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Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 04, 2021, 12:18:16 pm »

Just saw this over the past day.

The NYS Canal Corporation has hit back on Social Media sites, posting and tweeting about their new Canal Integrity Website. Looks like an active campaign to curb the misinformation that has been prevalent on some Rpchester area Facebook group.

That information halted their Earthen Embankment Integrity work for a short time, but they have jumped all the State Environmental hurdles and are close to the finish line on their SEQR requirements. They now have a pragmatic, systematic approach to embankment maintenance in their new EEIP Guidebook, that is found on this new website as well.



Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 04, 2021, 07:27:56 am »

Well as expected, not everyone likes the new website, including all the data supporting Canal Embankment Safety, and the way its being presented.

It appears that a small, insignificant group of "Dam Safety Denialist", on Facebook, have quite a bit to say about this new website, none of its good...but all of it was "expected"

Take a look at how "denialist" work

Posted by: Doug K
« on: November 02, 2021, 07:14:07 pm »

This is the new & improved version of Earthen Embankment Integrity Program Communication...and worth a look. There are a few broken links to NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation that hopefully will be corrected shortly.

In this video from the new website, the Canal Corporation explains how to spot both safe & unsafe embankments, for those who have difficulty visualizing the danger of unsafe earthen dams around them.

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 04, 2019, 12:39:46 pm »

Scroll down for the NEW announcement on the Canal Integrity Website, this was our original post when their site launched in 2019

Hot off the press, just uploaded in the past 48 hours... the prototype Embankment Restoration Project (or Vegetation Management as it started) has been replaced FINALLY with the new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EIP for short)... it has already posted the long awaited SEQR Review as well... SEQR is the required NY State Environmental Quality Review which so many have made a big deal over in Rochester.

Well It's all here to see: Changed the Title on the NY Canal Corp Main Webpage

The actual document SEQR is here

And if you start using the new Links you get these, each County, Town & Village is covered

And right down to the Maps that have been updated for the new EIP Program

I would suggest everyone starts with the Overview Docement.. and go from there.

It's been along time coming, and the Canal Corporation & NY Power have finally got this big Erie Canal Safety effort rolling and it's running on all cylinders... safer embankments and more scenic views are on the way for the Erie Canal Corridor.

Reimagine That...