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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 10, 2019, 06:48:45 pm »

Some people said the Canal Corporation couldn't keep the new Embankment Grass mowed... no prior experience

Some people said that embankment grass was too hard to maintain, too much work, the Canal Corp couldn't rise up to the task.

Some people said the embankments are too steep to cut.... all wrong.

The Canal Corporation came to Brockport today to try out a new possible solution for Erie Canal Embankment Maintenance.. and no one would have ever guessed how.  Two Canal Corp workers pulled up and unloaded a remote controlled embankment grass robotic mower... I kid you not.

One person was there because OSHA requires two on all jobs of this type.. he helped pre-check the embankment, find rocks and field questions from folks using the Canal Service Road. He told me they are trying this new tool, a rental, on the tallest, steepest & longest dams they have cleared so far...and this robot cutter seems to handle it all.

Here they are trying to mow down a huge amount of growth near the edge of the toe drain.. note the "blue tree"

Now I bet some of you are saying... did you get a video?

Of course: here's three:

Here they are cutting the top of the slope

Here's a view running right along the bottom

And just as a reminder... they are working on embankment dams, here's the view from above

These embankments here have a 3:1 slope but the robotic mower has already done an embankment that was close to 70 degrees in Middleport area... it is 73 feet tall as well. Here's a nice Before & After of what this little robotic cutter does.

So,, no one riding the mower, no one in danger of a roll-over accident, and it's run by joystick like an RC Model Car by someone walking along the top of the embankment. The Canal Corp workers told me they are looking into a similar model with GPS enabled control, like how farming is done these days.

What a good idea, after all since NY Power Authority has taken over the Canal Corporation and the NYS Canal System they have been growing a fresh crop of Safe Embankment Dams right through our home towns.

In case you were wondering what a SAFE earthen embankment looks like, along the Erie Canal... here it is: