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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 17, 2022, 11:08:36 am »

It appears once again that Ex-Mayor Bob has to add his two cents to the Stop the Canal Clear-cut discussion on whether trees should stay or go along the Erie Canal. It's been quite an ordeal with Mr. Corby these past few years, you can read more about how he became the "new leader" of this anti-canal safety social media group.

It's a classic case of how one local politician, who loses a Village management position because of "poor job performance", can simply gain another position serving a "different crowd". I guess, by simply egging on their misinformation and disinformation about the Erie Canal.

The emphasis should be on the word different, because it's very rare when you find 1000 people in group, that are in "public safety denial" all in one place... thank you Facebook! It's a clear case of the blind leading the blind, followed by the ignorant, and those who promote conspiracy theories filling the rest of the membership.

This Facebook Group & Mr. Corby have no real footing to support this Facebooks group's claim that the Erie Canal is "safe" (with 100 foot trees growing on it's earthen embankment dams), and also NO recognized Dam experts or actual Dam science/facts to prove their claim that the NYS Canal Corporation is "fear-mongering" when they discuss their Canal Integrity issues on their new website.

Lately this Stop the Canal Cutting group has resorted to pretty pictures of trees lining the canal, maybe to drum up "sentimental support" for the invasive vegetation that simply has to go for the "good of the Erie Canal & the Public". And so Mr. Corby writes this question in answer to a post of a pretty picture by a STCC Member,  trying to encourage the group to "continue their support for trees".

Mr. Corby, the answer to that question is simple...

The Erie Canal will be SAFE without trees growing on it's miles of Earthen Embankment Dams

Of course those words won't sink in to Mr. Corby, or the Facebook group he has coddled up to these days.

Why you ask?

Well it's because Mr. Corby, like the social media group he represents now, are ALL IN DENIAL about Erie Canal safety!

It doesn't matter to Mr. Corby that the NYS Canal Corporation has published an Embankment Maintenance Manual to address their public safety issues with it's 100 year old unmanaged, unmaintained and uninspected earthen embankment. He and his Facebook want to deny these canal embankments are actually unsafe dams as the NYS Canal Corporation has stated plainly.

It doesn't matter to Mr. Corby (or his Facebook followers) that both the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the US Army Corps of Engineers BOTH support the position that the NYS Canal Corporation has taken on their Embankment Maintenance Program & Manual?

No Trees on Dams... that's the word from BOTH agencies.

So today, like every other day since the Facebook Group came into existence, many people in Rochester are being misled by a social media group claiming they know "everything" about Erie Canal Safety. Many local canal communities are still in danger of an embankment breach, along with canal neighbors who live below these earthen navigation dams.

And one thing is for certain, Mr. Corby, Ms. Agte and Ms. Maier will certainly deny those facts, and try to get you to focus on the more important picture...

What is that you ask, what could be more important than public safety along the NYS canal System?

Why it's shade... yes shade for their walkabout along the Erie Canal Trail...

Oh yea... and scenery too.

Those two canal trail attributes are way more important to this Facebook group than the SAFETY of their neighbors, go and read their banter on Facebook. But be forewarned... have a small pail by your side to puke in. Because what this Facebook group is writing, and their members continued denial of the TRUTH about Erie Canal Safety is sickening and wrong.

Not just wrong morally, not just common sense wrong...but also factually wrong...they have NO support for their all.

But that does not seem to matter to people who've become "tree blind".