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Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 13, 2021, 06:25:08 am »

Earlier in the year, we spotted a KOI fish in the canal at The Oxbow Fairport.  It was over THREE FEET LONG!

Obviously, it's been here for a while and flourishing just like the carp do.

Here's an article explaining why folks should NOT release their pet goldfish into local bodies of water.

And look at that NYS Invasive Species List...Goldfish are listed as either REGULATED or Banned Fish
Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 12, 2021, 12:03:29 pm »

Against my better judgement, knowing full well that a Facebook group that values the life of "flowers" more than their neighbors living along the Canal won't accept these basic FACTS, I'm still sharing the list of NYS DEC Invasive Species here today.

Hopefully there are others out there, who will read it, and understand finally, just how "lost in the weeds" this group and it's leaders are about the "environment".

Go look at the Canal Embankments, after you read the list,  the canal embankments are covered with plant species from that list, including all those danger trees.

Yea, people know trees are "good"... that's a simple message. But just because a few people start a Facebook group saying it, doesn't mean the statement fits the "situation" at hand...and this time it's about PUBLIC safety in and around Raised Erie Canal Embankments.

Trees are good, but NOT trees on Earthen Embankment Dams...

Time to stop the nonsense being spread by a group that simply doesn't like the facts, the truth, or the science behind that simple statement made by the NYS Canal Corporation.

Time to "Defund the Stop the Canal Clearcut Group" on Facebook

If you are a member...leave. it's the BEST thing you can do to help the Erie Canal continue its next century serving NY States best interest.

Please... Stop trying to serve the "best interests" of two ECT trail users...who want shade, and feel they need to tell the world of Facebook

Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 07, 2021, 02:21:28 pm »

And of course, the resident "engineer" of the STCC on Facebook, Mr. Kevin Gallagher, is busy trying to show why Unsafe Embankments should be "forgotten" with his continued deflection from the problems at hand in the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP), and the newly released Guidebook.
Kevin has had about TWO WEEKS to read and challenge the new EEIP Guidebook and SEQR Environmental Impact Statement. He of course has seen, like most, that the EEIP Release Package is well-written, covers all circumstances needed for Embankment Maintenance & Repair, and has provided adequate data and facts to support the work.

In a nutshell, it's a bulletproof set of documents that will dictate how Canal Embankments are cleared of woody invasive plants in the future.

So what does Kevin Post on the STCC Facebook Website?

More "deflection & distraction"... in a desperate attempt to avoid having to discuss ANYTHING about UNSAFE Embankments, their Integrity for the Future, or a Guidebook on how to best manage them.

Nope, Kevin sees fit to start talking about "all the other" problems and issues the Canal Corporation should be working on... as if he's the "Manager of Manpower" at the NYS Canal Corporation.

Yes I said DEFLECTION... because that is what the STCC does best... almost as good as they are at Deception & Distraction
DEFLECTION from their own incompetence to recognize and public safety issues along Canal Embankments

DEFLECTION from the matters at hand, like building a Guidebook for Canal Embankment Maintenance.

This definition/explanation is from our friends at GOOGLE:

What is an example of deflecting?

To Deflect is defined as to cause something to change direction, or to deter someone from his/her intended purpose. When all the attention is focused on you and you change the subject and get people to change what they are talking about, this is an example of a time when you deflect the conversation.

So... what is next from this group, who still seems set on making themselves look even more foolish at the next  EEIP Public Meeting on the NYS Canal Corporation Embankment Integrity? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure... it will be entertaining.

Oh yea... that statement from Kevin... "asking for a friend" that you read in his post. Quite unique, unless of course you happen to hear or see it somewhere else. I remembered where I saw it last, probably the same place Kevin did... right here on the ECNA Forum

It's nice to know that Kevin likes to peruse the postings of the ECNA from time to time, and almost flattering that he choses to plagiarize our work, but honestly, his tactics are old, and his facts won't hold up, when intelligent people push back from Bergmann Engineering & Management, and confront him on his refusal to accept that the Canal has become a danger, that needs to be remedied.
Posted by: Doug K
« on: July 07, 2021, 01:58:27 pm »

Just in case you didn't notice what was captured in the beautiful Oxbow Lake picture, there is a large stand of invasive cattails in the background. Of course that's nothing new for this Facebook group, who members seem to believe that EVERY tree is good, even dead ones making Erie Canal Embankments unsafe.

We've written about overgrown Cattails before around the Oxbow Park.

So it stands to reason that IGNORING any and all invasive species is pretty typical for this Facebook group and it's members.

Take this recent post... it appears now that someone in this Facebook group believes the Canal Corporation should do a more "selective" job mowing the grass between the Empire Trail and the Waterway.

The post states that these "beautiful flowers" should be saved, and it's a horrific tragedy that any should be cut.

One word comes to mind, when these posts surface... bullcrap!

Take a look at the pictures shown in that recent Facebook post carefully.

There's some Queen Anne's Lace shown, some OxEye Daisy, looks like Red Clover and also perhaps some blue cornflowers shown in those pictures. You might also want to believe these are all "flowers" and not weeds or invasive species that the State of NY and the Owners of the Canal Property, have already said "needed to go" for safety reasons.

So is this McEntee person correct?

NO! Every single picture this supposed "environmental crusader" has shown is an INVASIVE SPECIES of WEED.

Just take a look at the real TRUTH shown below about these four weeds, it's a bit different story than the Stop the Canal Clear-cut member painted


And Ms Agte, the leader of this Facebook farce, is encouraging other members to speak up, listen to Chris McEntee, like someone getting the Seal of Approval from the group's founder is correct & has stated facts.

The group is pleading for people to speak up at the upcoming meeting on Embankment Integrity management.

It's no wonder that few are stepping forward when it's so obvious that the leaders, and those who post can't seem to understand they are NOT environmentalist...not even close.

When you can't tell the difference between an "invasive weed" and a "productive plant", you should NOT be allowed to discuss the health & safety of earthen dams covered with large, invasive, woody vegetation.

Especially when the lives & property of Erie Canal Neighbors are at risk... those who actually live BELOW these unsafe embankments

Maybe not the 1000 words you wanted, more like 400.
Posted by: Michael Caswell
« on: July 01, 2021, 06:58:46 pm »

I guess it depends who took it!

Yes, Ms Agte took a lovely picture!

But there is so much more! The Oxbow is a small park, that was recovered from being a junk heap. Liz'beth and her cronies kicked up such a fuss about the clean up done by Boy Scouts. They moaned about cutting the grass, they moaned about the removal of invasive species.

They made the Scouts lives miserable.

Later, Ms Agte complained there were no flowers, no animals, no birds. The Oxbow was a desert, according to her.

Of course, this was far from the truth, just sheer propaganda.

To hear that she was visiting The Bow every day was quite the shock. We visit it twice a day and we haven't seen her there for months. Maybe she's avoiding me? I wouldn't know

Here is Ms Agte's Facebook photo.

She conveniently left out a major new improvement, because it doesn't suit her agenda.

See the difference? 

The bench is just one of six that an Eagle Scout and his crew installed as a project.

Notice the boat mooring post?

Notice the freshly mowed grass? 

None of these things are worth talking about according to Agte,

But this attitude is typical, after all, deceit and deception are the order of the day with this Facebook group.