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Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 26, 2019, 11:47:29 am »

I am happy to report our Air Monitor sensor here along the Erie Canal, at the base of the Dam, reports plenty of O2. In fact we can go outside and

Mike, I was there when Ms.Agte made the statement. It sounded ridiculous then and even worse seeing it in the written text. For one thing, and just from an Engineer's perspective doing the math, the fact there are 328 adjacent property owners who have the potential to get plants along their entire Erie Canal Trail border I would almost with 90% confidence say that there will be just about as many trees and shrubs replanted in this Restoration Phase of the project then what was removed originally. We are talking LIVE trees right?

Here's the quick math, think back to those word problems we all did in our middle school years:

1) 42 miles of embankments in the Erie Canal stretch from Lockport to Eastern Monroe County Line...this is the area planned originally planned for Embankment Remediation. This is about 220,000 linear feet of frontage. But about 12-13 miles of unsafe embankments are under the temporary "stop work" injunction that will be lifted once the SEQR work is done, and that has all cleared DEC. Doing the math and taking off the those 12 or so miles in Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton towns and there was about 160,000 feet that was actually worked on in the EERP Project.

2) There are 327 affected neighboring properties in the original Remediation area, 199 homeowners west of Rochester to Lockport and 128 east of the city to the Monroe county line. Each property owner can select top or bottom barrier plants, and a mix if desired. So these random solutions for 199 people will cover that 160,000 feet of "Erie Canal water & trail front property"

If you think about the property sizes and dam heights it may be that many will chose top plantings as many bottom planting will be closer to their own property or even on it and better to have the NY Canal Corp own their "own barrier" for all sorts of reasons I won't get into here.  Suffice to say the planting of shrubs is based on diameter at mature height and if the mature shrubs were 10' across they would be planned at 10' centers.

3) Erie Canal has 160000 feet of embankment dams to be restored, divided by 10' plant centers, would mean about 16,000 plants if shrubs were used exclusively, more if larger trees were added down slope beyond the Toe.

4) The Contractors who cut trees didn't do a very good "counting" when they worked,  it was early in the process and there were MORE trees than stumps due to old dead wood lying around the ground. The Phase 2 Engineer's did count large vegetation and there were about 10,000 stumps that needed to be removed overall, give or take. Some of those stumps had to be dead of course...but that number of 10K is close to what large vegetation came down. The two companies can confirm these final numbers on completion.

5) So the possibility of 16000 new shrubs & trees being re-planted where about 10,000 trees, some already dead, were removed, does seem like an environmentally better state than where the NY Power Authority & Canal Corporation started... It does appears that the NYCC may actually be able to achieve a Carbon-Neutral position a few years after their Dam is restored.

Are you satisfied Ms. Agte?

Hopefully the STCC Leadership will stop talking about what was removed as it appears that even more plants will be put back in their place.

Please check my math, if it is correct, please check your logic & common sense.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: February 26, 2019, 11:16:33 am »

It seems the STCC admin are so busy trying to make mountains out of molehills, they have forgotten common sense.  Has anyone mentioned to them how ridiculous they sound, harping on about 'oxygen losses' the evil Canal Corp has caused. 

Miss Agte needs to concentrate on the financial losses she and her little (diminishing) group has cost the taxpayer with all her frivolous nonsense.

The Town of Pittsford recently flattened a forested area to build a new YMCA, yet no one has complained about that.  Perhaps there's some favoritism being shown by the STCC because the Pittsford Town Supervisor was involved in the frivolous lawsuit  against the Canal Corporation?

Here is her latest post on the STCC Facebook page.
Elizabeth R. Agte

I made a direct request of the CC tonight. We have seen the massive mountains of stumps, and each stump represents a tree that was alive and pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere. Clearly the CC has set the goal to only replant bushes and a few trees for homeowners. Those plantings in no way compensate for all the work the trees they clear cut were doing. I think the CC has an obligation, with climate change real and present on our door step, to compensate for that carbon footprint. We have been asking them all along if they are taking notes, measurements, documenting their work in ways that are scientifically helpful and important. They are not. The CC is appallingly lacking in historic documentation of what they have done, and why they did it. Our governor has an aggressive plan for a green New York, and I think state agencies should be doing what they can to make our climate better not worse.