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Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 09, 2021, 02:35:42 pm »

Do the voices of a Facebook group, which is  located in one of Rochester's eastside communities, actually matter for an new Erie Canal Reimagine Project that will build a Brockport "Sky Loop" Pedestrian Bridge on the Westside of Town?

It appears that they think it does as evidence shows from the post you just read.

But the voices that REALLY matter, they were all together recently to discuss the GREAT BENEFITS this new project has, for the future of Brockport, and the Erie Canal as well as the entire State of NY. Here's a little bit from the story covered in the Westside News, a local publication that reaches most of the people that would actually be using this new canal overpass. They have done a great job capturing all the positivity for this new idea

Now, if you have been following our Forum, it's become quite obvious that this Stop the Canal Clear-Cut Facebook group doesn't like anything that is being done to the Erie Canal these days. They are actively trying to stop the Canal Corporation's Embankment Safety Program. Yes, they don't believe that the safety of the public is at risk. No data, no facts, they just "don't think so".

It's hard to say the words.. this group is actively fighting a public safety program to fix unsafe canal dams. But it's true.

The Facebook group also does not like the new owners of the Canal System, NYPA. Because the New York Power Authority intends to fix the Erie Canal and make it sound again. These new owners also want to rebuild it better, to meet the needs of their changing customer base, who now wants the Erie Canal to be more human powered craft friendly. Anything these new owners do or say, regarding the Erie Canal, is trivialized by this group's leadership. Not sure why.

The New York Power Authority is trying to save the Erie Canal, from a slow death of deterioration, anyone who can't see that has some severe issues with "selective bias".

Or perhaps the Stop Clear-Cut group is a victim of their own "preconceived notions" that seem to emanate from their Leadership downward. Whatever the LEADERS say goes, especially with this group, and those leaders say "NYPA is Bad". It's a good thing they are not in charge of things, and the people who matter were covered by the Westside News. In the end, whatever the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut group says, only matters to themselves.

Most Erie Canal Neighbors & Supporters have already figured out this group has NO facts or evidence to support their claims.

Many Engineers & Scientist would simply chalk this strange, erratic behavior up to the simple fact that the group's paradigms are off kilter, and they need a "Paradigm Shift". Sadly the people who are most out of whack, are also the hardest ones to convince that they need to "re-evaluate their position" at some point.

Yea, a Paradigm shift seems to fit as the best solution for this group right now.

And since I have been both Engineer & Scientist in my career, I'll leave it right there...

Posted by: Doug K
« on: February 05, 2021, 05:53:44 pm »

It doesn't really matter what the Governor of New York, the NYS Canal Corporation announces, or what the New York Power Authority is trying to do to improve the Erie Canal, make it safe, and make it profitable.

The Stop the Canal Clear-cut group on Facebook simply won't like it... just because they don't get things "their way".

Now it's how much they don't like the proposed Brockport Loop Pedestrian Bridge & Access Point.

By the way, the Stop the Canal Clear Cut Facebook group's way of "fixing" the Erie Canal ignores general Public Safety of most Canal Communities, ignores the overall Sustainability of a 200 year Old Erie Canal system, it also ignores all the science & facts regarding Earthen Embankment Dam Maintenance & Inspection and all Dam Safety rules for the State of New York.

Imagine that, Facebook environmentalist who can't seem to agree with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the Truth about Dam Safety...
Posted by: Doug K
« on: January 31, 2021, 02:19:25 pm »

Here's the link to our main ECNA website and the Reimagine the Canals Blog Page with a good read on the plans for the upcoming Brockport Loop... a whole new way to look at getting access to or across the Erie Canal