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Posted by: Doug K
« on: March 28, 2019, 01:54:54 pm »


Good point...missed that one. Thanks for your wisdom
Posted by: Erie Canaller
« on: March 28, 2019, 12:47:42 pm »

Two hundred views of this post and no one replied? Seems like someone should have said this post can't be far from the truth,unless all 200 people were her friends. With the way she mentioned this Caswell person, I can't imagine that's the case.

Maybe i am missing something because I'm new here, but why is Gouldthorpe's discussion about who was in the canal safety video in Perinton and not about the content of the video that says the embankments are unsafe & need repair. That seems like pretty basic stuff regarding this work from what i read on your forum board. It doesn't appear this stop the canal work group gets that idea, is that it?

Don't they know that people never sue those who work to improve safety, only those who don't. Just look at all the recalls we have in the US.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:07:51 pm »

It appears the recent NY Canal Corporation video directed specifically at the Town of Perinton, regarding the Embankment Dam repairs, has ruffled some feathers within the Stop the Clear Cut Leadership ranks. After Virginia Maier posted a link to the Canal Corp YouTube video on the STCC Facebook Page, the comments started coming in.

Here's the video link from NY Canal's YouTube Page, Take a look and see what you think:

And here's what one of the "key" STCC's Leaders thinks after viewing the video:

Janice Gouldthorpe:
Friends from the west side were in attendance during the making of this video. And Mike Caswell. Wonder why you or Elizabeth were not made aware. Hmmm. Could it be that the area they are looking at is actually a swamp - irrespective of whether the canal is there or not?

Kevin Gallagher:
They mixed west and east footage

The attitude of the STCC leadership is, and has always been a bit mixed up as many have come to see.

So now Ms. Gouldthorpe is once again doing that old STCC "magic" and accusing the Video Producer's, the NY Canal Corporation & the folks shown in the video of "intentionally trying to deceive the public" because she herself can't understand how promotional videos might be produced. The Mayor of Brockport, and group walked the mile from the village eastward as the embankments are about 20-25' in that area and lower lands are often underwater. There was also video shot IN PERINTON, of course. since the video was FOR PERINTON.

Thank God someone in their ranks, Mr. Gallagher, saw what most did... the video included sections done in Brockport in the beginning and the later sequence was shot at the NY Parks n Trails Oxbow Loop, which is used quite often by local news. In fact Channel 8 regularly shows that Oxbow Lake trail when they talk about the Embankment Remediation work being done.

Too bad the "real" Embankment Dam, that is currently unsafe, is about 300' further west looming over Crystal Springs neighborhoods and covered with large woody vegetation that we all now know is killing these earthen structures. It never makes the news because it's impossible to inspect that Dam, or walk it.

Maybe what irked Ms. Gouldthorpe more was the fact the Mike Caswell (of the ECNA) was in the video as was mentioned in her Facebook post.

Mike Caswell, a ECNA neighbor who also lives directly on the Erie Canal, was interviewed by the Canal Corporation in the making of this Perinton video as he is the current NY Parks & Trails Adopt a Trail Program Sponsor for the Oxbow "loop" as it's known, right in the Perinton area. Mike is also the co-founder of the Erie Canal Neighbor's Association putting up this Forum and the main ECNA website at

That's not all, he also runs a popular website called The Oxbow Blog which shares the rich history of this rather unique feature of the Erie Canal.. a portion that runs both North & South twice within a few miles.

And yes Mike also has been a staunch opponent of everything the STCC stands for and the leaders of the STCC are his neighbors, some "used to be" friends as Mike will tell you. In the Eastside of Rochester, where the STCC dedicated itself to stopping safety work Mr. Caswell has been one of the lone voices trying to get people to listen to "common sense".

Here's Mike's Oxbow Blog site for those interested in Erie Canal history and Life -->

Whatever the reason is for Ms. Gouldthorpe's unfounded claim of "video foul", it's obvious that the "three legged stool" that once supported the STCC has lost a leg and it's now become a balancing act of discredit & denial.. they have lost the ability to "deceive" the public like they have in the past. The Canal Corporation has gone to great lengths to insure the public, that includes the STCC "non-believers", with enough facts & information on the Erie Canal Embankment Projects so that they can make their own minds up now.

And the smart ones did make up their minds and now understand that the STCC, led by Agte, Gouldthorpe, Maier, & Miller, appear to be working hard to keep poking holes  in the Dams, rather than helping to create a safe, environmentally conscious solution to address an aging and unsafe waterway system.

Sadly, some in our community will never accept some changes, even if those are being made for their own protection.