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Posted by: Doug K
« on: January 15, 2020, 12:12:27 pm »

As I've said before... being an Engineer is a curse at times and also a benefit. Here's a little bit of information from the Erie Canal Neighbor's Association Forum... after some annual January house cleaning. Just a little "supporting data" for my statement in the last post about Perinton being the "Center of the Universe" for the new Canal Embankment Integrity Program... numbers don't lie.

We have 10 Main Forum Boards with topics ranging from General Information to NY Canal Corp Announcements. We have Forum Boards dedicated to the new Embankment Integrity work as well as the original Dam Remediation project known as EERP.. when Restoration was the "keyword". We have discussion boards for Adopt a Trail, some that help Canal Neighbors & Property Owners near the Canal. There's no more than 25 posts in most forum boards, with a couple exceptions.

We have 2 Forum Discussion Boards in the ECNA that are dedicated to Perinton specifically, where the real battle for canal embankment safety is still being waged. There is a group opposing this Canal Embankment Integrity Program stating there is no safety issue and trees help keep the dams in place. We created a discussion board dedicated to opposing these ridiculous claims by their nickname here.. The STCC.

We also have an ECNA forum board dedicated to the Town of Perinton & Village of Fairport that is a general embankment discussion board. It's also used to link posts to the Nextdoor Fairport app, where Mr. Caswell occasionally places some information on Canal Embankment Safety.

What the DATA says:
We have literally thousands of posting views... there is a counter for each post visible on this ECNA Forum App. What's really amazed us lately is that the two Perinton-centric discussion boards represent about 50% of all ECNA Forum views total. It's obvious that Perinton is listening to the messages.. both the support of Embankment Safety and also the voices from the STCC who oppose changing the canal, even for public safety reasons.

The picture below shows the Top 10 Posts from each of these two forum boards... really amazing. If you want to know what to read first regarding this Erie Canal Embankment Program.. these posts most likely say it all.

Go figure huh?
Posted by: Doug K
« on: January 11, 2020, 01:52:53 pm »

If it hasn't sunk in yet to those living on the east side of Monroe County, the thought that your canal embankments will remain littered with dead, dangerous trees is fast becoming a fleeting memory.

Time marches on and the NY Canal Corporation is working diligently on their General Inspection & Maintenance Guide for Embankment Integrity. That will be completed for review sometime in the next few months and all of this will make out local news cycle once again. Some will be trying to fight against the much needed safety changes in the spirit of "environmentalism" and others will be supporting the safety improvements that the NYCC & the State of NY have said are long overdue.

What will change is that the whole embankment clearing process will now be "legal". The group fighting against the work has asked for a State Environmental Quality Review as part of their earlier lawsuit and it has been done... those papers went on record in October of 2019. That SEQR review and subsequent documents now spell out exactly what has to happen... and why.

The next section of the SEQR form, goes on to layout the 4 basic GUIDELINES that will be followed as part of the Canal's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program or EEIP as it's called. This is what will drive any and ALL embankment work in the future... including what happens in Perinton, Brighton, Pittsford...and all other towns & villages along the Canal System in NY.

And the NY Canal Corporation has ALREADY stated their desired method to clear their embankment safety problems away. It was stated on their EEIP Webpage that was created just for this Integrity the request of both it's Neighbors, and those opposing the canal clearing work. If anyone is thinking that the Canal Corporation can shirk it's responsibilities of maintaining Public Safety along the NYS Canal System they have spelled out their plans very well here:

Now to the SUBJECT of this Posting... Perinton's Role in this Embankment Integrity Program work.

Well it's quite simple if you think about it. The original embankment project that was called Embankment Restoration ran from Lockport to Lyons but three towns fought to be removed from that work.. and did manage to do that.  The result of that effort...

Brighton, Pittsford & Perinton have now become Ground Zero for the initial startup of the new Embankment Integrity PROGRAM.

And there is no stopping due to Environmental Review's done.

So once again these three towns get to chose again how they receive and if they will accept public safety initiatives, being run by a NY State Agency, that is correcting overdue maintenance issues on one of the oldest man-made canals in the country. These towns can fight against the methods of embankment repair in ignorance or they can understand and accept that this is the only way to fix unsafe dams...

In the end Perinton residents can fight against a Public Safety Program or chose to support it, but remember...

The canal embankments are still unsafe.
The canal embankments can't fix themselves.
The canal embankments condition can only worsen with time.

The ECNA has only one thing to say... Chose Wisely This Time.