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Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 23, 2022, 10:44:02 am »

The list of people who are finally understanding the issues with unmanaged, overgrown earthen embankments in this group continues to grow.

In the image below, showing several new group posts, you see even more people within the STCC who offer other reasons why trees need trimming along the Erie Canal Trail and from the overgrown embankments.

Note that some even have been told by their Town & Village leaders that the earthen canal embankments can 'fail'.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 23, 2022, 09:41:29 am »

It's almost unbelievable that this post has been allowed to stay. Mr Szweda understandably argues that the tree trimming has to be done for safety & maintenance reasons and SIX others in the STCC agree.

Cracks are forming in this group, so it won't be too long before they fizzle out!

Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:36:24 pm »

Once again that this Facebook Group is losing members as they speak up or post something that doesn't fall in line with the Group's Supreme Leader... Ms Agte, Sadly, Ms. Rose Marie-Therese has put a post up that wasn't acceptable, and is now gone.

This is a recent look at the STCC Facebook site, where it seems another person's post has been removed, right along with that person's STCC Group "membership card" also being revoked. Maybe someone can share that post with the group here, because you know at the ECNA the entire public is welcome.

If you happened to notice, Rose was one of the earliest supporters of Ms. Agte's efforts to delude the public, even getting her first posts placed into the Group's Announcement section on the webpage. She has been a fairly active supporter and has quite a few posts on the Facebook Group's discussion page.

I wish this Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Group was really "public" as is claimed in their web space, just so I could have shared what was posted that caused the ban. But only people in the public who pledge loyalty to the Group's Founders & their Movement are allowed to join this Facebook Group.

The STCC group appears to run pretty much like the White House these days, agree with the "supreme leader" and you are OK. If you don't agree and/or speak your mind, you find yourself on the "outside looking in" in a hurry.  This isn't the first time outspoken members have been silenced and banned, which is probably a good thing for them at the end of the day... right?

After all, how long can intelligent people listen to the same mistruths, from the same blind leaders, who are only interested in serving their own needs?

Bravo Ms. Rose Marie-Therese for whatever you said to try and help these poor lost souls in the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Catastrophe....

Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 20, 2019, 04:52:48 pm »

So if Mr. Mangefrida Jr. didn’t see something happen along the Erie Canal it couldn’t have happened? Really?

Well the date was May 10, 2008 in the Town of Sweden, just west of Brockport along the south side of the Erie Canal… that was the last time I think there was a woodchuck based embankment breach in our area…  if you mean the “western section”  of the NYS Barge Canal.

What do I win?

Oh wait... you want proof that I know what I’m talking about? Why didn’t Mr. Mangefrida or any of the STCC have to produce proof for their outrageous claims? Well I have proof… here’s a small selection of pictures I put in a collage...

This was on West Canal Rd, in the town of Sweden, which runs west off Redman Rd. There are only a handful of houses here and one of the owners saw that “fire hydrant” pouring into the basin in front of their house and called the Canal Corporation to fix it. I was called to photograph and video the whole thing by an employee of the NYCC. They wanted to see the repair from the road view... and I had access to the service road for this dam section. I have more pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them... let me know.

Here’s about 2 minutes of pounding the emergency plate into the embankment dam to FIX the woodchuck burrow leak on W.Canal Rd.

If you look close at the pictures you can see where they patched the hole up before they pounded those plates in.

I guess I was "Dam" lucky to have been there and see the leak, otherwise we all might believe Mr. Mangefrida who took a guess it appears. It's obvious to most that these animal burrow issues DO cause a breach if left unchecked. And with all the large trees & small bramble on the Erie Canal embankments that’s obviously not possible right now. Inspections in many places simply aren't possible anymore due to the thick overgrowth

People in Fairport are talking about seeing animal burrows marked and traps on Nextdoor Apps… please… do the math.

Having any animal burrows on unsafe embankment dams, that are impossible to inspect properly, is just a catastrophe waiting to happen…
Right now there are 62 MILLION gallons of water sitting overhead many neighborhoods in Fairport with Zones 57 & 58 near the Oxbow Lake area… and many extended neighborhoods are also sitting some 50’ below the canal waterline. One animal burrow there means 62 million gallons of water will drain out... as that fire hydrant gets wider and wider.

Time to decide… do you want to keep your unsafe dams covered with trees or not. If not then please tell the Stop the Canal Clearcut group to stop speaking for YOU!

And what does Mr. Mangefrida and the rest of those STCC folks have to say now? Still think these are cute fuzzy woodchucks who need a home?
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:43:29 pm »

The cracks are appearing  - more every day.
It seems Ms Agte has been bugging half of New York's bureaucracy to discover 'dirt' on the trapping of Woodchucks.

She's so wrong on so many points. If the bait in these traps is an apple or vegetable, it's highly unlikely a cat is going to be interested. Most homeowners backing onto these embankments are going to be pissed off with dogs running riot over their embankments, and people should stay on the trail, they have no business on the slopes. These are embankment dams, not some tourist attraction.

It's all so negative, and obviously, as usual, the STCC tries to portray the Canal Corp in a bad light.

But a Mr Cody Butlin, a resident whose property backs onto the embankment, has voiced his opinion here -

Notice Mr Mangefrida doesn't understand the comparison of a woodchuck burrow leaking water from the canal would look like a fire hydrant opened at full force.

And I have to ask, all the concern for the poor dead woodchucks from many in this pitiful parade of people, and not one person sees the danger of these burrowing animals in these dams - except Mr Butlin, and he's getting shouted down. I wonder how long it will be before he's banned?

I don't understand why no one has once mentioned the loss of HUMAN LIFE that could occur because of ONE woodchuck burrow. There are hundreds of small kids in the Jefferson Ave school, not a couple of hundred yards away from a 50 foot high wall of water that would flow for SIX hours if the dam broke in Fairport.

Notice that most of those saying it's cruel to kill these rodents are women. I find that really weird, because you would have thought they'd be supportive of ensuring the SAFETY of the families and children living underneath these dams.  Shame on them!

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 18, 2019, 01:26:21 pm »

I just went onto the STCC Facebook page and pulled this.   

Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 18, 2019, 11:49:50 am »

Well well appears that Ms. Agte is now throwing here weight around, she's given the dreaded "STCC Scarlet Letter" to one of the members who has simple stated some rather obvious facts... the STCC whines WAY TOO MUCH.

First Ms. Agte gives the entire STCC this warning message while "on vacation"...

It appears it did not have the intended result because Mr. Langdon responded with his observations  that were greeted rather negatively by STCC Leader Ginny Maier in the post you saw above from Mike C.

So it looks like the idea of "Truth to Management"  isn't really wanted in the ranks of the Stop the Canal ClearCut Leadership. The truth hurts some say...  have to agree but add this... it hurts much more when you have been lying through your teeth to save face...

Now we see this today... sent from a source DEEP within the STCC Ranks... seems the leaders are now ganging up any any members that don't "Toe the Party Line"... never speak up against the STCC Leaders or you WILL be tossed out of the "public" group.

So if you read the whole conversation I think we ALL would ask the same thing...

How can Ms. Agte claim that they group is there "to support each other's concerns" yet when a member speaks up, they are ridiculed and called out in the STCC's public space?

Where's the REBUKE for Mr. Mangefrida?

Why hasn't the STCC Leadership asked for an "apology" from Mr.  Langdon?

Seems like they have a bias here... two men say something and get little in the way of a rebuke.. but this poor lady just agrees with what ONE of them said (see Mr. Langdon's comment) and she get's a public "tar & feathering". Do the leaders feel threatened by "simple honesty"

Perhaps their BIAS is against the Westside folks who don't agree with the STCC crap. Maybe we are a constant reminder of what they didn't do... Stop a Public Safety program from accomplishing it's goals. After all the people on the WEST side seems to have one thing up on those in the Eastern side of Rochester... brains.

We don't let people who have NO IDEA ABOUT SAFETY think they have the right to keep communities & residents living below unsafe embankment dams in danger, by stopping work on unsafe embankment dams.

Since when do those who have nothing to lose if an Erie Canal embankment breaks, think they have the right to decide about the safety of people living below those dams?

Westsiders, have your answer Ms.  Agte & Ms. Maier... NEVER!

Sadly these STCC Leaders & Members seem to fail to grasp the reality set before them once again...They have stopped NOTHING!

They did MOVE five work zones slated for the first Canal Corp Restoration Project to the new Embankment Rehab Program.That program is currently 6 months into a 10 month long State-wide Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) that will determine what gets done and where, for the Erie Canal Embankments going forward.

All UNSAFE embankments are going to get the same treatment folks, there is no "second choice" when it  comes to safety.

No doubt many people in town will be upset with Ms. Agte  & crew next December when they find out they may not all get as "much" as the west side did with their repaired dams, like barrier plantings.

The trees will be cleared, the stumps will be removed, and grass will be planted on all unsafe Erie Canal Embankments eventually, having the STCC whine about the work didn't make these dams any safer folks... get it? 

But they Stop the Canal Clearcut WILL get what they asked for... a properly completed SEQR Form that was NOT required according to NY DEC, and also cost taxpayers plenty. And all because Ms. Agte, Ms. Maier, Ms. Gouldthorpe, and Ms. Meuwissen decided "they" didn't like the fact that Erie Canal Embankments had become "unsafe" and said "trees" were not the issue, against everything the Canal Corporation told them...several times... they just don't get it.

If you are a member of the STCC be careful what you say... the leaders of the group seem to have a "master plan" and it ONLY includes people who want to whine about something they can't control and shouldn't be complaining about.

The Canal Corporation is FIXING many unsafe embankment dams in our communities along the Erie Canal, about 38 total to date... the STCC cannot deny that, the STCC also does  not believe it... it's all a ruse to them to "sell trees"...LOL

What a JOKE this group has become in such a short time... With 605 members you would think they could get more than 11 likes to a "mission statement" about the group

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:50:32 pm »

Doug said   Especially with the possible liability that ALL of the STCC members might face if something tragic happened on canal embankments they wanted to keep "unsafe".

Oh! Yes, you're talking about CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE I THINK.
That makes ALL STCC members liable in the event of a catastrophe, doesn't it?

n. a fiction that a person got notice even though actual notice was not personally delivered to him/her. The law may provide that a public notice put on the courthouse bulletin board is a substitute for actual notice. A prime example is allowing service by publication when a spouse has left the state to avoid service (legal delivery of a legal notice) in a divorce action. The legal advertisement of the summons in an approved newspaper is treated as constructive notice, just as if the summons and petition had been served personally.

Everyone knows that the NYPA has said the dams are unsafe, so there's your Constructive Notice folks!
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 14, 2019, 10:31:44 am »

EC... Great Catch.

Mr Langdon seems to have been a spectator on the STCC site for the past 18 months, can't find any other posting by him that would support the cause of the Stop the Canal Clearcut Leaders. This seems to be his first post and it seems to show how MANY of the "so-called" members of the STCC Facebook Group have been turned off by the continued lies & deception of the group.

The ECNA suggested the STCC does a "reset" on their membership count, when they closed late last year due to a "mole" in their midst. But they chose not to.Our guess was that of the 605 "reported members" only about a dozen would signup again if they had the choice. Unsure why most of those members haven't left on their own with all the crap they have been spreading. Especially with the possible liability that ALL of the STCC members might face if something tragic happened on canal embankments they wanted to keep "unsafe".

I guess if they leave they can't view  all the "drama" created by the group, which is almost comical at times.

Thank you Mr. Langdon for your clear concise view of the STCC... from inside the group.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 09, 2019, 08:09:31 am »

I would be willing to place a bet that Mr. Robert G Langdon will be removed from the ranks of membership in the Stop the Canal Clearcut group before too long. Ms Maier, Ms. Agte, and Ms. Gouldthorpe don't take kindly to "constructive criticism", even when it's dead on correct.

And we just heard from Mr. Gallagher of the STCC, who says the STCC owns the Erie Canal maybe they will bar Mr. Langdon from using it as punishment for his honesty. Pretty bold statement he made, and like always with the STCC..." Sometimes the Truth Hurts"

The ECNA has long stood behind its accuracy of posting the truth about the STCC, it's been a steady campaign of misinformation & deception with these folks from day 1. Started with the lie they told themselves. We are really sure other members feel the same way, but have to remain silent for fear of being expelled.

All we can say is this...Come join the ECNA, and help the fight to Save the Erie Canal... let's have the discussion about Dam Rehabilitation, not just say it's all wrong for upstate NY.

It's nice to know that some folks in the STCC group are willing to stand up and speak their "truth to management". It probably won't help to correct the internal leadership issues, but let's people know the truth about the groups antics.... And it's a start of maybe more people telling the Agte, Maier & Gallagher of the world they are wrong.

The STCC has the wrong message, wrong tactics, and is wrong for public safety.

Thank you Mr. Langdon for your "honesty", a rare commodity in the ranks of the STCC... as you have so aptly noted.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: June 08, 2019, 09:16:54 am »

The cracks are getting bigger every day in the STCC.
Here's an interesting thread regarding the gravel being used out Albion way.