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Posted by: Doug K
« on: April 01, 2019, 11:03:31 am »

Sorry... we tried to let everyone know, even put a few polls up to gauge public the end this decision was one that made the most sense to Mike & I. The issue from the beginning with the STCC group has been the same... they are spreading lies and no one seems to care.

So we thought the ECNA should step in to correct that issue.

Of course, now we realize that nothing the STCC can do will stop a Dam Safety program dedicated to insure Federal Dam Guidelines are met.

They STCC has only survived because 3 Town leaders in the Rochester area gave this misguided group an audience. These leaders had a momentary lapse of "wishful thinking" if they believed that fighting against a public safety initiative would ever work. These Town Official all had a massive error in judgement if they think the Canal Corporation could be "swayed" to NOT comply with Federal Dam Safety Laws because a group of "tree-huggers" tried to convince them there wasn't "really" any Unsafe Erie Canal Embankments.

Maybe these Town Leaders should've noticed that the trees being "hugged" were the very ones causing the unsafe dam issues to begin with.

No matter... these Town Leaders, and I'm using that leader term loosely, will wake up, smell the coffee and realize very soon that they are advocating BREAKING the laws that were meant to protect the citizens of this Country, this State, and these Towns & Villages, by following the advice of this STCC group & it's Leadership Team. They will see that the Canal Corporation is trying to work in the best interest of the Erie Canal and leave the STCC to their own demise...fighting against safety NEVER WORKS!

These public official will do all this or risk being voted out of office by residents who are getting tired of the "fake news & false rhetoric"being spread by this "grass-roots" group who hasn't figured out that "grass" is the answer to the problem of unsafe dams... grass covered embankments that is.

As for the ECNA and it's "relationship" with the STCC...  Unless our guests & members come up with a way to convince the ECNA Forum Moderators that the STCC Opposition Board should stay, it will remain CLOSED. We don't need to give the STCC any encouragement to remain active, and we are only feeding their insatiable desire of "self-importance", if just to read how we show them the folly of their own words.

Of course they still "shop" at the ECNA Forum for the latest scoop on the Embankment project, or to find out what's new from the Canal Corporation which we encourage.. but it's time for them to go..  from Perinton, from Pittsford, from Brighton, from Facebook...and the from the ECNA... what's been said in the past about "bad rubbish"  oh yea.. good riddance.

Please, feel free to message us.. leave posts to convince us that there is ANY value at all to having the STCC Opposition Board remain. We are always open to the voice of the majority
Posted by: Erie Canaller
« on: March 31, 2019, 06:53:34 am »

Hey, what happened to the STCC Board? Is it gone for good?
Posted by: Doug K
« on: March 25, 2019, 06:35:23 pm »

Mike & I knew this day would come... inevitable.

The ECNA has come along way in it's first three seasons and there are hundreds viewing the posts we've put up here to educate, inform & hopefully amuse you about Embankment Dams. We've also grown along the way and refined the ECNA discussion boards in a way that seems to make sense from the amount of feedback we get.

Hopefully you all like the new look, the icon quick links for each Board and the Polling tool. That's why you are here... we need your input... Look at the picture below and then answer the question.. it's that simple.

VOTING on this Topic will be OPEN for only 7 Days

Voting is OPEN to ALL, guests & members alike. And when you vote on a poll as a guest you don't need to do anything special, no email, no name.. just cast your vote. Voting results on any poll are normally set to be shown AFTER placing your vote. We are encouraging all members to vote as well, please login to the Forum and let your choice, AND voice be heard.

About ECNA Membership:
If you are POSTING as a Guest, the Createaforum Security requires a valid email address, it does ping the account while you prepare your post.,We have been assured that your email information doesn't get used beyond beyond your posted information...please we want to hear from everyone we can... on all things Erie Canal
We would suggest you sign up as a member though, just easier to leave a post or vote, and you can setup your browser to automatically login I'm sure. Hopefully you will take an active role in communicating with your neighbors in a constructive way using the ECNA forum as a tool.

What's Next?
If you haven't figured it out yet folks... having the NYCC Program clear the Embankments isn't the end of the safety effort. There is still a need for a place people can go to discuss issues that we all now live with along "clean" dams. We can discuss issues here first, to hopefully talk to the Canal Corporation with a united voice if needed. They are listening to the ECNA now, as we have been helping get the safety message through, they thought that message was going to be accept because it's just "common sense"

Each of us has a very unique relationship with our neighbor, the Erie Canal, but we all share the same neighbor... and here's a place to chat about how it affects each of us.

We all have to work together to figure out our Emergency Action Plans for our local neighborhoods, villages and towns. FEMA's "Living with Dams" publications discusses many topics that start to come into focus as the Dams begin to appear. Just because the Dams are cleared and safer there are still needs to be filled like Flood Notification Systems... how do we know if there is an Erie Canal issue that might affect our neighborhoods?

It's just the beginning neighbors... many more years to go of Living with Dams.