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Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 18, 2019, 03:07:43 pm »

And folks... once they fix the Trail on top of the safer dams it looks even better.

Here's a post on the Stone Dust process
Posted by: Doug K
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:21:23 pm »

Some people have said the changes along the Erie Canal are "too drastic", that clearing the Embankment Dams along the Erie Canal will be devastating to the flora & fauna. Well the canal does look very different out here in the Western Section. But most people, after seeing the changes, say very similar things... "We didn't know there was a Dam hiding under those trees" & "You know it looks quite a bit better now"

Here's what the "dam in our backyard" looked like in 1996

And here it is today...

Quite a bit different but one thing is for sure... the sunsets will change.

Here's what that sunset will look like in the winter time when they remove trees & stumps and get some grading done. Picture is taken from the embankment shown in the prior two pictures.

And here's the view with a little grass growing on the dams, and water in the canal... not a bad view and one we are getting used to... and the process to get to this point is about 2 years... so be patient.

If you live along the Raised Embankments of the Erie Canal, those being rehabilitated with the new Canal Corporation's Embankment Rehabilitation Program, and you don't like what you see... we have a suggestion:

You may want to put the house up for sale now. This is what you get with safe, earthen embankment dams... clean slopes and fabulous sunsets. If you don't like the new "open design floorplan" of the Erie Canal, you will still have to get used to this view if you stay. The chances of the Erie Canal slipping back into the horrible state it has been in for the last 70 years is somewhere between "slim & none"

If you don't like walking or biking the Erie Canal Trail now that the trees & other unwanted vegetation is gone we have another suggestion:

Don't use the trail, find another place to walk or bike... we won't miss you throwing your trash along the trail or not picking up after your dogs. We also won't miss you yapping with your "outside voice" on your cellphones in our backyard... take your portable phone booth somewhere else please.

And if you don't like to hear the truth about Erie Canal Embankment Rehabilitation we suggest you go elsewhere, that's what you get here in the ECNA Forum... the simple truth & facts about Unsafe Embankment Dams and how they will be fixed.

If you want sympathy for having your embankment dam "ruined" by clearing off the trees or invasive plants that are making the Erie Canal embankment UNSAFE, we can only suggest you go to the Stop the Canal Clearcut Facebook page... and maybe adjust your perspective.

We hear the STCC group is now offering support & counselling... but little in the way of truth & honesty.