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Posted by: Doug K
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:08:46 pm »

Another "short answer" moment... "because the public lets them do it".

Or maybe because the group's leaders do NOT want the general public to "like" that new canal embankment product more, than what the Facebook group is trying to pedal to them?

It really doesn't matter in the end, as long as people learn a lesson from the strife & divisiveness it created.

Here's yet another example of how one person's view can be affected by the group he or she might belong to, especially on social media site like Facebook. And of course, when anyone posts to a Facebook group, they are always looking for feedback and recognition of some sort. Facebook made it easy with smiling faces or red ones I guess.

So you will see that all in this recent post to the Stop the Canal Clear-cut Facebook Group page, take a look.

So Mr. "Heads Need to Roll" Kevin Gallagher took a walk in Brockport yesterday, and concluded that the vegetation was "sub-par" and has voids, and is sparse. He shared pictures with everyone on his Facebook group page, trying hard to shine for leadership and paint that "bleak picture" of how bad Erie Canal Embankment Restoration can be. But of course Mr. Gallagher didn't want to show his group what Brockport "really" looks like. Because then those members might say what most do.. " We prefer the "new cleared" embankments, that have been fully restored, to the old ones".

Because once again this Facebook group is intent on misrepresenting the "final product" that comes from proper earthen embankment clearing. Take a look at what a neighbors property looks like just a few hundred feet from where Kevin took his photos. How do I know that? Because we live BELOW what used to be an unsafe earthen dam, full of leaking roots from trees, rodents running rampant, and invasive leaves falling that "neighbors" to the canal have to deal with each Autumn.

Here's a better look at Brockport's Restored Earthen embankments, and also explains Mr. Gallagher's statement about "voids" in the planted barrier

The original title of this long thread of ECNA Forum Posts was... "Heads Need to Roll", it is quite apt, but who's head is the better question.'s-suggestions/

And after looking at what has been done by this Facebook group, the damage of the reputation they tried to cause the Canal Corporation, who were only trying to fix the public safety issue on the property they OWN & MANAGE, and this continual pursuit to misrepresent what safer, cleared earthen canal embankment dams look like today... I would have to say that King Kevin's head is the one that should be rolling.

And if you note the STCC groups Leadership's latest posting, there's a hint that they now are starting to realize they are fighting a battle they can't win. Public safety is most important to anyone in NYPA, or the Canal Corporation these days. The STCC Facebook group leaders are talking about "good stories" and "moral victories" now.

And both of those NYS Organizations, NYPA and NYS Canals, have decided it's of no value to engage people or groups, or social media causes, that still refuse to acknowledge the fundamental fact that "earthen embankments along the canal system are unsafe". Unless it's to point them in the direction of what will better educate them to understand that "simple truth".

It's right here >>

And like Ripley's... you can "Believe it or Not".

And Canal Neighbors will be far better off believing the facts from the Owners of the Canal System over the Opinions from a Social Media group.

In closing: The ECNA is now working with the NYS Canal Corporation, NYPA, and the Town of Perinton leadership, on ways to better communicate the coming EEIP program, and the first series of clearing projects that will be started to continue making Canal Neighbors & surrounding Canal Communities safer in 2022. As a Co-Founder of the Erie Canal Neighbors Association we would like to extend a  "thank you" to them for reaching out to us for help, and understanding the role we have played in the past and will continue to play, side by side, as the Embankment Integrity Program works it's way across the State.

The reality is that Erie Canal dam clearing isn't about how it might affect the environment, it is about how it WILL make embankments more resilient, safer, and make all communities near the Canal System SAFE... period... mic drop moment.

And I personally, will also be taking the same stand that the NYPA has used for those who still want to deny the current safety issues with earthen embankments along the canal, or those who want to deny that trees, and other invasive vegetation, are the main contributors to those unsafe earthen dam conditions. If they do not want to discuss how to make NY Safer Again, there's no point in having a conversation at all. Right or wrong, we each are entitled to our "opinions".. but not our own set of "facts".

The facts are on the side of NYPA & the Canal Corporation, which the ECNA fully supports about Public Safety in and around the NYS Canal System. If people don't want to take the time to educate themselves to those dam safety facts, what someone thinks is a "valued opinions", will not have any substance to add value to repairing that public safety issue with earthen dams... will it?

This will be my last "educational moment"... to those who think social media has the answers to Erie Canal Embankment Safety