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Posted by: Doug K
« on: March 17, 2023, 08:06:02 am »

It's a very famous quote, one that fits perfectly, to describe EVERYTHING that's been wrong about this Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook group from the very start of their failed attempt to deny public safety issues affecting the INTEGRITY of the NYS Canal System.

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid.

You may have seen or heard this quote on a recent television commercial about smoking, but it applies to this Facebook group equally as well. The quote has been modified by others, and stated in another way, with the same meaning.

The worst lies are the ONES we tell ourselves.

These two quotes center on the idea of deluding youself to the point where fiction & lies suddenly become a personal truth. That personal truth is unsupported by any fact or reason, it's a lie, fabricated by the person to hide their fears, according to philosopher & author, Richard Bach.

And no one has deluded themselves more than the Founders of the Facebook Group called Stop the Canal Clear-cut
Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 27, 2023, 06:39:34 pm »

Trees give shade, that was a reason to keep them from being removed (for public safety reasons), along the Erie Canal. At least that was a good enough reason to a small local group on Facebook , who are still in denial about the words "unsafe canal embankments", in a new Canal Integrity report.

Now, the same group says it's about wind or maybe wind protection, and staying warmer on "subzero" canal walking days for the leadership of this group who probably haven't figured out it just might be an "indoor day". The group now says trees can't come off 100 year old earthen dams because they stop wind, and trees affect wind after all... really?

And you can ask the new group experts... they are all over this new "wind thing".

That word EXPERT is a term used loosely here, after all the STCC group has yet to produce one shred of evidence supporting their preposterous theories, some of which are wrapped up in conspiracy after conspiracy. But now they have new experts... so lets meet them.

Kate Trubee Gerew states that trees will affect the wind patterns... about right? And uses a term natural forest, which is a stretch because it's actually an earthen embankment dam, used to store a pool of water, 60 miles long, for navigation purposes.

And exactly how does Kate Gerew knows all of this critical forestry & meteorology information?

Was it part of her training as a Performance Analyst at a local Life Advisor LLC?

Actually the experts say quite the opposite but that doesn't matter here. These are NOT "naturally forested areas"... it's a 100 year old EARTHEN dam covered with invasive woody vegetation... but that's not something this group readily admits.

This website has a nice read on how Wind affects Trees, put out there by Purdue University.

And expert # 2, Kathy McClare.

She jumps right in as an authenticating source somehow, but again, what are HER qualifications or where did she get her information should be a question asked by someone in the group, don't you think? Kathy is in the field of physical fitness, and appears to have closed her workout studio.

Not sure if Ms.McClare has any education in Forestry, Climate change, anything to do with wind-pattern shifting "trees".

So all of this appears to be nothing more than "substantiated opinions or heresay"... right?

And let's not forget Lorrain Parr, the local internet radio show host who some say should not be on the air. Ms Parr is no stranger to the ECNA, her off the wall comments in the past, have shown she's not the best source for finding anything remotely connected to the "truth", regardless of the topic.'rantings-of-a-crazy-woman'/msg2078/#msg2078

Warm Fish... Shade... Wind... Ozone Layer... Oxygen Depletion...  The leaders of this Stop the Canal Clearcut group have done nothing more than to convince a bunch of other people to "not believe the truth" about the condition of Erie Canal Embankments.

I know another term... Snake Oil