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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 16, 2019, 05:32:40 pm »

This project was not about erosion control,  where did Erosion Control come from? Isn't this the guy who moved away from NY State and now lives in Ohio. Why doesn't he worry about his own state's unsafe Ohio & Erie Canal Embankment Dams?

It's a good thing that the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program was about FIXING unsafe dams...that is what was done . Just an FYI...the NY Canal Corporation used the best erosion control known for safer dam vegetative covering... it's called grass.

Once again, expecting those in the STCC movement who "banked" on having tree-covered embankment dams will never be happy with the NEW grass covering these dams. It's going to be one of these reasons in the end that gets in their way:

1) Maybe the GRASS is too short compared to what was there, too much change from hundred foot tall danger trees?

2) Perhaps the grass covered DAM is too much of a reminder of the STCC Leadership's total ignorance towards public safety?

3) Maybe is the simple fact that the embankments were "clear-cut" for the safety & sustainability of the Erie Canal not "quick cash" like these folks originally foolish that was.

Who knows?

But the real question is fast becoming this...
Does anyone really care anymore, about what the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group thinks regarding the Erie Canal and it's unsafe Dams?

And the best answer to that question, for all NY State communities situated along the Erie Canal is this...
Certainly not those people working hard to make the NYS Canal Embankments safe once again...for another 100 years..

Get your earplugs, start the chainsaws, it's time to make more Canal Embankments safe in 2019. The NYS Canal System closed today, for the Navigation Season which means it's now OPEN for more, much needed, maintenance and dam remediation work.

Time to see what EEIP can do for You!
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: October 16, 2019, 04:47:52 pm »

Phew!  What can you do with these folks?

Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 16, 2019, 09:43:23 am »

So let me see if I understand this one...

 This CT Oakes dog walker, who is part of a GRASS-roots movement, that was dedicated to ignoring the "safety" part of a NY State Public Safety Project, the Stop the Canal Clear-CUT Group on Facebook, is NOW criticizing the NY Canal Corporation's methods of CUTTING the GRASS that replaced those unsafe TREES that were CUT down along the Erie Canal?

He's being critical of the condition left after the Autumn dam mowing, one of the required bi-annual clearing steps for safer embankments... do I have that right?

Mike, is your issue that this person is standing on public property, complaining that those who are entrusted to maintain this piece of land, aren't undertaking that responsibility correctly?

Or is is the fact that they are actually standing on a freshly rehabilitated earthen dam, viewing what most Dam Safety experts say is the only allowed vegetative coverage for this type of water-impounding structure, and is talking about what he thinks is wrong with the annual Autumn embankment mowing process?

Can I ask what else you would have expected?

It's just the continued "sore loser" attitude from a person who thought public safety along the Erie Canal could be ignored by a group that thought it smart to follow a Leadership with the attitude that "shade is more important than safety", and "unsafe dams were a hoax & lie"

It's what happens when the REALITY of fixing unsafe Erie Canal Earthen Dams collides head-on with the FANTASY that folks like CT Oakes have been trying to spread for the past two years.

Reality Check...

CT Oakes is standing on top of a 20+ foot high Earthen Dam that was just rehabilitated for the first time in over 80 years, and still wants to find something negative about what has happened.

Let him whine & moan all he wants. He has just as much right to his opinion as the rest. Sadly it also shows that CT Oakes has no thought to the hundreds of Brockport residents living below this 1500' long embankment... and no thought to those living along the dam, who can NOW say their property borders a SAFE Dam.

We've always thought the group fighting against this work was a little "off" on their reasoning. Never would have thought we all now have to watch them act even worse being sore losers. What's that saying about whiners & winners?

Maybe people should start to realize that safer dams along the Erie Canal is a Public Safety Goal...and we are all WINNERS as a result.

So stop WHINING so much about it please... yes I mean you people who support the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group, who can't seem to accept they used poor judgement in being so "dismissive" of public safety.

Those of us living along these Embankments and in Dam Hazard Zones might just have a little to say about your "careless behavior".
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: October 15, 2019, 05:13:25 pm »

It seems the Canal Authority can't do ANYTHING to please the STCC! They moaned at the idea of mowers with drivers on them, then the CC come up with a riderless mower, and it's still wrong.
Hey! Mr Oakes, the spikes are aerating the lawns!