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Posted by: Doug K
« on: May 20, 2021, 09:42:43 am »

What??? Mike are you sure they could handle the intricacies of knitting needles and yarn selection?

You must believe that what the Stop the Canal Clear-cut members are doing now is "not constructive".

Their brilliance displayed with intimate knowledge of all things "horticultural", saying they know more than the professionals hired to design & install the current solution in Brockport

The group members constant debating, costs of the Embankment Restoration, looking at one tree and assuming that cost is shared by all.
(78 evergreen & dogwood/winterberry shrubs, most over 7' tall on OUR embankment section, certainly did not cost what this group is claiming)

Their continued inability to see the grass covered earthen embankment UNDER all those new shrubs and trees that were just added.

Even the constant whining from a Facebook group who didn't want vegetation removed from the embankments, and now is critical of the greenery that replaced that overgrown mess.

I am truly surprised that the NY State Canal Corporation didn't "enlist" some of these folks to offer suggestions on what shrubs to use, and where to place them... they claim to be experts on all things Canal related.

Just take a read of the latest "gripe session" about what else... trees.

Oh yea, this Facebook group probably wasn't asked to "assist" with the Canal Embankment Plan, or the current Restoration Solution for a reason.

Most STCC members are NOT neighbors, they simply walk the Canal Trail or live near the founder of the Group in Perinton, where Canal Embankments are failing as we speak... leaking, covered with hazardous vegetation.

And not one of them had an ounce of sense when this work started. They all stated that the embankments weren't earthen dams, that there was nothing wrong with the Canal System, no safety issues existed, it was all "fear-mongering" on the part of the Owners.

It appears that recent Canal Notices about washouts, leaking water, and the need to immediately CLOSE the canal in Spencerport, Brockport and Holley, draining half the water away as quickly as possible, seems to have silenced a few of the "smarter" members of this group, of course some folks there will NEVER see the problem... it's called Dam Blindness.

Don't you think their endless whining about this canal work is "helping" improve the safety of the canal and it's neighbors?

Because some people truly believe it is helping...and they seem to all be in one Facebook group

PS: Just to be crystal clear... Ms Donk is a neighbor, one street over. She did NOT participate in that Arbor Day planting she is now complaining about, back in 2018 when those trees were planted, it wasn't "last year"

And anyone who believes that "deer" made their homes on an embankment dam should probably rethink that idea.

And the deer that Ms. D is speaking of, have lived in the wooded lot next to our property for the past 5 years...not on the embankment. But they DO go to that embankment now, quite often.  They are feasting on all that nice green's about 12" tall and these deer now have more than enough FOOD since the Canal Corporation decided to clear dead trees and plant live grass & clover. Ask any deer hunter, deer will eat clover over a sticky arborvitae anytime.

And for years, neighbors heard all about Ms. Donk's garden being eaten by the same deer, who were there before the Canal cleaned up it's dams in Brockport

Finally, Ms Donk approached me back in 2017 to support the view of this Stop the Canal Clear-cut group. She, and a few other neighbors asked if I would help them fight against this work, and try to STOP the Canal Corporation from fixing these embankments.

I told her & her husband then, along with ALL my neighbors, that I would not fight the Canal Corporation on this work and the reason for that decision is still true today...

It's just not "smart" to protest against public safety work, especially when NOT doing that work could result in canal neighbors being kept danger from potential Canal Embankment breaches and floods. And I am an Engineer, we get paid to "be smart" about safety issues, especially ones that might affect 1000s of canal neighbors
Posted by: Doug K
« on: May 19, 2021, 02:38:12 pm »

And gets EVEN better....

The ECNA is always "fact-checking" the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group on it's claims and statements, especially from it's Founder and Leadership Team.

We have already debunked their so-called "experts", who were tricked into making statements about canal earthen embankments being levees.

We have also pointed out a few of their past postings where they outright made up their own facts, you can find those in our Forum if interested...

But let's look at that very FIRST post you were shown above, once again. There are NEW red highlights that show the group's Founder is saying.

AND you decide: Ironic or Moronic?

Did you see how quickly the group's FOUNDER took credit for a new proposed Bill in the NYS Legislation?

Did you see her "claim" that SHE caused this to happen and those pictures were "HERS?

The post was referencing some new Legislation being proposed to assure better communication between the Canal Owners, the community leaders the Canal passes through, and the Canal Neighbors who live along it. It wanted to give a voice to those who's voices the STCC tried to "drown out" with their rhetoric of "no danger here". And did you also see how fast the group's "brown-nosers" got into their favorite position and gave Ms Agte all the credit that "she told them she deserved? They all praised the work she did... but is it TRUE?

Did Elizabeth Agte, and her Facebook Group, convince Senator Robert Ortt and Assemblyman Josh Jensen to put this new Canal Transparency legislation through?

Because our crack staff at the ECNA looked up the article online, and found out quite a bit about this new Bill, including that it's already being "modified" to account for possible emergency canal work. It appears that the Canal Communication Bill has some holes in it, and some Erie Canal Work would not need to meet this requirement of Public Notice or Input, specifically the original Bill had no provisions for Emergency Canal Work.

In fact the ECNA also contacted both NYS Legislators, who have presented this Bill for a Vote, and requested verification of this outlandish claim made by this Facebook group.

Here's a copy of our email and the photo we asked them to comment on.

Yes, The ECNA did receive a call, After a 1 hour conversation with Mr. Josh Jensen, the ECNA also learned quite a few FACTS... real facts.

The new Canal Bill proposed, was NOT influenced by Elizabeth Agte, or her group, those words directly from the person who wrote it. To think a NYS Legislator would follow such a misguided group and their cause is laughable at best, and sad that some canal neighbors actually might believe this to be true.

Assemblyman Jensen is on the SIDE OF SAFETY, as this new Bill is as well. The proposed bill would only make it necessary for the Canal Corporation to do a better job in two-way communication with those affected by work done along the NYS Canal System. He also understands that some are opposing how the canal handled this latest round of safety work, and is looking to improve that. He fully understands that the Canal Corporation knows best how to do it's job on the Canal, he just wants to insure the public, and specifically neighbors, also know what is being done and why.

He also agreed that NY Public Safety along the Erie Canal comes FIRST, he agrees that the decisionmakers and those who run NYPA and the NYS Canal Corporation TOOK AN OATH, like he did, to protect and serve the People of the State of NY, and that PUBLIC SAFETY will always come FIRST, over public OPINION.

Assemblyman Jensen also informed us that Canal Bill, S6748, would also have new provisions, that are being written as your read this post.

Those changes are being made to insure that EMERGENCY work on the Canal System, for issues with water escaping, unsafe dams or from dangerous trees, would NOT have to wait 3 month for public communication and input.

It would happen as needed, and the NYS Canal Corporation would use it's current methods to communicate that work to the public. If a tree falls on the trail the bill as written, would require public input OVER A 3 MONTH PERIOD. so work to remove the dangerous down tree could be stopped, on a technicality hidden in this law.

There are many different kinds of work done along the Canal System, a law that generalized all of those, improvement, emergency, maintenance etc. would not serve the "public's best interest". Allowances have to be made specifically for any work that if NOT done, might put the public at risk.

According to Assemblyman Jensen, both he and Senator Ortt agree that work like Embankment Repair and Clearing Overhead Canal Trail dangers are priorities and NOTHING should tie the hands of NYPA or the Canal Corporation in their pursuit to keep all New Yorkers SAFE from an aging Canal System.

The Danger Tree allowance was something suggested by the ECNA that may become part of the overall update to this Bill, there are current NY State DEC Guidelines that allows unsafe trees to be removed.

So there's the TRUTH about how Bill S6748, and you can look up more here:

You are also welcome to call and talk with Josh Jensen to confirm the conversation between the ECNA and his office today.

But more importantly, hopefully you see that yet another claim from the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group has been examined, it's authenticity verified and the statement has been labeled: "UNTRUE".

But then again, what would expect from a group who's leadership & membership claim to be "all-in" for trees, and keeping them on along the Erie Canal Trail, then moans & complains about "too many" trees once the Canal Corporation tries to appease their request? Or that they are planted too close, or that they may not get watered. 

Again, you decide: Ironic or Moronic?

Maybe both...
Posted by: Doug K
« on: May 19, 2021, 01:56:43 pm »

Mike's Recent "knitting" Post on the Forum was enough to get me to post again...damn him.

So today the ECNA is going to point out what some may view as either IRONIC or maybe MORONIC statements made on Facebook, about the Erie Canal, by a group known as Stop the Canal Clear-cut.

I will leave it up to the reader to decide how they might view these different posts on Facebook.

But from our perspective this post will answer quite a bit about the group's members & leaders who are posting on their Facebook webpage. Of course the ECNA is working under an assumption that this thing called "common sense" will be applied when viewing some recent posts on the STCC Facebook page.

For those that are new, the STCC is the Stop the Canal Clear-cut group that appears to be filled with members that have little to no common sense. You can go view their webpage here:

Let's take this first one... you decide: Ironic or Moronic?

The Stop the Canal Clear-cut Group Founder posted this, it's the picture Mike Caswell referenced in his post:

But the same professed LEADER of the group, wrote a group charter statement in the ABOUT section for their group on Facebook. In that statement she claimed there was "No Danger" on the Canal and the owners of the Canal System, NYPA, were just "fear-mongering" with their talk about a canal system that had become unsafe, due to earthen embankments, overgrown vegetation, and a failure of the prior ownership to properly inspect & maintain the system.

It's all here in the Stop the Canal Clear-cut's  ABOUT statement:

You decide: Ironic or Moronic? Maybe both...

But there's MORE folks... keep reading.

Here's a few FB posts from a group member that has watched the Embankment Dam restoration first hand, behind his home.

He supports this group, and it's leaders, and saw a 30' earthen dam get cleared, OVER the culvert that faces his side yard. There's a red circle around that culvert in one picture. He shows earth movers on a steep slope angles in pictures, yet claims there is no earthen dam. He then posts that the Canal Corporation is trapping Woodchucks along the canal, who's burrows are a cause of canal leaks, which the group he's in has denied.

He even put up a sign on Canal Property to support this Facebook Group.

You decide: Ironic or Moronic? Again, could be both.

And now that same STCC member, who's stated there are no canal safety issues and the earthen embankment should not be cleared, suddenly finds out that a leak in the Erie Canal near Brockport has caused the dramatic water level drop in Holley, which resulted in some local flooding in HIS yard.

Did he NOT see that culvert in his yard?
Did he NOT understand that he lives below a 30' tall dam with a hole underneath it?
Did he not understand that Holley Falls is actually a Canal Leak caused by elimination of a smaller Holley side canal spur?
Did he ever see that the culvert in his yard was a potential threat?

Suddenly this member becomes a believer that the Canal is "broken" and needs to be fixed...after supporting a group for 3 years that told him the complete opposite. If I was Kerri Neale, and had put my trust in a group that can't understand the real issues that canal neighbors have...well let's not go there.

You decide: Ironic or Moronic? Hopefully a lesson has been learned

And just when you thought you've read or seen it all... we find out that the group's members and leadership is suffering from "dam blindness". That is the inability to see the difference between a LEAKING unsafe, overgrown earthen embankment and a Canal Embankment Dam that has been properly repaired and restored...

Just take a look at this banter in another recent post about a leaky embankment dam in Perinton.

You decide: Ironic or Moronic? Both? Neither?

Sadly, not enough is said by either the NYS Canal Corporation or New York Power Authority about their "canal public safety issue", though they are TRYING to make things right, fix the Erie Canal issues they inherited from the Thruway Dept., and doing it in a way that treats their neighbors with respect. It's a "hundred mile problem" now, but with a group opposing every move made to repair, it might take a hundred years to fix.

If only a certain group on Facebook wasn't deriding every move the Canal Caretakers make, actively spreading misinformation around the Rochester area, about trees & earthen dams, AND trying to CONVINCE people they are "right" about their view of Erie Canal Safety, the Canal Corporation and parent NYPA, probably could get these critical public safety tasks done.

Read the REPLY to this post below and see just how far these folks will try to go to be making claims they help create new Laws around the Canal yesterday.

You decide: Ironic or Moronic?


Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: May 18, 2021, 07:19:09 am »

Here are again, bored housewives, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill!

At least this Lori woman has acknowledged they've been at their nonsense for 4 years. Notice no trees have been removed at this site, which is probably why a permanent solution to this seepage has not been used. And since this neighbor also reported active water flow that was being measured, it was most likely a leak, not a seep.

First off, the trees have to go, and that is likely very soon. Then they can do more to arrest the leak.

All earthen embankment dams have some seepage. Its referred to as the Phreatic Line. This issue looks like it's on the toe of the dam, so not likely to cause a breach. And in many cases a toe drain is added at the base of the slope, to collect and funnel Phreatic water to the nearest storm drain so that escaping canal water finds its way back into the aquifer.

But then, I'm not a dam engineer, nor profess to be one, unlike these women here. Strange that these same STCC leaders claimed a few years back that these canal embankments weren't "dams", they were levees. Now the members are using the word dam, and once again the group's leader is the expert.

Let's leave this to the experts - get your knitting needles out and do something useful please.