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Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 16, 2021, 11:24:39 am »

It's been almost TWO weeks now, since the NYS Canal Corporation released their new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP) website. It has already had a few major changes made, to content, pictures, and information provided to Erie Canal Communities on their Earthen Dam Safety Program

And the public release of that new VISUAL & FACT-BASED website, has all but shut the conversation down inside a Facebook Group that has been opposing the Canal's Embankment Safety program with misinformation and "fake-facts".

Here's the most recent banter by the Group's founder, Ms E. Agte, and a few of the members who still haven't come to their senses and left this "conspiracy-riddled" group.

And at the bottom of the comments shown below, you can see images from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut page on Google.

It's not hard to wonder why this STCC Group's Founders are so upset by the new EEIP website, especially when you compare the two EEIP websites side by side. Here's a look at what has them so upset... which is only the REAL FACTS and TRUTH about Erie Canal Safety in New York State

Note just how VISUAL this new Embankment Integrity website is compared to the original website. The original was basically ALL TEXT, and some links to documents that showed images of unsafe dams, and those that were repaired.

Even the new EEIP FAQ page, Frequently Asked Questions, has changed, with direct links to answers, and more supporting evidence that Trees to NOT belong on Earthen Embankment Dams.

The Canal Corporation has even declared publicly, that one bit of FALSE information being spread on Facebook, is untrue... Canal Embankments are NOT LEVEES!!!

So it's no wonder that Ms. Agte is upset, after all, the Canal Corporation just told the 1000 members in her Facebook clan that they are all "wet" on what they believe about Canal Embankments, and that their "leadership" has led them the wrong way.

Well, that is if those people truly care about the sustainability and safety of the NYS Canal System and communities living below.


It's not about shade...
It's not a "clear-cut" event...
It's not about levees or leaves...

It is about making the treasured, historic, Erie Canal System in New York State, safer, for the next century.

Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 04, 2021, 09:29:31 am »

It's no secret that this Perinton Facebook group does not like the Canal Corporation, or it's Safety Program that was just rebranded with a new webpage.

But the mis-information and denialism has taken a new form today... and the Founders of this group are upset that their Bully posts were called out.

Of course member Julia Deal actually spells out what makes this Facebook group "work" - SARCASM & EXAGGERATION.

So it's no wonder they have been called out lately.

Of course in true Denialist behavior the group starts their banter again... here's more of what they are saying...

And still more, showing their displeasure with the new Canal Integrity website, and of course using the Denialist Top 5 methods to achieve their desired goal

And what exactly are the TOP 5 methods used by Denialist you ask? Well read them, and see if you don't see the same thing happening in this Perinton Facebook Group

And this latest post has to be the winner... Now this Facebook Group is saying the Canal Corporation are "rapist"... very troubling

It looks like the new Canal Integrity Website, from the NYS Canal Corporation, has done the trick...

Facebook management is NOW seeing just how much this STCC group has been lying, distorting the truth, bullying it's membership, and creating a sickening cloud of MISINFORMATION throughout Perinton, Pittsford and Fairport. I imagine that more of these members will be reported over the next few days, as they whine and cry about the truth they still want to DENY about Erie Canal Safety.

Let's wait and see...

Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 03, 2021, 09:40:29 pm »

This was inevitable as they say... It's a real problem when old sayings come back to bite you. File this under " Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS!!

The New Canal Integrity Website is not being received well, in the ranks of the Facebook Group formally known as Stop the Canal Clear-Cut. In fact that starts at the top, with the group's Co-Founder, who blasted the NYS Canal Corporation only hours after seeing their new web DOMAIN dedicated to all things about Canal Integrity & Safety.

Of course you will NOT find anyone, including Ms. Agte, talking about that Royalton Sinkhole Failure on an Embankment just west of Middleport, from that same new website. That's because it's pretty bad news, and basically a death blow to the statements from this Facebook group, claiming nothing is "wrong" with the embankments. They call it fear-mongering. And you won't see any mention of safety, in this rant, or the comments that follow.

You can view that Embankment sinkhole failure video here:

Take a look at what Agte's Facebook has to say about the new Canal Website -

And just to be clear... this is nothing new from members of this group, who can't seem to figure out they are being led by a pair of Facebook users who are simply Denialist. They have used all the "tricks" and of course, prey on other's who want to form their Facebook Denialist Group... this time targeting Public Safety and the Erie Canal.

You read and decide, you are all smart people.

Afterall, you ended up here, at this Forum,seeking the truth about Canal Embankment Safety

What else can be said... it's Facebook. Not the best place to find Truth.

And maybe, just maybe, some in that Facebook group might read this and finally figure out who they are following, and why what these leaders are saying, just doesn't make sense anymore.