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Title: Why does Elizabeth Agte think she should be allowed to tour active Embankment Worksites?
Post by: Doug K on April 03, 2022, 03:19:36 pm
Once again the LEADER of this social media group, known as the Stop the Canal Clear-cut or STCC as we like to say, is intent on making herself a thorn in the side of Erie Canal Embankment safety.

Even though a recent Embankment Stabilization work has shutdown a 2 mile stretch of the Erie Canal Trail, Ms. Agte and her group must BELIEVE it's their God-given right to go and inspect the earthen dam themselves. That's an Earthen Embankment Dam that this social media group claims isn't a "real dam". This is the latest rant from Ms. Agte and her "posse"

Elizabeth R. Agte (Author) My message to the director of public engagement…

Rebecca, just to be clear, we were under the impression that your job was timely communication about canal issues. A Friday news dump for a project that starts on Monday is decidedly not timely. Our group is more than concerned about seeps that are advanced enough to require this kind of intervention in an area that was clear cut and experienced the stress of heavy equipment and root removal. We have been concerned since the start of this clear cutting that the earthen embankments could not withstand this level of heavy activity. We would like to have a tour of this area. When can this be arranged?

Now mind you, the Canal Corporation says the Trail is CLOSED FOR REPAIRS.


So why does Ms. Agte believe she should get special treatment?

Especially AFTER she accused the Canal Corporation of "redacting her group" from the conversation about Canal Integrity work.

Is it because she figures that she is special enough to make an exception?!/?message=1987

Well it seems that Ms. Rebecca Hughes of the Canal Corporation, that Director of Public Engagement, has an answer, but of course Ms. Agte won't accept it. After all, she has said on her Facebook page more than once, that the NYS Canal Folks "can't be trusted", especially Ms Hughes

 I feel sorry for Ms. Hughes, who has to listen to all this whining and still smile when she answers. But I also can't accept or condone that she STILL refuses to tell the truth to this group.

Here is her reply, from the lips of Ms. Agte:

Elizabeth R. Agte (Author) This is Rebecca’s reply. Which seems to have intentionally missed the point.

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for reaching out. Foremost, the work to install filter blankets to slow seeps has to be done before we can ‘water up.’ On the same note, we can only bring equipment onto the embankment while it’s dewatered. You are correct that this would be unsafe to do while there is water in the canal. I’ve reached out to the technical team with a few additional questions and to see if they can safely offer a site tour - please stay tuned and I’ll get back to you on that ASAP.

What point was missed? That Ms. Hughes didn't say "Yes Elizabeth, whatever you say"?

It appears that the Canal Corporation is in a "no-win" situation, yet they keep trying to placate this group and their outlandish demands.

Maybe it's time for a little truth here... Maybe the folks at the Canal Corporation should say something more inline with the truth...

"No Elizabeth, you and your Facebook group can not come out to sightsee and tour our ACTIVE DAM RECONSTRUCTION WORKSITE! It's dangerous, and our liability insurance doesn't cover sightseers, sorry. You can tour it when it reopens, in May.

I know what I'm going to do... and this will get results.

Monday morning I can make a call to OSHA in New York State. And I will tell them that that there is a BIG CHANCE that an active earthen dam construction site, being run by two major NYS Agencies, has decided it's OK to open their worksite up to Facebook Group tours... while heavy equipment is being used there on a pathway that is barely wide enough to fit them.

Those agencies are doing this DANGEROUS TOUR so they don't have to keep reading & answering more Facebook emails, or listen to the Leader of the Facebook Group whine to them about not being allowed to enter a dangerous work zone.

Why would any NY Agency think it's a good idea to allow this to happen... what has happened to Risk Management at NYPA?

What makes Ms. Agte so special that NY State should risk a lawsuit if one of her posse gets injured in that worksite?

What does the NYPA Legal Dept have to say about this idea, putting unstable people on an unstable embankment dam?

Sounds very risky to me, especially when you post signs like this in other Trail Sections that are closed

Title: More thoughts from a Facebook Group that believes they have all the answers about Canal Embankments
Post by: Doug K on April 04, 2022, 11:09:51 am
Once again it seems that Ms. Agte of Facebook's Stop the Canal Clear-cut group, wants to rile up her cohorts, to tell the Canal Corporation a thing or two about how to run their Canal System.

After all, she is the utmost authority on all things Erie Canal, just ask her...


So now she's accusing Rebecca Hughes from the Canal Corporation Public Communication office of "not engaging" enough with her and her group. Of course this was AFTER Ms. Hughes took time out of her weekend to try and quell the new hysteria in this group about a Trail Closure and Embankment Repair west of Rochester.

So why did I post this image? Well read the highlighted sections for that answer.

Lot's of "thoughts & opinions" but no facts or science to support her words. And now, despite the Trail Closure announcements and work being done to shore up an unstable earthen embankment, Ms. Agte is saying this is all "alleged safety issues".

As if to say "Our Group Doesn't Believe You" to a NYS agency that is bound by law to protect the public, in all ways, at all times. Not sure why they wouldn't given the fact that the Canal Corporation has had to close the trail in many sections already due to concerns for the public's safety

But what I want to emphasize in that image of her Facebook Post is yet another "fake fact" from Ms. Agte...
That Large Earth Moving Equipment has no place on Canal Embankments, and is "causing damage" to them, and that's why all this embankment instability is occurring.

We only need to look at pictures of when the Barge Canal was built in the early twentieth century for proof that she is way off base once again...out in the weeds they say. And what better place to see it than on the COVER of the new Canal Corporation Embankment Integrity Maintenance & Guidebook

This is a document that Ms. Agte claims to have read..


Look at the picture in the upper left on that cover page...yes it's a TRAIN on the top of the embankment, and next to it, earthmover equipment. So the ORIGINAL builders of the Barge Canal, who Ms. Agte praises all the time, didn't share her opinion of what large equipment will do to an embankment, did they?

It's just more of the same old same old from a group that continues to DENY there are any issues with a NYS Canal System that is crumbing before the public's eyes, and there is plenty of information being shared by the Owners & Caretakers of the property to prove it.

Ms. Agte has also made the FALSE CLAIM that the NYS Canal Corporation, and owners New York Power Authority "don't care" about the "economic impact" of all this work they are doing, and how they operate the waterway.

Once again, right on the NYS Canal Website... a link to a 148 page Economic Impact Report that the NYSCC has been using for 8 years now.


And in addition, NYPA, the new owners of the Canal Budget, have already conducted, or been a part of, three separate studies on the Canal System including: Understanding Empire Trail Usage, Analyzing Canal System Integrity, and also held several public input sessions to gather thoughts directly from Canal System users, part of NYPA's "Reimagine the Canals" initiatives.

And those questions that Ms. Agte and Mr. Gallagher think are "so important" about the "trees' that were cleared off the Canal Embankments, part of their Embankment Integrity Program. The answers should not be too hard to answer, for anyone with half a brain:

1) Number of Trees Removed - ALL of them is the Correct Answer, because NYS DEC says it's mandatory for Dam Safety Laws

2) Age of the Trees - All of the trees removed were less than 100 years old, the age of the embankments they grew on.

3) Size of the Trees - Trunk diameters were all GREATER than 4" and Tree Heights were GREATER than 15' on all trees removed, which are the parameters used in the Embankment Guidebook she claimed to have read in it's entirety.

4) Root Ball Removal - All root balls were removed, from trees that were cut down, if the roots themselves were larger that 1" diameter that is allowed according to NYS DEC & again, that Embankment Guidebook that has ALL of this detail inside. All roots larger than 1" were ground up as part of the "slope grubbing process"

But what I LOVE BEST about this new Post by Ms. Agte, it's the RESPONSE by a member named Laurie Williamson, shown below. This is from someone who apparently went to college as well, maybe majored in Gormless Studies.


Now, the ECNA has been saying that EXACT same thing about this Facebook Group as we have tried to present the facts about Canal Safety here.

And we are also fairly sure that the NYS Canal Corporation, the New York Power Authority, and the folks at the Erie Canal National Heritage Foundation all feel about the same, having to deal with this Facebook groups antics & denials over the past 5 years as well.

But like that old saying goes, "some people don't know, what they don't know."

Title: Re: Why does Elizabeth Agte thinks she should be allowed to tour active Embankment Worksites?
Post by: Michael Caswell on April 04, 2022, 02:15:42 pm

We have just been informed from a reliable source - THERE WILL BE NO TOUR!

Title: Re: Why does Elizabeth Agte thinks she should be allowed to tour active Embankment Worksites?
Post by: Doug K on April 06, 2022, 08:04:56 am
And this was EXACTLY what needed to be said to this Facebook Group & it's Leadership

Title: Re: Elizabeth Agte denied a tour of active an Embankment Worksites, her reply says it all.
Post by: Doug K on April 06, 2022, 09:14:13 am
So in response to being DENIED a tour of the Gaines Basin Embankment Work site, the best Ms. Agte could muster up is an old picture from 2018, wearing a hardhat, standing next to a road somewhere near Brockport to post to her Facebook minions?


No Canal, No Embankment under Repair, just her giving the camera a "peace sign".

And she somehow wants all to believe that the Earthen Embankment Restoration Project (EERP), to remove invasive vegetation from canal embankment dams, is somehow the "same thing" as tearing an entire slope of an embankment apart to build a better seal for escaping water?

So we all should assume that all Embankment Work Zones are the same, because Ms. Agte says so?

Or is this just an indication of the real truth... Ms Agte just doesn't want to be told (or admit) that she was wrong about Canal Safety

Sorry, no tour.. mainly because it's a DANGER to the PUBLIC to invite Ms Agte & her group anywhere near ongoing Erie Canal Safety Work.
Title: Re: Elizabeth Agte denied a tour of active an Embankment Worksites, her reply says it all.
Post by: Michael Caswell on April 06, 2022, 01:02:26 pm
Doug!  Sorry, but I have to correct your statement  -- "Sorry, no tour.. mainly because it's a DANGER to the PUBLIC to invite Ms Agte & her group anywhere near ongoing Erie Canal Safety Work."

It should read - "Agte is a danger to the public anywhere near anything to do with the canal"

I still cannot get over the fact that this group is oblivious to the fact that the general public is in danger of flood from these dilapidated dams, despite all the experts telling them so. The mind boggles at the stupidity.
Title: Re: Elizabeth Agte denied a tour of active an Embankment Worksites, her reply says it all.
Post by: Doug K on April 06, 2022, 02:53:15 pm
Wait... don't you mean this...

 The mind boggles at the "gormlessness" of this group?