Embankment Safety is just "fear-mongering" on the part of New York State 

If there is anything we should be afraid of... it's people who POST stuff like this on Social Media platforms like Facebook & Twitter.

To read the Article Ms. Agte mentions, go here -->

A Systemic Failure of Intelligence & Common Sense?

You decide...