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Posted by: Doug K
« on: September 06, 2022, 01:21:36 pm »

Once again it's Ms. Maier setting the table so her Facebook minions can say how bad people treat canals, this time it's in California and the bad guy is "solar panels". And of course NO ONE in the group bothered to look past the "headline" and started to tear apart the idea as "bad for the environment", will have "negative impact" on aquatic life. It will suppress the growth of vegetation in and around the canals, which the group is firmly against in all forms.

Even if irrigation canals in California are meant to be cleared & maintained for water quality reasons.

I guess Virginia Maier wanted to "infer" that perhaps solar panels are destined to cover the Erie Canal one day...who knows why she would post a link to this article about California canals and the hunt for more efficient ways to save water and create power. But right on cue the banter starts on her little Facebook Group, about how it's all wrong.

Of course they should have reviewed the links that show ALL INITIAL ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES WERE DONE, and of course found NO issues that were worth noting and a Negative Declaration will be made regarding this new project and idea.

You can read the entire Environmental Study here but the page that matters most is shown below.

Of course Ms. Maier (and her group) will simply ignore the California SEQR Environmental Study that stated this Nexus Solar Panel Project is the right thing to do for energy conservation and also will improve canal irrigation efficiency. Yes, Virginia and her pal Elizabeth will ignore the California SEQR pretty much the same as they BOTH refuse to accept the NYS SEQR Environmental Study on Erie Canal Embankment Integrity work, that was done by NYPA and the NYS Canal Corporation.

This Facebook group has denied the truth about Canal Environmental Issues all along, why would they pay any attention to what California says about it?

Nope, there is no issue with "dead fish" as a result of solar panels. And the panels don't "float" on the water as one STCC member stated. And there is NO ISSUE with insects being able to get a drink of water from the canal either. I have to say one thing...that is always true about this group.

It seems like one person in this Facebook group creates some new "truth" and another will say how smart they are, and have all the answers, while some just chime in their approval of all this misinformation.

I suppose this latest denial will just feed the next conspiracy theory from this Facebook STCC group.

Say, did you hear? The New York Power Authority is going to cover the entire Erie Canal with Solar Panels?

Just ask Ginny Maier's Facebook Group, they know everything...