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Posted by: Doug K
« on: August 08, 2021, 10:51:15 am »

Finally, the truth is seen, and on a Facebook page.


Trees on Canal Embankment are unsafe. A recent New York State Environmental Study & Report says so. These are irrefutable facts, and unless people can find some type of engineering fault in that study, this new SEQR Impact Statement will clear the way for more embankment clearing, no pun intended.

That new SEQR Environmental study was initiated by a grassroots group on Facebook, who Ms. Maier leads, and it appears they are not too happy with what they asked for.

But that has been that case all along, it's a group driven by feelings over facts, opinions over experts. and one that somehow believes the rantings of a few "confused" Erie Canal Trail users, matters more than the safety of canal neighbors & communities that line those unsafe earthen embankments that need to be cleared.

In that new SEQR Environmental Statement the NYS Canal Corporation has supported their past "unsafe earthen embankments" statements with hard evidence that says 1000s in Greece NY could be affected by a canal breach, caused in part by their inability to inspect the current overgrown earthen impounding structures. They have a new Guidebook to use as they go about the task of making the Erie Canal safe again. They have also established a Visual Aid of Best Practices to use in their Embankment Integrity Program.

There is some alarming evidence that the people most affected by possible canal flooding, in Monroe County, don't even know their homes and families are in any sort of danger from a canal, several miles away.

And again, the ONLY issue here is that Ms. Maier, and her group do NOT like what that SEQR Report says, even though they asked for it to be done, in an attempt to stop work in 2018. It has confirmed the public safety issue that the NYS Erie Canal has become after 200 years of existence.

And now once again this Stop the Clearing Facebook group and it's leaders think a "social event" can change the course of public safety, "rally to support the trees causing the problem".

The Canal Corporation only has to point at the 2 year STUDY that was done and say... It's about PUBLIC SAFETY, and it's all here for you to read.

The opposition, led by Ms. Maier & Agte, well they can say they don't "like" it...again.

But that can't say what they would do to fix the public safety issue, except to say they chose to ignore it. And so far that is ALL they have been saying, ignore the problems, let or Facebook Group rewrite the Rules, and lets not change our "walk" along the Canal. After all, it's ALWAYS been about Lizzy & Ginny's walk along the trail...hasn't it?

They care NOTHING for those who are in DANGER from it!

Posted by: Doug K
« on: August 05, 2021, 08:46:25 am »

And sometimes your "past" comes back to haunt you...

Found this on the Facebook Page of one of the TWO leaders of this supposed grass-root environmental group called the Stop the Canal Clear-Cut.

It appears to show that Ms. Virginia Maier DOES IN FACT understand the safety concerns the Canal Corporation is facing and that is the catalyst behind Earthen Embankment Integrity work. Of course this was BEFORE the comedy team of Agte & Maier formed in December 2017.

Take a look at what this LEADER of a Facebook Group doesn't share with her members