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Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 03, 2019, 12:00:13 pm »

Maybe the time has come for a "showdown" between the ECNA with it's safety message and the STCC with it's Green is Good idea.

Let's see what happens when they are confronted directly about SAFETY of Erie Canal Neighbors and how they seem to not believe that is important enough to talk about. After all, it's my home turf, and the ECNA's view on safety has the support of Brockport Village Leaders,  The NY Canal Corp & the Reimagine the Canals effort.

If the STCC wants to come out to the Brockport Re-imagine Meeting and try to turn the conversation to keeping trees on unsafe dams then we will have a go at it.

After all, Ms. Maier & Ms Agte were the ONLY two people who raised their hands in a Perinton meeting back when the ECNA asked "Who thinks trees and squirrels are MORE important than the possible loss of HUMAN lives".

The whole meeting room at the Perinton Town Hall went silent when that happened.

But sadly not one of their Perinton-Fairport neighbors even made an attempt to say that wasn't right and they should rethink their answer

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 01, 2019, 10:36:50 am »

It appears the Stop the Canal ClearCut group (STCC) has found a new mission and it seems to be antagonizing the new Reimagine the Canals Task Force & it’s efforts to revitalize the NY Canal System.

First, one of their leaders, Ms. Maier, attacks the Reimagine Program because it’s not helping to “Save the Trees” that the STCC says do not cause unsafe dams, which is contrary to what the owners of the Erie Canal have recently reported to the public, as well as what the NY State Comptroller has stated about the condition of the Erie/NY Barge Canal

Then another STCC Leader, Jaime Meuwissen, posts about a new series of Public Meetings that will be held to gather ideas for the Reimagine Program partnership with NY Communities. Notice that her friend Ms. Maier is right on que, and creates a Group Event so people from the STCC can go to the Brockport meeting.
So one might ask why the group doesn’t attend the event in Fairport, where the STCC Leaders live?

Well what they STCC Leaders didn’t show is the actual announcement? Here it is… and can you all notice what’s missing… there are NO scheduled Re-Imagine the Canals public meeting sessions in eastern Monroe County

Here’s the LOCATIONS for the first set of public meetings for the Reimagine the Canal Task Force:

The Rockefeller Institute will moderate the community engagement sessions and help the Task Force analyze the data collected. The session schedule is as follows:
•   Schenectady: Thursday, July 11, 6-8 p.m. at the Schenectady County Community College Van Curler Room, 78 Washington Avenue
•   Lockport: Monday, July 15, 6-8 p.m. at the Challenger Learning Center, 160 Washburn Street
•   Brockport: Tuesday, July 16, 6-8 p.m. at the SUNY Brockport Cooper Hall, NY Room
•   Syracuse: Tuesday, July 23, 6-8 p.m. at the SUNY ESF Gateway Center, 1 Forestry Drive
•   Utica: Tuesday, July 30, 6-8 p.m. at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Campus Center, 100 Seymour Ave.
Participants can RSVP here prior to attending. The Reimagine the Canals website offers more information about the initiative, as well as a portal where members of the public can submit feedback if they are unable to attend a community engagement session. The Rockefeller Institute will hold a second series of meetings later in the summer.

The initiative, launched in May by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, builds on last year's Reimagine the Canals Competition, which sought innovative ideas to boost local economies, increase recreation and strengthen environmental resilience along the Erie Canal

Seems the towns of Pittsford, Brighton, and Fairport/Perinton (PBFP) weren’t on the list of meeting locations for this new Erie Canal program. Maybe that has something to do with the simple fact that the STCC has been “speaking” for these 3 towns and not supporting anything remotely close to what the Reimagine the Canal Task Force is trying to accomplish… a safe & sustainable NY Canal System.

After all the STCC is fighting AGAINST the number one initiative on the Reimagine the Canals list… Strengthening Environmental Resilience along the Erie Canal

With all of the recent repair work being done along the NY Canals these days, it should be easy for all to see that these unsafe embankment dams are NOT as “environmentally resilient” as the STCC thinks they are.

Those Reimagine the Canal “Safety & Sustainability Goals” will start to be realized once all of these unsafe embankments are rehabilitated back to new, which is currently being completed in western Monroe Country into Orleans County by the New York Canal Corporation (NYCC) under its new ownership with  New York Power Authority, aka; NYPA. Since NYPA has taken over the reins of the Canal Corp the message has been Public Safety FIRST, even if some of the public can't seem to understand what that means.

Sadly, rehabilitating Canal Embankments is something Ms. Maier, Ms. Meuwissen, & Ms. Agte, along with the rest of the STCC members, desperately oppose with their Stop the Canal group. Now it appears that the STCC opposition, combined with the fact that the Towns of Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton, have embraced this reckless rhetoric, now seem to have worked against them. These towns have been “avoided” in the Reimagine discussion as the NYCC has stated that “It is not productive to engage publicly with STCC”

Seems almost too simple to miss the reason why these three towns have been left out:

1) Before you can be part of a group to Reimagine a brighter future for NY Canals you have to be able to understand & imagine the Canal is in need of repair after 100 years… something the STCC and it's members still try to deny.
2) You also have to believe the owners & caretakers of the Canal System, NYPA & the NYCC), when they tell the public that they are living among Unsafe Earthen Embankment dams that need immediate repair and they have started an Embankment Rehabilitation Program to do just that. Thinking the STCC knows more about the Erie Canal than those who actually have run it for the past 22 years is

3) Contrary to all logic & common sense, the STCC & these 3 towns in eastern Monroe County, chose to fight against the Erie Canal public safety work back in early 2018, which resulted in their removal from the Embankment Restoration Project and their inclusion in the newer Embankment Rehabilitation Program rolling out in late 2019.

So, is it any wonder the Reimagine the Canals task Force is avoiding areas that “just don’t get it” when it comes to public safety?

The Erie Canal Neighbor’s Association has some advice for those on the “outside looking in” regarding the safety & future of the Erie Canal, especially for Pittsford, Brighton & Perinton… Fairport included:

You may want to insure the people you allow to “speak for you”, especially in the matter of Erie Canal Safety & Sustainability, are actually CAPABLE of understanding the complex issues at hand and do not simply want to play the role of “Obstructionist to Change”, which is what the STCC has come to represent lately.

Here’s a little "common sense" that still eludes the STCC & it's Leadership as well as Town Leaders in eastern Monroe County:
Obstructing PUBLIC SAFETY is never is anyone’s best interest.. especially when it comes to preventing a possible flood along the Erie Canal

Perinton & Fairport should open their eyes and recognize the truth... both about NY Canal Safety and about the Stop the Canal ClearCut Group