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Posted by: Doug K
« on: September 26, 2020, 09:13:09 am »

Maybe the best explanation I can offer, and one that should make many in Perinton & Fairport stand up and take note can be covered in TWO MAPS.

Brian Stratton's visit isn't coincidence here, he's been trying to explain SAFETY to this community, and especially to a Facebook group that has been fighting AGAINST fixing a public safety issues along the canal for almost 3 years now. While some may think this canal embankment work is about trees, it is not, it's about public safety to protect canal community,. people lives &  our property... nothing more.

And to show that the safety issue is REAL, Mr. Stratton can show two maps to the Village & Town Leaders. Both are FEMA Flood Zone Maps that show where people are safe and also where they might be in danger.

The first one is the 2008 FEMA Map, it is below and the one used now. You can check these out yourself using the links below

And here's the SECOND MAP, it's  the NEW Canal Corporation Flood Maps from 2018, that could easily become the ones used by FEMA if unsafe Earthen Dams are allowed to remain in and around Erie Canal communities.

So while some local trail users maybe whining about shade & oxygen loss with the clearing of unsafe dams, remember that those people are also saying they will accept the fact that many in our community will be forced to pay more for mandatory flood insurance as a result of their "blind ambition".

These Facebook Stop the Canal Clear-cut leaders & members may feel they are "safe" themselves, but the maps shown tell the truth... everyone in Perinton & Fairport is in DANGER of MANDATORY FLOOD INSURANCE if they continue to fight against a Canal Safety Program

Or perhaps this group & it's membership really don't care at all about the plight of their neighbors or the cost to the community at large. After all... it's a Facebook group, where the smarter people in this world have come to realize that many things posted on that website should also come with this understanding:

What's posted on Facebook should also include this simple disclaimer: "Remember, it's ALL about ME, folks!
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: September 25, 2020, 11:31:17 pm »

I find it incredible that these few people are very ready to get the taxpayers (us) to spend money on this nonsense, and fight a safety project.  They managed to persuade one town supervisor to get involved, and he disappeared rather hurriedly. It would appear our new town supervisor has a more reserved attitude thankfully.

We've spent enough money on this, about $50,000 on legal fees for the towns, and I hate to think of the millions it's cost the NYPA in lost time and unnecessary SEQR surveys, engineer reports etc. etc.

Messrs Agte & Maier seem to forget that their little courtroom 'win' was not really a win, because all they did was delay the work, waiting for a SEQR report, which has now been completed. So the stage is set for the final work which is to turn these dangerous dams (not my words - see the Rizzo Engineering reports) into a safe and easily inspected structure. Something that is currently sadly lacking currently.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: September 25, 2020, 11:21:04 pm »

I guess they all went to a meeting!   Sounds like Mr Stratton attended, and the new town Supervisor is considered 'less than lukewarm' to the  STCC.

Posted by: Doug K
« on: September 17, 2020, 11:28:59 am »

Now we know why questions on FIGHTING against the Canal Corporation Embankment Clearing made it to a Perinton Survey.

The entire Perinton "public" survey development process was tainted and biased by a FACEBOOK group of pseudo-environmentalist, why are trying to bully their narrow-minded views of the canal through the Town & Village. The group is called the Stop the Canal Clear-cut on Facebook, where lies matter more than the truth these days. Go read their rant, it has little to do with facts, and seems to exist to push the "opinions" of their two main leaders... Agte & Maier

This STCC group, like many who are posting on Facebook, have zero interest in public safety, or canal sustainability. It's not about the science and facts around Earthen Dam Safety. it's just about the LEADERS of the group saving face to members that are starting to question their message. The group has a very silent membership where less than 3% ever speak up.

And any member who might question the message of the STCC leadership is banned, and ridiculed.

This group continues to suppress the Science & Truth about Canal Embankments, Ownership of the Erie Canal, and who pays the Canal Bills...which is NOT taxpayers. And they continue to toss out any member that may speak out, any member they feel is not drinking their brand of Kool-Aid...

See this post if you think we are exaggerating the truth.'s-ten-cents-worth!/msg1279/#msg1279

That's why long ago, the Erie Canal Neighbors Association decided that membership is optional. We allow guests to view our posts, look around all they want and even post comments here.

But we expect the truth to be used frequently, and also rely on science for direction on public safety. We do not think it is wise to leave "telling the truth" to a biased Facebook group & it's leaders, who can't see the inherent problem with lying to the public they pretend to be serving.

And we also have never understood why this Stop the Canal Clear-cut group continues to do so with impunity...

Posted by: Doug K
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:54:54 am »

This survey & in particular the statement about fighting against a public safety program, seems to border on "criminal" activity if all facets of public service are taken into account. Perinton residents, and those in the Village of Fairport should be not only worried about this, but also should be questioning the INTEGRITY of the Government Officials that are behind this survey and this apparent 'public negligence'

First, the Town of Perinton is asking it's residents if they want TAXPAYER money to be used to fight against a NY State Public Safety Program that is trying to fix a known safety issue with Erie Canal embankments. They have put the statement out that they are willing to put ALL of their residents in danger of flooding, in danger of having to purchase flood insurance and all of this nonsense will use taxpayer money.

They don't believe the Canal Corporation's video about Perinton Safety

They seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be "protecting & serving" the public's best interest, part of their Oath of Office.

Once again it appears that these Eastside Towns that tried to stop the repair & maintenance work along the Canal Corporation's unsafe canal system were not content with forcing a State Required SEQR review, that has been done, now they just want to stop the public safety work simply because they want to, and also want to use YOUR money to do it,

Are Perinton residents sleeping on this one or are they just to dumb to realize the danger their elected officials are putting them in?

Maybe they will all wake up when FEMA comes knocking on their doors, telling homeowners they need to fork over $3000 for Mandatory Flood Insurance, because their own Town Supervisors & Mayor feel unsafe embankments are better for the community than safe earthen dams, and stopped the repair again.

Go read the SEQR report for this program, The Canal Corporation has been very clear on the topic of FEMA Flood Remapping if necessary, to insure public safety.'s-answer-to-leaving-trees-on-embankments-flood-insurance/msg1186/#msg1186

Is this just another example of that old saying: "You can't fix Stupid"?

Except this time that stupidity could have very serious consequences for many Perinton residents, both financially & with a possibility of loss of life

Not to mention that Perinton Taxpayers would be SUPPORTING one state agency bringing a law suit against two other state agencies... ridiculous!
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: September 15, 2020, 07:40:05 am »

Secondly -

On page 8 they ask  --

While limiting development may lower demand for Town services, it also limits the number of people paying taxes, because the Town would have fewer new residents to share the tax burden. Notwithstanding this, do you still support the Town purchasing more open space and thereby limiting future development?

Surely, this is a double edged sword?   They are going to spend LOTS of money purchasing land? and that will lower spending on services?  Either way, it sounds like we'll lose.

There is no attempt in this 'survey' to reduce existing costs. Our taxes are TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL. FOUR TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE TO LIVE IN FAIRPORT AND PERINTON THAN EVEN PITTSFORD. Something is dreadfully wrong here.

Perhaps we should merge with Pittsford? They seem to have a much better handle on frugality.

Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: September 15, 2020, 06:36:19 am »

If you live in the Town of Perinton, you'll likely have received a postcard requesting you take their 'friendly' survey to help them plan the next ten years.

What I find particularly disturbing about this 'survey' is two fold.

Firstly,  on page 8

I find it incredible that The Town of Perinton would take a stand against a SAFETY project and actually encourage residents to join in. Despite all the evidence that the 'lawsuit' they brought was to merely instigate the NYPA to carry out a SEQR study, which they have complied with, they persist in attempting to block A HUGE safety problem, which has been well documented by FEMA, USACE ASDSO, NYDEC and several other prominent authorities. 

There are hundreds of people's lives at stake, and they persist in this nonsense.