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Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 02, 2023, 12:48:44 pm »

And so EVERYONE gains some much needed perspective... here's a little sampling of recent and older post from that SAME Facebook Group that has influenced Senator Ortt, and Assemblyman Jensen.

Yes, these lawmakers and this social media group are sticking to denial, conspiracy and opinion as their guide, and expect to win a fight against NYS Canal Corporation who has Hydrology Experts, Dam Safety Science, and the simple truth to back up their new Embankment Guidebook and State Environmental Study.

It's always the same, someone making money, someone hiding something, everyone against the group is incompetent... it goes on and on.

And also read one of our oldest post about this Facebook Group, from way back in December 2018 from Ms. Agte's-door!/

And February 2019, again it's all about how wrong EVERYONE else is... couldn't be that the group is mistaken or it's leaders?!/

Yep, maybe it's time to tell Mr Ortt and Mr. Jensen what kind of job they are doing, ignoring the safety of people in TWO COUNTIES.

Wait... better idea, tell them with votes the very next time they come up for election...

Wrong is wrong.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 02, 2023, 12:24:41 pm »

Groundhog Day... yea, February 2nd already, and the oversized gopher saw his shadow, someone did math in Pennsylvania and it's 6 more weeks until March 21st, the FIRST official day of Spring, and the end of Winter

But that's not the Groundhog Day I'm referring to.. I'm referring to Groundhog Day the movie, with Bill Murray. And Bill plays a character in that movie that relives the same day, over and over and over again. He wakes up each day at 6am to the same tune, and despite all he can do, it's GROUNDHOG DAY forever.

This duplicated bill is just another indicator of Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance being at a stand-still, in it's own continuous Groundhog Day Hell!

It's redundant work, from a recently elected assemblyman, Republican Josh Jensen, who basically took the work of Robert Ortt and tried to pass it along in another body of legislation. Opps, how much did that cost taxpayers?

First - Note that while some watchdogs of NYS Government are saying that because those two bills are identical, and in both the House & Assembly chambers, that it's ripe for bipartisan approval,  the FACTS are strongly against that:

1) These redundant bills, are both sponsored by Republicans, one in Monroe County, another in Orleans. There's no bi-partisanship yet.

2) Both representatives listened to those folks in opposition to the erie canal embankment work in their districts, and decided that supporting these social media denialist might just result in more votes at the ballot box. After all siding with "environmentalist" seems like a good idea to most. But NOT if they are wrong about what's actually going on with erie canal safety, and ignoring the TRUTH that NYS Canal System officials are sharing.

3) In the case of Josh Jensen, he talked with Agte directly (to my knowledge) and decided to waste the time of the NYS legislative body by sponsoring a Bill that was already in process from another member. 

Or did Josh just look for a way to be a "friend to the environment" and ignore the hundreds of his constituents in Greece NY in danger of a potential canal breach issue?

That's EXACTLY what the NYS Canal Corporation spelled out in their SEQR Document work showing TWO scenarios of flooding in Josh's own district. These flooded neighborhoods are occuring MILES away from the actual breach on the canal, because it's a well known fact to many, that water runs DOWNHILL.

Folks, we have looked at the NYS Legislative Database, and a simple keyword check for Erie Canal in the legislative database would have been in order. This continued IGNORANCE and sloppy work by Mr. Jensen is just highlighting the continued sloppy work in Albany.

Still to this day, Groundhog Day 2023, BOTH of these legislative representatives, have IGNORED the statements from a NYS Agency, that the SAFETY of some NY residents & communities is at risk from uninspected, ill-managed, and unmaintained earthen canal embankments.

And BOTH of these NYS Lawmakers have decided to make it HARDER for the NYS Canal Corporation to fix the problem with their overgrown & unsafe earthen embankment dams,  by throwing another hurdle to jump over...public outreach to "OK" what most other states say is ROUTINE maintenance of earthen dams.

Groundhog Day for sure...Social Media is STILL crippling America...

And State Lawmakers are unable to stop wasting taxpayer money...

Meanwhile it's Groundhog Day 2023 and NYS Canal Corporation Embankment Safety is still being held hostage, because many people in NY Politics and a small group on Facebook still want to deny a simple truth...

No Trees on EARTHEN Dams.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: February 02, 2023, 07:22:52 am »

Understanding the Senate Bill  by Doug Kucmerowski

Senate Bill S1232
Requires canal corporation to provide written notice to the municipality in which the canal is located and properties adjacent to such canal prior to commencing work along such canal

There are Bills with identical numbers, from different legislative years. But a search on Canal found these.

And read the BOLD text because these bills will only provide a limited use, based on how tree removal happens

Remember that one NYS agency has already stated that every tree, growing on an earthen dam, is a danger to the safety & sustainability of that water impounding structure.

The question in the future will be simple, is this issue on a canal embankment an "emergency"?

If yes, are the trees or invasive vegetation the cause? 

If unsure, all vegetation needs removal to INSPECT per NYS standards... and that's already law.

Remember that NYPA is required to follow NYS and Federal Dam guidelines and they all state that clear dams are safer dams. If you can't eliminate the dam, then at a minimum it will need inspection and required maintenance to follow FEMA standards.

If trees or vegetation is causing the safety issue, then the Senate bill says fix it, no need to talk to the public, no need to advance warn..etc.

If its not an emergency or safety related, and the Canal Corporation wants to clear land, say along a shoreline, then the Senate Bill applies, but it's just communication, not a discussion about anything else.

There will be NO voting on whether work should be done.

The EEIP Guidebook exists to end those public discussions.

But the issue will be that "community threshold" statement in the SEQR statement, and how that's calculated... ie: Fairport community is 5400, Perinton is around 47,000. So how much of the community is affected, and how many of those affected are voicing concern, either on FB or in live meetings?

Ms Agte and her social media group may not represent enough of the community to matter anymore,

Combine that with the fact that her Stop Canal Work group has literally NO support from any reputable expert in Hydrology, NO politicians stepping up to stand in their corner, and they are STILL holding to their "denialist approach" that nothing is wrong with the Erie Canal, leave it alone.

And finally, Remember that the NYS Canal Corporation has already stated plainly that they ONLY intend to remove trees that are a danger to the public using their Canal System.

Waterway public.. Trail public... and the public living below their earth dams.

Here's the links to the two different bills: (This became A2994)

And here's the two main statements being made in both Lawmaker Proposals:

1) Communication -

Whenever the Canal Corporation looks to adjust property along the canal,  it  should be expected that they engage with stakeholders in the community who will be affected

With this legislation, the  Canal  Corporation  would  be  obligated to promptly  notify  local  government, with limited exceptions, when 'they plan on doing work along the canal as well as provide an opportunity for community members to have their voice heard  through  a  public  hearing held  locally.

2) Limits on Work -


Section 1 amends Section 42 of the canal law to require the canal corporation to give written notice to municipalities of any work to remove vegetation, encroachments and trees no less than ninety days before work begins and no more than one hundred and twenty days before work begins.

If the work has not started between ninety and one hundred and twenty days, the canal corporation can issue a notice of extension to the municipality no further than thirty days from the original anticipated start date.

The corporation shall hold a public hearing between thirty to forty-five days prior to start of work to inform the community of such work.

In addition, the corporation will be excused from public hearing requirements if an emergency comes up that could result in a direct failure of the canal dams or endanger lives.

Removal of hazardous trees will be included in the emergency, this includes trees that pose a threat to the canals.