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Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 28, 2019, 08:42:54 am »

There are alternatives to Embankment Clearing, but most people will not like the choices...

Time for Rochester residents to decide the fate of the Erie Canal... keep it or let it fade into history?
Posted by: Doug K
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:19:46 am »

Reason Two? What could that be, what else could be compelling the NY Canal Corporation to clear these Embankments along the Canal?

Another Short Answer - Danger Trees!

Yes... it's Trees, trees that are making the Embankment Dams unsafe. It's not just roots that cause leaks, or the potential of a blowdown that could topple a tree on the dam and pop a 10' root ball HOLE in the side of the earthen bank... it's also the fact that every tree overhanging the Dam Service & Inspection Road, aka: The NYS Canal Trail, is a potential widow maker.

Falling Tree Limbs Kill People!

So what does NY State say about Trees, especially trees that have been identified as Dangerous?

First we need to understand what a Danger Tree is...

So this is also about the EMPLOYEES of the Canal Corporation who have to work along the trail, inspect dams, and protect the "patrons" of the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor that use the NYS Canal Trail

What does NY State say about Property Owners and their responsibility to clear danger trees?

Is this all becoming any more clear to you? It has to the ECNA.

The Canal Embankments are covered with Danger Trees. They are a danger to the water impounding structure, a danger to canal neighbors, and a danger to those walking along the top of the Embankment Dam on what's become a walking & biking path that doubles as a Dam Reconstruction Highway and Earthen Dam Inspection Road. And all of these trees have to be cut back from the trail or removed if they are growing on the side of an earthen dam section.

There is no room for's required by the Laws within the great State of New York.

It's ALSO required as part of OSHA to protect NYS Canal Employees... they have danger in their work area from trees above that must be removed.

It's also required if the Canal Corporation wants to continue to ALLOW public pedestrian use of the Dam Service Road that runs along the Crest of these Embankments for recreation use.

You see folks, it has NEVER been a question of "IF" the Canal Corporation will clear ALL the trees off the NYS Trail & Canal Dams, it's WHEN.

And when will that happen?

Well just as soon as the Canal Corporation can convince those FIGHTING against Public Safety that there is NO other reasonable choice for public safety with their SEQR Report.

And of course AFTER they ask members of the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Group to kindly unchain themselves from those danger trees they have told people in Rochester that we "can't live without".

Keeping Danger Trees in our communities is not an option, just like keeping Unsafe Dams along the Erie Canal is NOT an option.

Not telling a grass-roots group, or Public Leaders they are WRONG.. well that borders on "just being stupid".

Get used to it folks, this is what SAFE Embankments look like, this is what a safe NYS Canal Trail looks like... this is what the property owners are required to do to comply with the Laws of New York State.