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Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:17:01 am »

So now we are supposed to apply "wetland" standards to the Erie Canal safety issue? Wouldn't that by nature serve to complicate the solution for the NY Canal System even more? Why does this group think that the CURRENT rules around Embankment Dam Integrity & Safety are insufficient should be the question we are ALL asking.

The "wetland idea" joins a long list of others that seem to fulfill one purpose for those who oppose making the Erie Canal safer...avoiding the conversation about embankment dam safety.

First it was levees, then natural stream banks. They said the Canal Corp was selling trees for profit, now they should be growing them to stop climate change. And now they want to apply wetland guidelines for an area that doesn't meet those requirements. They seem to think new rules are needed when old ones work fine...

What happened to simply fixing Unsafe Dams?

This STCC Leaders posting shows exactly why it's not wise to follow the durection of those opposing this Erie Canal Safety Program..they are so "off in the weeds" so far now, that they can't the right path to take for community or public safety anymore.

Simply ask any of their leaders,  like Ms. Meuwissen, what the answer is to protecting the public from an unsafe NY Canal system. They will all claim there us no issue with safety, but never provide an adequate defense to that statement.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 14, 2019, 04:51:43 am »

It looks like Ms Meuwissen has FINALLY got it!  Is this an admission of defeat from one of the leaders of the STCC?

It's as if she's still trying to dictate to the NYPA, right up to the end! 

Good grief!

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 10, 2019, 03:38:35 pm »

Seems the Leaders of the STCC may have turned a corner... they have admitted two important things facts in the past day or so.

First... The Canal Corporation has NOT changed it's stance on the Safety of the Canal Embankment being of first & foremost importance. The STCC has seen the new EEIP Statements, that's the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program that will roll through their towns in Early 2020, and Ms. Maier can now see that the default position is the same...remove unwanted, unsafe, woody vegetation from all dams.

Secondly. Ms. Agte, who put the STCC Facebook page together, has now admitted that they are still relatively unknown, people who use the trail haven't heard of the group. So their idea of trying to sell tree-lined unsafe dams is right where it started... a bad idea that seemed good at the time.

Take a look at their recent posts.

Now the ECNA has said all along that you have to discuss safety of the Erie Canal & safety of the communities around it if you want to be heard and part of the conversation on this Embankment Integrity Program. For those that follow us regularly you see where that has taken us... we have the ear of the Canal Corporation. You see the ECNA, Erie Canal NEIGHBORS Association aimed to fill a hole created when your shared neighbor, NYCC, decided to cleanup their act.

The STCC, Stop the Canal Clearcut Group, was formed with one purpose...which never really worked right. The Project went on and they only helped to create a new PROGRAM that will expand the possible work done even more. The group was fighting a public safety effort, how long did they think they could hide that. With nothing stopped the STCC will fade away one day soon... the ECNA will live on to help serve the needs of the Canal System neighbors as they see the NYCC property transform into a safe, sustainable recreational green space... just Imagine that.

If the STCC would like to rethink it's Charter as group, or their Goals as Leaders...the ECNA is always there to help.

Here's some thoughts on your Facebook Page

Now Paragraph 5, that last one that reads like this:

We want to stop the Canal Corporation / NYPA from acting with complete disregard for the beauty, recreational use, and environmental necessity of this treed greenway, until such time as the views of the public, elected officials, other experts and environmentalists can weigh in on this project that affects us all. There is a better way.

If the STCC LEADERSHIP & MEMBERS haven't looked in the mirror after all of what has transpired with this Canal Safety Program they should. The group is right back to where it STARTED it's time the ECNA was very honest with the statement made above...

The ONLY people acting with complete disregard for the Erie Canal, the communities is passes through, the neighbor's living above & below it's waterline is the Stop the Canal ClearCut group... no other.

The STCC are the ones who say safety is NOT an issue as all, it's all made up.

They are the ones who can't understand the term Unsafe Embankment Dams.

Their Leaders are the ones who have withheld important EXPERT information from their own members about Canal Embankment Safety

Their Leadership is still talking about shade & trees, even today while the rest of us talk about Floods & Safety.

Once again... Pittsford, Brighton, Perinton and especially Fairport have a choice to make... maybe want to make a better one this time.

Like the STCC itself, it's Facebook Charter & its leadership our ECNA Forum Board called "Opposition to the STCC" doesn't serve a purpose any longer. Time to say goodbye...and good luck.