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Posted by: Doug K
« on: March 25, 2020, 11:07:40 am »

The ECNA Forum, like our website at , is open to all. Anyone can signup  to join, and you can look around for free, no need to sign up to have access to the content & information we provide here.

Even our guests can leave comments, if they supply a guest name & email address so their comment meets our site requirements. We don't have "anonymous" comments, if you have something to say, put your name there so we can start the conversation. We won't bite, but we will challenge you to think about truth & facts regarding dam safety or village dissolution.

We don't exclude anyone on our Forum because they don't agree with the facts or truth we post here. And we welcome the differing "opinions" some might have, we only ask that you be willing support your view with facts, and/or true data so that we all can have an intelligent conversation. More heads make better solutions, always.

Mike brings up another good point here about the Facebook group being run in Perinton & Fairport that I have to point out... their unpredictability and inconsistency.

The Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group does "sort" it's membership by the way. If they don't like your view, you get a stern talking to by "management " and they have dumped members that the group's FOUNDER thinks are working against the common cause. In most cases these poor members simply questioned the reason & logic of their leaders views and we're told to "play nice in the sandbox". One exception to that is a Mr. Langdon, who is trying to spread some truth there, but is a fish swimming upstream against a hard current.

If you don't agree that "nothing is wrong with the canal" please don't join the Stop the Clear-Cut Group seems to be the view there.

I asked to join myself, quite awhile ago, but was was my wife, can't imagine why?

What you folks may not know is that quite a few of the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut members regularly check our Forum for information on Embankment Integrity work, and to see what we write about them in this Forum Board. They may not admit it to each other, but we DO know they have been here more than a few times, "silent regulars" is our term for them. Sometimes they actually post on their Facebook Page what we have recently posted to our Forum or website. Could be regarding Embankment Safety Work or the Reimagine the Canals efforts. It's more than just coincidence and it's rather obvious at times.

But what TRULY amazes Mike & I the most; In the almost two years since we have started the Erie Canal Neighbors Association and our online Forum, we have never had one comment, not one post from any of the Facebook group on our website.

Not once... which is amazing when you consider how many times we have called out their Founder & Leadership for their fractured view.

One would have to assume that their silence must indicate something, right? If we are giving opinion and not fact that could easily be challenged. If we were distorting the truth, you only need to use the REAL truth to show that was the case. No, we can't figure out why they haven't tried to engage us in a constructive conversation about the fine points of Embankment Dam Safety & Maintenance, but here's a few "maybe's" that may explain it...

Maybe they can't defend their group's arguments & facts for fighting against a NYS Canal Dam Safety Program?

Maybe they understand that we will be blunt & honest about the false narratives they have circulated?

Maybe it's because they know that we will ask them how they can simply DENY the New York Canal Corporation's warning about Unsafe Earthen Dams?

Maybe it's because in the end they know they have already lost the battle, and the war due to short-sighted viewpoints that centered more on their own "personal" concerns and not for the well being of their neighbors & community?

Ask the leadership of the Stop the Clear-Cut group why they have to go two towns away, to Pittsford Leadership, to get any support for their antics.

The truth is that Fairport & Perinton leadership have finally seen through the STCC's thin veil of half-truths and has stopped listening to people who fundamentally have chosen to fight AGAINST a public safety project being run by NY State agencies. We started the ECNA for the sole purpose of pointing out this Embankment work was about safety and posted truth& facts to those listen.
And many have listened, to which we say Thank You, sadly some haven't and never will

Mike, It's really no surprise that the Stop the Clear-Cut group wasn't there in Fairport to save "these" trees. Those trees aren't as important to the Founder & Leadership of the group, they are not along their regular "walking" routes. And, after all, trying to save these bus garage trees won't get any of the leadership on the local news or TV. It's no surprise at all that they are silent about this Mike, because as you and I know, this has NEVER really been about "trees" or saving them.

It's about a handful of people trying to play environmentalist when they should have been "safety monitors".

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: March 23, 2020, 05:43:24 am »

The Fairport School District has just completed an $11.2 million school bus parking lot and garage. In doing so, they have annoyed their neighbors by cutting down THREE HUNDRED TREES. So much so, that there was thoughts of suing the School District.
You can read all about that here.

It's a sad tale of broken promises, loss of privacy, increased pollution, diesel fumes with your breakfast is quite unpleasant, incessant noise of engines, glaring lights on 24 hours etc. etc

So, while all this was going on a few yards away from the founder of the STCC's residence, one would have thought there would have been a rallying call, and the usual barrage of indignant STCC members protesting the loss off trees.

Cut down 300 shade and barrier trees in the village that are on flat ground, not on an unsafe dam, and that is OK. No protests about that.

Cut down trees on a dangerous dam 50 feet above a village that could drown, and they bang their drum, chain themselves to trees, lie and cheat, etc. etc. 

300 trees along the canal is about 1/2 mile or more of embankment.

It seems some trees are different than others.

That is very odd!