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Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: October 26, 2021, 08:30:03 am »

Facebook engineers gave extra value to emoji reactions, including "angry," pushing more emotional and provocative content into users’ news feeds.

Read in The Washington Post:



THAT - seems to sum up what has happened at the Agte/Maier site for the STCC on Facebook

Lies, deception, mis-information and a lot of people led away from the truth and reality.

You can correct much of that here -
Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 18, 2021, 11:15:32 am »

We were asked once, by more than a few ECNA members & guests, why the Erie Canal Neighbors Association didn't chose the Social Media website Facebook as our choice for a webpage to deliver our message.

Our best reply is simple; Facebook will NEVER be a Harbor of Truth, until people who run Facebook can reign in those who try to use it just to proliferate "misinformation".

Evident by the sheer fact that Facebook influences have led many millions of American to believe that INSURRECTIONIST storming the US Capital should be called "patriots" by more than one group calling Facebook their "homepage".

Literally anyone can start a "social group" on the Facebook platform, and spread all kinds of misinformation to "prove their point", even if they are wrong, and pointless.

Many use it to make their "cause" seem like it's "honorable" but under closer scrutiny it's easy to see  that many just use it to try and create more and more division in our country.

The ECNA wanted to insure that our members learned the TRUTH about Canal Embankment Safety, as well as seeing what those who would speak against the truth about Erie Canal safety were saying, the reason for our STCC Forum Board.

And today I will present the best example I could find of the difference between a socially responsible Facebook page, and one that maybe isn't as prudent on being truthful, or social.

I found this About Statement on a recent page I visited on Facebook... take a look. It shows how far some groups have to go in order to reign in the vitriol behavior on Facebook and how important it is to stop the spread of MISINFORMATION on the Facebook Platform.

I have shaded the Group's name to insure their privacy, but you may find out later in this post who they are. This group's Facebook has well over Ten Thousand visitors who check in regularly

Now compare that to the Facebook Group calling themselves the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group... here's their about page.

Yes, two rules: Be Kind & Courteous and Keep the Conversation on Topic...

Nothing about truth, nothing about accuracy of information, be nice... don't stray from what the Group's Leaders want to discuss.

It might sound good enough, but only if the group's leaders actually followed those rules... which they don't.

Here's a little clip of the banter going on about "Columbus" who somehow factors in to the Erie Canal Embankment Debate.

And what's most remarkable, the Co-Founder is the one who takes this all "off topic" when a new MEMBER of the group tries to correct her.

That's about par for this group though, the founders often haggle with members who oppose their opinions, in fact more than one has been booted out of the group as a result of "non-compliance" with the "group thought".

It's OK to debate, be kind and courteous... hogwash.

The group leaders spend most of their time either bashing the Canal Corporation, the NY Power Authority or whoever their politician of choice happens to be, to ridicule that day.

This Facebook group has a STATED ENEMY, that's NYPA, and if you join the group, you better tow the line there... unsafe's all NYPA's "fake danger"

Never has more misinformation been spread, about a public safety program, than what has been "shared" by members of this Facebook Group. They openly deny the safety warnings about earthen embankments and have created a counter argument that public safety isn't a problem, but taking trees away will create an environmental disaster.

Of course the Canal Corporation is saying that leaving trees is a recipe for a breach & flood, a bigger environmental disaster no doubt.

It's misinformation followed by, conspiracy theories and then denial with a good helping of distraction, the recipe of a Facebook group called Stop The Canal Clear-cut.

They must all be "Canal Patriots", just ask one cares more than they do, not even the owners of the Canal System who are only trying to repair

Go read a bit more about what this group is saying here about public safety, the Canal, and what they are not telling members:'s-ten-cents-worth!/

This group's "about page" is NOT AT ALL like that first Facebook Group's ABOUT statement I shared, and the message of NOT spreading misinformation and malice. I bet you can't guess who is so concerned about misinformation on their Facebook page site, that they have a stronger message about it than either Facebook corporate or the STCC group.

Who was the group who posted to be truthful, kind and non-biased? Who said keep politics out of it, and religion too?

Well go and take a look folks, you waited patiently.

Maybe that's why we never see Ms Agte write anything on the Official NYS Canal Website on Facebook?