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Posted by: Doug K
« on: January 10, 2020, 11:26:05 am »

It's been said that " The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste"

Like the Facebook Stop Groups post above shows... we now have "talking trees" working on a new World Wide Wood Web... say that 5 times fast.

Folks, this type of rhetoric is a danger to anyone who would think this means we place "tree life" equal or above that of human life. The video says that the idea is all conjecture, it's a Hypothetical "thought"...until someone records little "tree voices". Once again the STCC wants to talk about anything BUT unsafe Erie Canal Embankments... now it's talking trees. What's next, Whispering Willows?

Go and look at the video... imported from a country that hacks down ALL trees they can to avoid high Home Insurance costs

Wait... I hear the Trees calling from the Embankment Dams... they are saying... it's faint, wait...Yes, they are saying "Please cut us down BEFORE we are blamed for a New York State Flood, we are very sorry we grew on your Dam"

How many times will the STCC change the topic or avoid discussing the issue with Unsafe Canal Embankment Dams?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: January 08, 2020, 10:54:17 am »

I think their 'spiritual side' come from mushroom consumption!

Posted by: Doug K
« on: January 06, 2020, 02:45:14 pm »

Some recent activity on the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group's Facebook page, by one their Co-Founder & Leaders should have some scratching their heads.

Not sure what the message is supposed to be, besides their same old "Trees are Good" chant, but it does seem a bit "scary" if you ask me... Is this author trying to infer that "Trees have Feelings Too"? Certainly the belief can't be that clearing trees & thick vegetation that are making Erie Canal Embankments unsafe is actually one of the leading causes of Global Warming on our planet, or is even adding to it...can it be?

Where would thinking like this end up folks? Maybe we should never cut a flower again? Or our grass should never be trimmed weekly all summer? I guess we should think twice about cutting some Rose plant's head off just to fill a vase, after all it could be an Aunt Rose to the Tulip living next door.

Never mind all the 1-800-Flower disappointments or how many people lose jobs when the word "florist" becomes synonymous with "Plant Killer" and Valentines Day becomes Chocolate & a "house plant". No lilacs cut in May for our kitchens, trimming shrubs becomes a Felony Offense.

No I'm not sure where this stops but one thing is for sure...this whole idea of "plant spirits" does sell books, just take a look:

Before you know it we would start thinking these "Plant Spirits" are walking among us, trying to whisper in our ears that they are here to save us... in a "secret language" we can't hear.

And if we aren't careful we might think plants & trees are as smart as people and have "secret" plant lives too...past present & future secret lives. Maybe that daffodil in the garden was your old Aunt Tillie or perhaps that thistle plant is Uncle Henry... Really?

Just take a look at these book titles as well. Note that these author's also seem to validate each other as well... for profit of course.

Did you see that last book title... Plant Intelligence and the IMAGINAL Realm? What the heck is an Imaginal Plant Realm? Somewhere that plants rules over people. Is that Brighton or Pittsford NY? Maybe it's Fairport & Perinton? It must certainly be where the Stop the Canal group was formed and came into being. I know one thing... I don't want to go there myself.

Just an FYI: the LARGE vegetation that grew on an earthen canal dam here in Brockport didn't know what it was doing when it started growing from a seed...just plain stupid. It was a bad decision on that seed's part, as it meant sure death eventually. Those trees just can't grow on Earthen Dams...that space is reserved for their distance relatives ONLY - "The Grass Family". It's all in a book called the Secret Life of Dam Maintenance...LOL.

Another FYI: I also didn't hear any of those trees complain about being removed, or scream as they were being cut down, to SAVE our Erie Canal Embankments from a certain untimely demise. Nothing, not a peep... but the sound of chainsaws and "timber" may have drowned their tiny plant voices out. Maybe I will try to read lips next time... Can someone tell me which end Trees talk from?"

Maybe these STCC Leaders should spend just a little MORE time reading a couple books that matter much more when it comes to the NY Canal System. Tghey just might realize it's about inspection-friendly embankments, and the safety of the thousands of New Yorker's living below the earthen dams.

PS:I am also sure any Botanist, even like the one referenced by this group, would also understand they are NOT  Dam Engineers and wouldn't pretend to know what is best to plant on an Earthen Dam if uneducated on the topic of Earthen Water Impounding Structures. They wouldn't claim to be an expert in a field that they clearly weren't skilled at... maybe another lesson to be learned by the STCC.